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Denver Neighbors Rally Around Local Restaurant Owner After Devastating Tragedy

Written by ndmulti

Several months ago, a small Denver community was rattled when a tragedy hit the owner of a beloved local restaurant.

First opened in 1990, Damascus Grill is a small chain of Middle Eastern restaurants in the Denver metro area. The owner, Mahmoud Yasser Kassir, has expanded upon the original location over the past two decades, opening restaurants in both Littleton and Castle Rock.

However, an unspeakable tragedy hit Kassir and his family – tragically, 10 of his family members were killed in a bombing and gassing attack on civilians in Syria. Kassir was on the phone with his relatives when the missile struck.

When neighbors heard the horrific news, they didn’t waste any time. They quickly organized on Nextdoor, pledging to come together and eat at the Damascus grill on a Sunday night to support the Kassir family, deliver donations, and share words of love and encouragement.

The response was overwhelming. Together with the Kassir’s local mosque, neighbors opened an account at their local Wells Fargo and raised over $8,000 to support the family.

The Kassir family has using the funds to help with burial costs and to begin the process of rebuilding their home, which was destroyed in the attack.

As reported by Eater Denver.

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