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Season of Giving: Neighbors Come Together for a Community Potluck

Written by ndmulti

In honor of the holidays, we’re sharing stories of how neighbors have used Nextdoor to give back and help neighbors in their communities.

Costa Mesa resident, Kelly Dane, is an avid user of Nextdoor. She uses the platform regularly to buy and sell various items, learn about upcoming events in her area, and even find a dog sitter. So when she had the idea to bring some of her neighbors together in-person she immediately posted to the site.

Figuring food was a good way to bring people together, Kelly decided to throw a neighborhood potluck. She posted to Nextdoor asking, “Has anyone ever tried pierogies? Would anyone like to try them?”

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Kelly Dane shows her homemade pierogies, a fried dumpling often filled with potatoes that traditionally originates from Eastern Europe.

Her post received dozens of responses and one neighbor suggested that those interested get together to try one-another’s recipes.

“From there, I got the idea to put a potluck together,” Kelly said. Over 30 neighbors came together for the picnic at Heller Park.

“Kelly Dane really did an amazing job of opening up the opportunity for neighbors to become friends,” Carleen Butterfield said, a fellow neighbor. “Can’t thank her enough. She planted the seed for many good things to come.”

Another neighbor in attendance who brought Polish noodles with Sauerkraut said she “enjoyed meeting new neighbors and tasting different cuisines.”

We love hearing stories just like these about neighbors taking the conversation offline and getting to know each other face to face. Way to go, Kelly! We can’t wait to hear other ways this community gets together this holiday season.

Do you have a story about how you’ve used Nextdoor in your neighborhood? Let us know.

Originally reported by the Los Angeles Times.

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