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Portland Neighbors Unite to Save a Roaming Rooster

Written by Danielle Styskal

In December 2016, a Portland resident posted to their Nextdoor neighborhood about a loose rooster who was hanging out at a local bus stop.

The response was discouraging: according to local laws, roosters weren’t allowed within city limits, so finding a home for the colorful fowl was no small task.

A few weeks later, in the midst of one of Portland’s coldest winters, another neighbor posted that the bird had so far survived the harsh conditions. With temperatures threatening to drop even further, however, neighbors were concerned.

“I would be willing to give him a home if someone can catch him,” one neighbor wrote. Others chimed in wondering if he should stay free.

The Nextdoor thread grew quickly. Neighbors reported sightings of the wily bird around the neighborhood, from feedings at the bus stops to attempted captures. The rooster evaded them all.

That is, until Mike, a neighbor from a nearby community, decided to try and catch him. He’d grown up catching chickens and thought he might have a chance. Armed with just a large fishing net, he headed over to the other neighborhood.

The rooster put up quite the chase, but Mike managed to toss the net over him. Within a few minutes, the rooster was happily sitting on his lap in the car, perfectly content in his new-found captivity.

Mike and William the rooster.
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Mike and William the rooster.

Mike took him home for the night, just to keep him out of the cold, dubbing the rooster William. He updated neighbors on Nextdoor, who were thrilled that the rooster had been caught and was safe and warm.

The next morning, William was crowing loudly, announcing the sunrise before light had even begun to peek through the curtains. Mike got in touch with one neighbor, Darlene, who was interested in adopting the loud little fellow. Her family owned a plot of land where the rooster would be happy until she could add hens to the yard in the spring. In the meantime, William would take up residence in Darlene’s indoor storage unit until the weather warmed up.

These days, William is enjoying a large yard where he can roam about, rather than pecking around bus stops. Thanks to Nextdoor, he now has a large fan following. One neighbor even set up a donation box on his behalf at the local feed store, so locals who tuned into his eventful journey on Nextdoor can help chip in for his upkeep.

“William is a happy and welcome addition to our family,” Darlene told his adoring fans. We couldn’t be happier for that.

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Originally reported by Hobby FarmsPhotos courtesy of Michael Rubenstein and Janine M. Kahn.

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