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Neighborhood comes together to help handicapped neighbor

Written by Nick Brinkerhoff

When Kaseberg-Kingswood neighbor Suzanne went on a vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, an unexpected mishap occurred which put her in a wheelchair for an extended period of time. Suzanne injured her knee in Mexico, and tore her Achilles while trying to get into her house when she arrived home.

Since the accident was unexpected, Suzanne’s house was not wheelchair-fitted, leaving her stuck inside her home for nearly a month. The entrance to Suzanne’s house is several inches in height from the ground, making it impossible to get in and out in a wheelchair. That’s when Suzanne turned to Nextdoor for a helping hand.

Suzanne posted on Nextdoor asking her neighbors to see if anyone had a wheelchair ramp to help her get in and out of her home. To her delight, a neighbor responded that they had one they were not using and gave it to her for free!

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Before the ramp was customized for Suzanne

When they set up the ramp at Suzanne’s house, they realized it needed some customization in order for it to be functional. Again, Suzanne turned to Nextdoor to see if anyone in the neighborhood would be able to help trim it down and angle it properly into her doorway. Sure enough, a neighbor with experience building ramps chimed in willing to help! The neighbor came and picked up the ramp, took measurements, and two days later brought back a perfectly fitted one. The best part? Not only did Suzanne’s neighbor do it for free, she is now able to go to physical therapy and venture out of the house and lead a life close to normal.


Suzanne’s new ramp gave her life a complete 180 and it couldn’t have been done without the help of her neighbors.


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