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Neighbors come together to find Jake, the missing cat

Written by Annie Barco

It’s every pet owner’s worst nightmare – your pet escapes one evening and disappears without a trace. Unfortunately, this recently happened to Martha and her family when their beloved cat Jake never returned home after his evening walk around their Willow Glen neighborhood.

Martha posted to Nextdoor asking her neighbors to keep an eye out for Jake. For weeks, neighbors commented with tips, as Martha drove all across San Jose following the leads. Unfortunately, none of them turned out to be Jake and soon five weeks had passed by with no sign of him.

Martha and her family had almost given up hope, until Martha’s husband received a call from a neighbor, Vivian, who believed she had found Jake. Vivian had joined Nextdoor just two days before a mysterious black cat appeared in her yard. She looked on Nextdoor and found Martha’s posts about Jake. She compared the description to the cat in her yard and determined it was, in fact, Jake!

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Jake was happy to find his way home to his family of 10 years!

Since Martha and her family were on their way home from South Lake Tahoe when they got the call, another neighbor Rachel kept Jake safe until they could pick him up. Martha and her family drove straight to Rachel’s house and were finally reunited with their beloved Jake.

Martha and her family were overjoyed that their cat of nearly 10 years had been found! And now, they’re working to pay it forward by helping other neighbors find their lost pets. Martha’s daughter is also helping take care of foster cats, after visiting the shelter and discovering how many do not have homes.

Another happy ending proving that good things happen when neighbors start talking!

As reported by The Mercury News.

Header photo provided by Jacqueline Ramseyer, Bay Area News Group

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    • hello my name is tiffany. P, I lose my cat several days ago, I am very heart broken and devastated! I feel like I loss my best friend! if you have any advise or feed back! that might be helpful, please feel free to contact me anytime! my email and my phone #(240) 966-3365. Thank you for your helpful Add! i look forward to hearing from you soon, Thanks…

  • I found a Tabby kitten on Fairwood and Jonathan, in south Coumbus. We rescued him January
    26th. 2022. Got him out of the cold. He is litter trained and very loveable. If your kitten got out
    please contact me so he can be returned. 614 467 8071

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