Honoring Montrell Jackson

Written by Nirav Tolia

A father, husband, police officer, and a Nextdoor Founding Member and Lead

Like the rest of our country, we were shocked when we learned about the terrible shooting in Baton Rouge. Our shock turned to devastation when we learned that Officer Montrell Jackson was one of the victims. Officer Jackson was a valued member of the Nextdoor community, serving as the Founding Member and Neighborhood Lead of Nextdoor Juban Parc in Denham Springs since 2013.

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Montrell and his son

As a police officer and a passionate voice for unity and connectedness in the African American community, the police force, and his neighborhood, Officer Jackson was someone who believed in bringing people together and was a pioneer in leveraging Nextdoor to help build and improve his local community.

While no platform or product can bridge the chasms in America today, we created Nextdoor because we believe that one of the most important and impactful communities in a person’s life is their neighborhood, and we hoped that technology could play a role in strengthening local communities. Officer Jackson was someone who was willing to do the work necessary to turn this vision into reality, inviting dozens of neighbors to join Nextdoor, actively participating in neighborhood conversations, and serving as president of his HOA.

On behalf of all Nextdoor employees and our members in over 105,000 neighborhoods across the nation, we mourn the loss of Officer Jackson and his fellow officers, and express our deepest condolences to Officer Jackson’s family, friends, and the entire Juban Parc community. To express our appreciation, Nextdoor has contributed to the Montrell Jackson Fallen Hero Fund. If you can join us in honoring Officer Jackson and supporting his family, please do.

In light of the violence we have witnessed this summer in Orlando, Dallas, Minneapolis, Baton Rouge, and many places overseas, the task of building community can at times appear daunting. Yet only through getting to know one another, valuing each other, and working together to build our neighborhoods, can we all enjoy stronger, safer, happier places to live.

We honor your life and service, Officer Jackson, and pledge to follow your example of being the best kind of neighbor.

Here are some memories that Montrell’s neighbors shared with us:

“Montrell’s family lives just two doors down from ours. He was the first one to welcome us to the neighborhood. He was always friendly and helpful. He had a heart to make our neighborhood a great place to live. He will be greatly missed.” – Christina Franks

“Several years ago, I walked next door to let Montrell know a snake was on my back patio. I wanted him to know to watch for them. When I told him, his eyes got huge and with his deep voice he said ‘SNAKE!! Oh no, Kristi! I can’t deal with a snake!’ When I saw the pure panic, I said I told him my grandmother had always said to put out moth balls to keep them away. The next day, my husband was in the back yard. He came in with tears rolling down his cheeks. I said him if he was okay, and he said ‘yes, my eyes are burning from Montrell’s yard!’ I looked out the back door and it looked like a mini driving range or massive hail storm passed through! Montrell must have bought out the moth balls in 3 parishes! We have so many stories we can share about this wonderful man. He sure was patient to have me next door with my massive family.” – Kristi Godal

“I only met Montrell once but I felt like I knew him because of Nextdoor. I sure will miss seeing his posts on Nextdoor. Juban Parc will never be the same without him.” – A neighbor

“I didn’t have the opportunity to get to know Montrell much more than the entry level neighbor. I will tell you this though. What I saw and how he conducted himself was the picture perfect image of a great community leader. He was our HOA president and worked hard to bring us together. There were times our neighborhood would be rather dramatic and Montrell was amazing at defusing the drama and bringing everyone back to earth. He was always sweet enough to purchase from the neighborhood children’s fundraisers and you would find him outside with the neighborhood kids as if they were his own. He was a very kind soul and that was evident in everything he did. He will be forever in our hearts.” – A neighbor

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  • Montrell and I met in a meeting he had called for the neighborhood. He didn’t mind that only four people showed up, and after meeting him; and hearing what was on his mind I knew he meant business. He had a lot of grand ideas and we all talked for quite awhile. I remember asking were his wife was, and he lit up. “I will bring her next time.” He sure did! Montrell realized I lived across the pond from him and often waved. Once a neighbor’s bag was found in the pond, and I did not want to put my hands in that thing. Montrell told me to hang on, and he came right over; and stuck his hands in that bag without a word. He just laughed when I said thank you I didn’t want to do that. After that I told him I would leave my flood lights on at the pond for awhile and he said, “let’s both do that, maybe it will stop anyone from coming back here.” Montrell was also one that would message you back really quick if you needed a answer about anything in the neighborhood, and never failed in doing so. I messaged him about calling in a drain in the street, and he told me to hold up he would look up the phone number. I certainly was impressed with him for not only being a leader to our neighborhood, but a great neighbor. I can often remember him going to or coming from work in that police car, and him waving. I will never forget the day he stopped some from causing drama with my daughter on the app. She was so impressed that he took up for her, and will never forget him for that. My last memory of seeing Montrell was on the bank fishing. He will forever be in my memory as someone who gave, without expecting!

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