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Neighbors Come to the Rescue When Man Runs Out of Medication

Written by Annie Barco

It was a harsh winter morning in Greensboro, NC after a record snowfall of over 10 inches, when Nextdoor neighbor, Nils Skudra, awoke to a troubling realization: his needed medication was out and due to the snowfall, he was trapped inside.

What was typically a quick drive down to the Harris Teeter Pharmacy, was now an impossible journey for Nils. The snow plows responsible for clearing the roads had yet to arrive to Lindley Park, and even if they had, his car lacked 4-wheel drive.

Nils’ mother became panicked as she knew he could not survive without his medication. But then a thought occurred to Nils. He pulled out his computer and began typing away a message to his neighbors on Nextdoor. Would anyone with 4-wheel drive be able to take him to the pharmacy?

Within minutes, several good neighbors responded and volunteered to drive Nils and his mother to pick up his medication. One such neighbor was Steve Hough, who lived just a block down and owned a sturdy truck. Steve quickly came around to Nils’ home and in a flash Nils was accepting the prescription from the pharmacist.

Nils thanked Steve and his wife, Becky, for essentially saving his life. To them it was nothing, they were just being good neighbors. But to Nils and his mother, it meant the world and revealed to them the true meaning of Southern hospitality.

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As originally covered by News & Record. 

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