Neighbors Everywhere Build Little Free Libraries with Nextdoor

Written by ndmulti

It might seem that the days of reading a good book in a neighborhood park are long gone, but neighbors across America are bringing them back with a fun new twist.

March is National Reading Month, and neighbors across the country are helping enrich their neighborhoods and foster a strong sense of community by organizing Little Free Libraries with the help of Nextdoor.

Often built to look like a small wooden house, Little Free Libraries are a free book exchange for the community. The only rule? If you take a book to enjoy, you must bring one back for neighbors to read. Thousands of conversations regarding Little Free Libraries have popped up in neighborhoods across the United States, proving that a shared love of reading can have a powerful impact on both the young and old alike in communities everywhere.

We asked neighbors from across the country to share photos of Little Free Libraries in their neighborhoods, and what we received was incredible. Check out the submissions, below!

“My husband and I decided to put in a Little Free Library after seeing some around the city and thinking it would be a great idea to bring our neighborhood together through reading,” says Julie Jenson, a Nextdoor member in Portland, OR. “We seeded the original inventory with a dozen books from our shelves and another dozen purchased from the Friends of Beaverton Library, which filled our box about half way. We posted on Nextdoor that the Reid Court Library was now open for business and encouraged others to contribute books to the cause. Within a couple of weeks, new books began showing up and people were stopping by to see what this Little Free Library thing was all about. We’re now considering building a ‘children’s annex’ on to the library so that they have their own section!”

From all of us at Nextdoor, happy National Reading Month!

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