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Charlotte Good Neighbor Brings Neighborhood Crime Watch to Community

Written by Danielle Styskal

Each month, Nextdoor is honoring the good neighbors who are making a difference in their neighborhoods every day with our Good Neighbor Award. Each winner is nominated by their neighbors and will receive a gift card from Nextdoor in recognition of the positive impact they have made in their community.

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For more than two decades, Linda Miller of the Pawtuckett neighborhood in Charlotte, NC, has been providing crime watch information to her neighbors and working closely with police in order to help keep her neighborhood safe.

After working for the police department on the Citizen’s Advisory Council, Linda developed an excellent rapport with local officers – and a keen understanding of the crime and safety issues facing her community. As a result, neighbors now look to her for crime watch information – and, when she doesn’t immediately know the answer to their questions, she goes the extra mile to try to find it.

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“I never stop learning,” Linda says, “and if I don’t know the answer, instead of giving neighbors the wrong information, I say, ‘Let me find that information and I’ll check back in with you.’”

Linda communicates daily with neighbors through Nextdoor and has continued to develop the neighborhood’s crime watch group over the years. Confined to a wheelchair following an accident in 2009, Linda can no longer do many of the things that she used to do to help the neighborhood, like pick up garbage by hand on the weekends. Now, she often fields phone calls from neighbors asking for crime and safety advice.

“I can’t physically do a lot of the things I once did, but I’m going to do what I can,” Linda says. “Teamwork leads to success.”

According to the multiple neighbors who nominated her, Linda is the biggest asset the community has. They wrote that every community should be so lucky as to have their own rendition of Linda Mille, and we couldn’t agree more!

Thank you to Linda’s nominators, and congratulations to Linda on being named Charlotte’s Nextdoor Good Neighbor Award winner!

Do you have a story about how you have used Nextdoor in your neighborhood? Let us know.

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