The City of St. Louis Celebrates Three Years of Partnership with Nextdoor

Written by Annie Barco

On Sunday, the City of St. Louis celebrated its three year anniversary since joining the Nextdoor for Public Agencies platform.

To celebrate another successful year on Nextdoor, St. Louis President of the Board of Aldermen, Lewis Reed, and the City of St. Louis hosted a citywide event to honor St. Louis neighborhoods, ‘Nextdoor Heroes,’ and city employees who have dedicated time and energy to helping create stronger and safer neighborhoods.

This year, over 20 St. Louis residents were recognized for their positive contributions to their neighborhoods, and 9 neighborhoods were honored with specific awards that recognized their achievements as a community.

A list of this year’s winners.

A list of this year’s winners.

The event was held at the historic Cabanne House and over 80 community members attended the celebration. Residents spent the afternoon enjoying food and beverages and socializing with neighbors and City officials.

The City of St. Louis and neighbors have worked together on Nextdoor to significantly increase communication and engagement. Over the past three years, there has been a 485 percent increase in membership amongst St. Louis residents. More than 100 neighborhoods are now using Nextdoor, representing more than 93% percent of the entire city.

Neighbors aren’t just using Nextdoor to connect with each other, either. The City of St. Louis has actively shared more than 1,000 informative posts and updates with members, either on a city-wide or neighborhood level.

Michal Powers speaks to St. Louis residents.

Michal Powers speaks to St. Louis residents.

“This year’s celebration was a huge success. Each year just keeps getting better,” said city official Michael Powers, who helps to plan the annual event.

We are grateful to President Reed and the City of St. Louis for the opportunity to play a small role in helping make St. Louis an even better place to call home and look forward to the successful years to come. Congratulations to the City of St. Louis and thank you for another great year!

If you’re a public agency interested in partnering with Nextdoor, please contact us here.

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