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Neighbors in North Carolina Use Nextdoor to Help Beloved Cashier with Cancer

Written by Danielle Styskal

When a favorite clerk at the local grocery store went missing from his usual post, neighbors headed online to find out where he’d gone.

The clerk, named Emil, said hi to everyone, remembered faces and names, and referred to his customers as his “brothers” and “angels.” He always had a smile on his face as he rang up customers and bagged their groceries.

Months passed before a neighbor finally ran into Emil while out running errands and she learned his devastating news: Emil had pancreatic cancer, and his prognosis was dire. Due to his treatment schedule and the toll it took on his body and energy levels, Emil was unable to continue his work at the grocery store.

The neighbor immediately turned to her greater community on Nextdoor to update them about Emil, and the response was overwhelming. Neighbors rallied to support Emil by raising money for his wife and two small children, as well as to help with medical costs. In just 24 hours, the community had raised $10,000, and in one week, $30,000.

The community presented the money – now totaling well over $40,000 – last night at a party at the Trinity Baptist Church. When Emil was presented with the money, he was moved to tears.

“Tears running, serious, because they tell me, ‘I’m not scared about money for gas because I come to see you and say ‘Hi, my angel,'” Emil said, describing the experience.

As reported by ABC Raleigh. Photo credit: Chris Seward, Raleigh News & Observer

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