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Celebrating National Pride Month: How Nextdoor brings neighbors together

Written by Nick Brinkerhoff

As a platform used by neighbors from all backgrounds and walks of life, we are proud of the many ways neighbors use Nextdoor to meet and build strong connections both on and offline.

Jeff Reburn, a Webb Royal, TX Neighborhood Lead, is doing just that. Joining the platform in 2015 when he moved to the Webb Royal neighborhood, Jeff had a vision to get as many neighbors as possible onto Nextdoor to encourage a safer and stronger neighborhood. In order to accomplish this, Jeff decided to go door to door and hand out Nextdoor fliers that explained the benefits of the platform and encouraged everyone to join. Since then, the neighborhood member base has almost tripled!

One of the great benefits of getting to know his community was that he was able to meet other LGBTQIA neighbors, frequently creating polls and hosting meetups to keep everyone engaged and connected. Jeff also actively meets with those interested in photography, road/mountain biking, and skiing in his neighborhood. As it can be challenging to meet local people that identify as LGBTQIA, Jeff has found Nextdoor as a way to make those connections much easier. “The fact that we live nearby each other provides for a great segue into friendship due to similar backgrounds and experiences,” said Jeff.


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One of Jeff’s posts asking neighbors for bike trail recommendations

Pride month offers another great opportunity to show our support for all neighbors. We are proud to be a platform that brings people together about the things that matter most to them because when neighbors start talking, good things happen.

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  • I am an adjacent neighborhood’s lead to Jeff Reburn, the lead who is featured in this article by Mr. Nick Brinkerhoff. I’ve watched Jeff work for his neighborhood and I would like to add that his dedication to Nextdoor and his actions for all the people around him sets him high in the leads. I can count on him to tirelessly and diplomatically take up issues for his and our surrounding beighbohoods. If there is a lead who works hard at making our area better, it is him.

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