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Lost a Pet? A Pet Detective and Nextdoor Can Help

Written by ndmulti

Missing a dog, cat, parrot, or ferret? Fear not, for Jamie Katz is using her detective skills and Nextdoor to reunite families all across South Florida.

Since opening P.I. Jamie Katz LLC less than two years ago, Jamie has reunited over 150 animals with their families. With the help of her four canine tracking dogs and her degree in Criminal Justice, Jamie uses community-focused social media sites, such as Nextdoor, to return animals to their owners. One step of her search involves using Nextdoor to notify nearby neighborhoods of lost animals.

Her interest in animal tracking developed after her childhood pet cat, Blackjack, escaped. With no luck finding Blackjack, she eventually gave up hope of ever seeing him again. Years later, Jamie happened to watch a show called Animal Cops. She was moved by the program, which brought up memories of Blackjack and the pain of never finding finding him.

Ever since, Jamie stated that her goal in life was “to put animals and investigations together.” She has spent over ten years working with pet rescue groups all along the East Coast, which prepared her to receive a private investigators license.

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Jamie walks with her two tracking dogs, Fletcher and Gable.

Some of her success stories include reuniting the daughter of Chicago Bulls Hall of Famer Michael Jordan, Jasmine Jordan, with her Pomeranian Yorkie, Mila. She has also reunited a French Bulldog, Brunno, with his family after a long six months. Jamie also got to the bottom of a fake kidnapping, where she concluded that a lost dog was actually – sadly – eaten by an alligator.

Jamie credits her success to the fact that she can find “anyone, at anytime.”

“I love the research part of it,” she shares. “And I don’t give up.”

Jamie’s clients have also learned how to help reunite lost animals with their owners thanks to Jamie’s guidance. After one owner, Emmanuel, posted about his missing French Bulldog on his Nextdoor website, Jamie reached out to him. Two weeks later, Emmanuel was reunited with his dog – all thanks to Jamie, who “guided him through the entire process.”

“It was all about, let’s get the dog back,” Emmanuel said. “It was money well spent and I don’t regret it one bit.”

Pet owners everywhere can join Nextdoor and add their beloved pet to the Nextdoor Pet Directory. Once a pet is added, the information is shared with members in the community so neighbors can recognize the pets in their neighborhood and be better equipped to help them in times of need. Want to add your pet to the Nextdoor Pet Directory? Simply sign in to your Nextdoor account and click on the Pet Directory icon in the left-hand navigation.

As reported by Miami Herald. Images courtesy of Emily Michot/Miami Herald.

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  • I am desperate to get my bird back. I’ve posted him on Facebook Nextdoor and petfbi but nothing. I am offering a large reward but have no one to help look for him and put his cage outside and nothing. I miss him so much and want to know how if there’s any pointers on how to find him.

  • I lost a bird once. I’m sorry to say that I didn’t find it but someone called me to report a domesticated bird at a bird feeder at a specific address. The address had lots of bird feeders and low and behold there was a bird there that was not of the wild variety. Unfortunately it was not mine but I found its true owners.
    I thought maybe it might help you to know that you may want to check bird feeds. When they get hungry I think if they may find a feeder to hang around.
    Hope it helps.

  • Please help me my cat Checkers got out this afternoon, he is chipped and has all his tags on. We are on Brown Ave. Louisville KY. He is grey with a very long fluffy tail.

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