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Eagan Neighbors Experience the Power of a Connected Community

Written by Jen Burke

For neighbors in Eagan, MN, Nextdoor is becoming the go-to resource for keeping their community safe.

On the heels of several incidents, local neighbors are quickly learning the power of a connected community.

One neighbor, Jessica Armstrong, discovered it firsthand. She stopped at a gas station during her normal routine, and happened to notice a woman walking down the street with a bright yellow scarf while she was standing at the pump. She thought nothing of it – until she logged onto Nextdoor when she got home.

“I opened an email from Nextdoor stating that a woman with a bright yellow scarf was missing,” Jennifer recalls. “So I called it in.”

Thanks to her tip, local police found the missing woman walking on the street just six hours after she had disappeared.

Neighbors have also come together to solve petty crimes. Last month, a few neighbors noticed that a handicap ramp at the local park had been vandalized for a second time, despite new surveillance cameras and increased officer patrols. Thanks to the conversation on Nextdoor, a suspect was identified.

These success stories have not gone unnoticed by the Eagan Police Department, who partnered with Nextdoor in September 2016. The department is encouraging more residents to sign up for Nextdoor as a result of the positive impact they have witnessed when neighbors come together to help each other.

“It’s important for people to connect and communicate with each other,” said Officer Aaron Machtemes of the Eagan Police Department. “That’s how crimes get solved.”

As reported by CBS Minnesota.

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Do you have a story about how you’ve used Nextdoor in your neighborhood? Let us know.

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