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Social Media Leads Neighbor to Stolen Car in Hours

Written by Danielle Styskal

Stolen property rarely turns up just hours after it has been taken – but thanks to one Antioch, California neighbor’s post on Nextdoor, that was exactly what happened.

What normally takes days or weeks took mere hours thanks to social media.
She noticed that her silver 2006 Toyota Camry was missing from its regular parking spot in the Hidden Glen neighborhood one morning and reported the theft to the police. Then, she posted to Nextdoor and provided a detailed description of her car.

Within an hour, another woman who lived just half a mile away responded, saying that she’d seen a car matching the description parked in her cul-de-sac that very morning. Since the car had seemed out of place – it was parked in a rarely-used parking spot and one of its windows was left rolled down – she had jotted down the license plate number.

As luck would have it, she’d written down the license plate number of the very same car that was posted an hour earlier on Nextdoor. She was shocked to find it matched that of the stolen vehicle posted on Nextdoor.

What normally takes days or weeks took mere hours thanks to social media: the owner and her car were reunited that afternoon.

As reported by The East Bay Times.

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