City of Topeka unveils first ever Nextdoor branded truck

Written by Annie Barco

Today, we are honored to be in Topeka, KS to celebrate our longtime partners at the City of Topeka, and unveil the first ever branded Nextdoor truck that will tour Topeka and encourage residents to sign up.

The City of Topeka first launched with Nextdoor for Public Agencies in December 2013 and is using the platform to post information to residents, such as important news, services, programs, free events, and emergency notifications. Since the City partnered with Nextdoor, membership on the platform has grown by a whopping 2200%. According to the City, this increased membership and engagement on Nextdoor has successfully driven higher levels of participation in City discussions, workshops, and events.

Leading up to today’s announcement, the City of Topeka asked residents if they feel more informed since the City started using Nextdoor. Seventy percent of the 381 respondents said ‘Yes’! The City is excited to continue using Nextdoor to connect with residents, and are encouraging more to join them on the platform.

“Topeka has always been an innovative and resourceful City. Nextdoor is another great tool we can use to help us better communicate and reach our residents,” said Monique Glaudè. “We look forward to more residents joining us on Nextdoor so that we can work together to create stronger, healthier neighborhoods.”

We are thrilled to celebrate the City of Topeka’s amazing use of Nextdoor and look forward to welcoming more residents onto the platform as the City continues its efforts to engage at the neighborhood level. Here’s to our great partnership and the first ever Nextdoor truck!

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  • Did nextdoor give the truck to the City ? Or, did they just put the advertising on the vehicle? How many people currently are signed up on Nextdoor in the Topeka Community?

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