Fairfax County Police Department Celebrates One Year of Partnership with Nextdoor

Written by Annie Barco

Today, the Fairfax County Police Department celebrated its one year anniversary on Nextdoor.

Over the past year, Fairfax County has become the fastest growing county using Nextdoor in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. We recognized the police department as a leader in their efforts to strengthen communication and collaboration between neighbors and police.

Adoption of Nextdoor by neighbors across Fairfax County has more than doubled over the past year. Now, more than 100,000 residents in more than 760 neighborhoods are connected to each other and the police department.

Image courtesy of Kristi King, WTOP.

One of Fairfax County’s littlest neighbors accepts an award on behalf of the neighborhood. Image courtesy of Kristi King, WTOP.

To celebrate this successful year on Nextdoor, Fairfax County Police Department and Nextdoor hosted a countywide ceremony to honor nine Fairfax County neighborhoods and three stand-out officers who have dedicated time and energy to helping create stronger and safer neighborhoods through Nextdoor.

Neighborhood Awards

Most Neighbors Enrolled – Fort Hunt-Stratford
Most Talkative Neighborhood – Bentana Park
Most Social Neighborhood – Reflection
Most Helpful Neighborhood – Memorial Heights
Most Generous Neighborhood – Chantilly Highlands
Most Welcoming Neighborhood – WVPCA
Most Watchful Neighborhood – Old Trail
Most Supportive Neighborhood – Hunters Green Cluster
Nextdoor Neighborhood Champions – Burning Bush

Most Prolific Posters from Fairfax County PD

Officer Robert Urps
Officer Tara Gerhard
Officer Wayne Twombly

The Fairfax County Police Department and neighbors have worked together on Nextdoor to make communities safer, from hosting and attending self-defense classes, to discussing the dangers of addiction, to working together to reduce neighborhood crime. Just last month, the police department and neighbors were able to catch a serial burglar who had broken into dozens of homes across the county. Thanks to a Nextdoor post from Fairfax County Police and a vigilant neighbor who noticed a suspicious person in the area, police were able to make the arrest.

Officer Tara Gerhard and Officer Wayne Twombly accept their awards from Nextdoor at the ceremony.

Officer Tara Gerhard and Officer Wayne Twombly accept their awards from Nextdoor at the ceremony.

“Our county is stronger and safer when we have informed and involved residents,” Chief Roessler said. “Nextdoor has been a great way for residents to become more engaged within their own communities and with the Police Department. We are excited that so many neighborhoods are participating and encourage more residents to join.”

Congratulations to the Fairfax County Police Department on an incredible year. We’re honored to be your partner!

Find your neighborhood on Nextdoor here. If you’re a public agency interested in partnering with Nextdoor, please contact us here.

Do you have a story about how you’ve used Nextdoor in your neighborhood? Let us know.

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