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Neighbors Use Nextdoor to Connect the Dots of Lawnmower Thefts

Written by Jen Burke

Neighbors in Beauregard Town in Baton Rouge have been doing their own detective work recently during a rash of lawnmower thefts. Thanks to Nextdoor, they are working together to identify the man responsible.

It all started when neighbor Jeff Kuehny went to his garage to pull out his lawnmower.

“When I came out here to look, it was gone,” Jeff said. “I had a lawnmower stolen and he even made off with a gas can and my pruners.”

Thankfully, Jeff’s surveillance camera caught the entire act on video.

“I looked on the cameras and saw there was somebody that was back in the garage,” Jeff said. “He got on his cell phone and called somebody, looked in the garage, pulled the lawnmower out, and started walking down the street.”

Jeff immediately filed a police report and posted a warning to his neighbors on Nextdoor. He quickly realized he was not alone – another neighbor, Lauren Navarre, had also been a victim of lawnmower theft.

“Someone came by and used a crowbar to get into the shed and steal our lawnmower,” Lauren posted.

Turns out, Lauren had done the exact same thing Jeff did – she turned to Nextdoor. There, she saw a post from yet another neighbor, Amy Cambre, who had alerted neighbors to a man walking down the sidewalk with a lawnmower.

“My dog was freaking out and I looked outside and saw a man walking by with a lawnmower,” Amy wrote.

The photos that Jeff had shared matched the description of the man Amy saw.

Now, thanks to their connection on Nextdoor, Jeff, Lauren and Amy have put the pieces together and are working with local law enforcement. They believe they will soon be able to catch the man responsible and put an end to the thefts.

As reported by ABC Baton Rouge.

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