Welcoming WDIV Local 4 to the Neighborhood

Written by Annie Barco

Local news is an integral part of the neighborhood conversation, so it is important that we continue to enhance these conversations by connecting news organizations and neighbors on a neighborhood level.

Today we are thrilled to announce that we are partnering with WDIV Local 4, the NBC affiliate in Detroit. We have had the pleasure of working with several WDIV reporters over the years, and are excited that they will now be able to use Nextdoor to better connect with residents.

Over the last six years, more than 145 Detroit neighborhoods have joined Nextdoor to build stronger and safer communities. On Nextdoor, Detroit neighbors connect to discuss local crime, share recommendations, help locate lost pets, and unite around neighbors in need. Everyday we hear amazing stories about how neighbors are connecting on Nextdoor and improving their communities, and we are thrilled that Detroit neighbors will now have another way to stay in the know about the happenings in their local community.

WDIV will use Nextdoor to not only share stories, but engage residents in the stories they work on. In fact, WDIV has already begun posting Nextdoor polls and open-ended questions and feature the results in their online stories.

It is important to note that as for all partners on Nextdoor, WDIV will not have access to the neighborhood conversations taking place on Nextdoor and will not have access to neighbors’ contact information. WDIV can interact with residents in the reply thread of posts they share and can also be reached through private message.

We are excited to welcome WDIV to Nextdoor, and look forward to a successful partnership. Welcome to the neighborhood, WDIV!

 If you’re a news organization interested in joining Nextdoor, please contact us here.

Join your neighborhood on Nextdoor here.


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