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Introducing the Nextdoor Pet Directory

Written by ndmulti

Forget flyers on sign posts: the Nextdoor Pet Directory is the high-tech way to help you get your lost pet home safely.

We all know the gut-wrenching feeling of realizing your beloved pet has slipped out of a cracked door, under a fence, or out of his or her collar. When a pet goes missing, our neighborhoods are often the first place we turn to get the word out and search.

That’s why, in celebration of National Pet Day, we’re excited to announce a highly-requested feature: the Nextdoor Pet Directory, which allows neighbors to build a directory of all of the pets in their neighborhood. Using the Pet Directory, neighbors can post photos and include descriptions and identifying features of their pets, building a comprehensive hub for the community to get to know other pet owners and, in times of need, a valuable resource for when a pet is lost or has gone missing.

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Nextdoor members can simply click on the Pet Directory icon to start adding information about their pet, including a photo, the pet’s name, the type of pet, the breed, color, size, and more.

Once a pet is added to the Nextdoor Pet Directory, the information is shared with members in the community so neighbors can recognize the pets in their neighborhood and be better equipped to help them in times of need. Pet owners can now have peace of mind knowing neighbors who find a lost pet can scroll through the Nextdoor Pet Directory and contact the owner directly through Nextdoor.

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We’re excited to include a special deal in partnership with Rover, the leading resource for 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers. Nextdoor members who add their pet to the Pet Directory will be awarded a $25 credit to Rover toward a dog walker or pet sitter of their choosing.*

Want to add your pet to the Nextdoor Pet Directory? Simply sign in to your Nextdoor account and click on the Pet Directory icon in the left-hand navigation.

Join your neighborhood on Nextdoor here.

*Available for Nextdoor members who are first-time Rover customers.


  • I am thrilled to see the neighborhood Pet Directory. Over the past 20 years we have taken in numerous dogs that were lost and wandering around in the neighborhood. We have been able to locate most of the pet people but it hasn’t been an easy task. Several times the dog had tags with the Vet’s name on it. Due to the office being closed over the weekend, the dogs’ families were distraught not knowing their pet was safe.
    On 1 occasion, one of our dogs got out of the yard and we fearful that something had happened to him. My husband drove around calling his name while my daughter and I walked around looking for him. Fortunately, one of our neighbors a couple of streets over spotted him and coaxed him into his backyard. I had been worried that no one would approach him because of his size- he weighs over 100 pounds! Out of our 5 dogs, he is the most gentle. My 5 pound Chihuahua chases and bullies him. Anyone who hadn’t met this dog would likely be intimidated by his size. The good Samaritan neighbor saw that he was harmless, and my husband saw he and our dog outside in her backyard. We were searching for our dog for several heart sick hours. I will always be grateful to our kind neighbors for keeping our dog safe.
    While I don’t know most of our neighbors by name, I do know that there are many dog lovers in our subdivision. The Pet Directory is a huge asset for our neighborhood and will save pet lovers in the neighborhood hours/days of feeling distraught when a cherished pet is lost. I strongly urge anyone who has a pet to join the organization as it serves as a support system and safety net for all of us who have pets in our families!

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