Celebrating America’s small businesses

Written by Annie Barco

Small businesses are a critical part of great neighborhoods. That’s why we are excited to join SBA in celebrating America’s small businesses for National Small Business Week, which runs from April 29th through May 5th.

Neighborhood discussions about the best small businesses in a community make up a large part of Nextdoor’s ecosystem. Not only do thousands of businesses use Nextdoor to engage with their community, but neighbors turn to Nextdoor everyday to recommend their favorite local businesses. From the enthusiastic florist who is always ready to help assemble the perfect bouquet, to the local bike shop that welcomes you in for coffee while they complete a repair, neighbors love sharing their positive experiences with small businesses and encouraging others to shop local.

More broadly, small businesses help drive a healthy national economy. According to SBA, small businesses account for 99.7% of all businesses in the US and are responsible for 64% of new jobs. A majority of Americans (94%) feel that supporting small businesses is important, especially considering that for every dollar put into a small business, 68% remains in the local community. Furthermore, small businesses donate 250% more than larger businesses to nonprofits and community causes (Seattle Good Business Network).

But beyond the numbers, small businesses help us feel at home in our community. There is nothing quite like a local store owner calling you by name when you pass through the front door, knowing your favorite order by heart, or placing a new book on hold for you because they know you’ll love it. Small businesses personalize our shopping experience, and remind us of the uniqueness of our neighborhoods.

We are proud to support small businesses this week – and every week throughout the year – and encourage neighbors everywhere to stop by a local small business and thank them for their positive contribution to the community. Small businesses matter – let’s show them we care.

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