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Announcing Emergency Contacts on Nextdoor

Written by ndmulti

Nextdoor was founded to help build stronger, safer, and more connected neighborhoods, all over the world. It’s been incredible to witness how neighbors in the greater Houston-area banded together on Nextdoor during Hurricane Harvey to organize rescues, share information, and keep each other safe. Neighbors do really incredible things to help each other in times of crisis and we’re always looking for more ways to invest in tools to help them.

Today, we’re announcing a new feature to help residents better prepare and assist in emergency situations: Emergency Contacts. While work began to create and test this feature months ago, the emergency situations facing communities around the nation during this hurricane season present us with an unprecedented urgency to assist neighbors in need. We’re grateful neighbors will have the ability to utilize this additional feature as they brace for the impending storms and potential emergencies.

The feature allows members to add loved ones to their profile as an emergency contact, making it easier for neighbors to easily connect with them in times of need or concern. The American Red Cross recommends having three emergency contacts, including someone out-of-area, to best prepare for an emergency.

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Adding emergency contacts to Nextdoor is quick and easy. Nextdoor members simply need to go to their profile and select “Add Emergency Contacts” to get started. If you’re joining Nextdoor, there will be an option to add Emergency Contacts after creating your account. For more information, see our help article.

Members are encouraged to use the Emergency Contacts feature in instances where a neighbor’s safety is in question and they cannot be reached. If you notice something about your neighbor’s home that indicates there may be a safety concern such as an overflowing mailbox, potential signs of a break-in, or are worried about a neighbor in an emergency or disaster and you cannot contact your neighbor directly, you can reach out to your neighbor’s Emergency Contacts on Nextdoor. You, your neighbor’s Emergency Contacts, and your neighbor will receive a copy of the message via email and private message.

Please note that the Emergency Contacts feature is not a replacement for 911. Always contact 911 in the event of an emergency.

It is our hope that neighbors in every Nextdoor neighborhood will utilize Emergency Contacts as an added safety net of connectedness – especially in cases of an emergency.

Join your neighborhood on Nextdoor here.

Do you have a story about how you’ve used Nextdoor in your neighborhood? Let us know.

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