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Las Vegas Good Neighbor is Community’s Most Trusted

Written by Danielle Styskal

Each month, Nextdoor is honoring the good neighbors who are making a difference in their neighborhoods every day with our Good Neighbor Award. Each winner is nominated by their neighbors and will receive a gift card from Nextdoor in recognition of the positive impact they have made in their community.

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Not many people willingly turn over their house keys and alarm codes to a fellow neighbor – but in Roger Brenner’s neighborhood, that’s exactly what his neighbors give to him whenever they go out of town.

Roger moved to the Rivendell neighborhood more than six years ago and immediately became the neighborhood watch block captain – which bears the responsibility of watching over the homes on his block. Neighbors have grown to deeply appreciate and trust Roger, and never hesitate to give him a call to ask for help when they’re headed out of town. And Roger? He’s always happy to oblige – he takes care of neighbors’ pools, brings in their mail, and waters their houseplants – all out of the goodness of his heart.

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Las Vegas Nextdoor Good Neighbor Award Winner, Roger Brenner.

One neighbor, Marilyn, was especially grateful for Roger after she and her husband had to leave town with just a few day’s notice for her husband’s heart surgery. Roger drove them to the airport and even overnighted her cell phone to her when she realized she’d left it behind in the rush to get out the door. While Marilyn’s husband was recovering in the hospital, Roger took care of their mail, yard, and pool. When they finally arrived home, Marilyn found that Roger had set their air conditioner to a comfortable temperature, and Roger’s wife had left a basket of goodies to sustain them after their big trip – and then delivered dinner to their door the next night.

Marilyn nominated Roger for Las Vegas’s Nextdoor Good Neighbor Award, and it’s obvious why Roger was selected as the winner. We’re inspired by all that he does for his neighbors with no expectation for anything in return. Congratulations to Roger – and thank you for being such a good neighbor!

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