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Summer of Good Neighbors: Celebrating Nextdoor Cumberland Ridge in Columbus, OH

Written by Annie Barco

In the summer of 2010, Nextdoor was just an idea: that technology could help us create stronger neighborhoods by connecting us to those who live nearby. Over the course of a year, Nextdoor’s co-founders invited 176 neighborhoods to beta test Nextdoor. In celebration of these neighborhoods – and the more than 145,000 neighborhoods using Nextdoor in the U.S. – Nextdoor is proud to announce our Summer of Good Neighbors Tour. We’re visiting ten of the original 176 neighborhoods to host an ice cream social in honor of community and good neighbors everywhere.

Our Summer of Good Neighbors tour is well underway, and recently made its fourth stop in the peaceful and diverse community of Nextdoor Cumberland Ridge in Columbus, OH.

Nextdoor Cumberland Ridge was the very first Nextdoor neighborhood in all of Ohio, and over the years has become even more close-knit and community focused as more neighbors connect on Nextdoor. In fact, neighbors say that it’s the friendly and welcoming nature of Cumberland Ridge that makes it such a wonderful place to call home.

Last Sunday, Nextdoor celebrated the community with an ice cream social. Neighbors gathered to enjoy delicious ice cream and cookies from Kooky’s Cookies, and a visit from the Columbus Police and Fire Departments.

Neighbors gather together to celebrate their community.

During the celebration, one special neighbor, Karen Rogers, was awarded the Nextdoor Good Neighbor Award. Karen is an integral member of the community, and has helped strengthen the community in several ways.

For eight years, Karen served as the President of the Cumberland Ridge Civic Association. In this role, she organized several events for the community, including community yard sales and health fairs. She also spearheaded the resurfacing of the neighborhood’s streets and curbs, as well as the removal of infested trees.

In an effort to get more community members involved, Karen started several committees including the welcome/bereavement committee and scholarship committee, created informative newsletters that are sent out to community members, and held community hours for neighborhood students.

Cumberland Ridge was the first Nextdoor neighborhood in all of Ohio!

And, as if these achievement weren’t impressive already, Karen brought Nextdoor to Cumberland Ridge and serves as a Lead.

We were so happy to recognize Karen and all of Nextdoor Cumberland Ridge for helping Nextdoor spread to thousands of neighborhoods across Ohio.

We look forward to continuing our summer tour this weekend, with a visit to Nextdoor East Buntyn in Memphis, TN. See you there!

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