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Welcoming the Yonkers Police Department to Nextdoor

Written by Annie Barco

We had a fantastic day today welcoming the Yonkers Police Department to Nextdoor to improve citywide and neighbor-to-neighbor communications in Yonkers.

Over the past few months, Yonkers PD has been using Nextdoor to collaborate with neighbors to address safety concerns and respond to quality-of-life issues. The department has had great initial success on the platform – in fact, it is being celebrated as the most engaging and appreciated agency on Nextdoor in the Tri-State area. This is in large part thanks to PIO Sgt Dean Politopoulos, who takes great care in managing the PD’s presence on Nextdoor.

Leading up to today’s announcement, the Yonkers PD posted several polls on Nextdoor to gain a better understanding of their performance on Nextdoor thus far and how they could be more helpful to the residents they serve. Here’s what they learned:

  • 62% of residents use Nextdoor as their main avenue for receiving news from the PD.
  • 73% of residents have found the information shared by the PD on Nextdoor to be ‘Very Useful’.
  • 81% of residents feel more informed about crime & safety issues since the PD has begun posting on Nextdoor.
  • 64% of residents find all of the following information helpful: neighborhood crime reports, alerts and notifications, incident-specific information, crime prevention tips, and property crime trends.  

We are thrilled that Yonkers residents have found the PD’s presence on Nextdoor useful and informative, and look forward to seeing the many ways that Yonkers residents and the PD collaborate in the future to continue improving safety in Yonkers.

Congratulations, Yonkers PD, on taking this great step to better reach residents, and welcome to the neighborhood!

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  • Good article to send to local, city, county, and state law enforcement officials (including their associations) especially to emergency/disaster officials.

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