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Girl Scouts Tapping Tech Skills to Meet Cookie Demands

Written by Jen Burke

When it comes to Girl Scout cookies, the more ways there are to find the tasty treats, the better.

This year, Girl Scouts are tapping their tech skills to meet the high demand and boost their cookie sales.

A troop from northeast Indianapolis has learned that a combo of apps can help them reach their goal – a whopping 450 boxes, each. If they meet it, they’ll have raised enough money to visit Savannah, GA, the birthplace of the Girl Scouts – so they’re pulling out all the stops to get there.

The troop and their parents are turning to Nextdoor as a safe and quick way to help spread the word and find out which neighbors are interested in buying, so they know which doors to knock on with cookies in hand. It’s also proving to be a great way for cookie consumers to find the nearest Girl Scout in their neighborhood selling boxes.

In addition, the troop is using two great apps made by the Girl Scouts. The first is the Cookie Finder app, which helps cookie buyers locate nearby cookie booths. The other, the Digital Cookie, allows girls to set up pages to sell cookies to friends and family and keep track of their orders online.

And neighbors in Indianapolis aren’t alone. Others across the country have also found Nextdoor to be a great way to track down or sell cookies – more than 10,000 posts about Girl Scout cookies have been shared on Nextdoor since the beginning of this year.

We are thrilled that Girl Scouts, their parents, and avid cookie consumers across the country are turning to technology like Nextdoor to ensure a successful cookie season.

Find your neighborhood on Nextdoor here.

Do you have a story about how you’ve used Nextdoor in your neighborhood? Let us know.

Originally reported by NBC Indianapolis.

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