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Introducing Nextdoor’s 2018 Neighborhood Champions in Law Enforcement

Written by Annie Barco

Every day, we are inspired by the way our agency partners use Nextdoor to serve and protect neighborhoods across the country. We know how much time and dedication goes into connecting and communicating with residents on Nextdoor, and we are honored that our agency partners use Nextdoor to ensure residents feel informed, safe and heard.

As a way to recognize and thank the officials who go above and beyond on Nextdoor, we are thrilled to introduce for the first time our new Neighborhood Champion Awards. These annual awards will honor officials from all public agency sectors including law enforcement, fire, emergency services, and city/county offices.

This week, as the finale to our summer safety campaign, we are excited to announce our first list of Neighborhood Champion Awards, honoring 35 public safety officials in law enforcement. These 35 officials are being recognized for having received the most appreciation (‘Thanks’ and replies from residents) on their Nextdoor posts over the past year. Our 35 winners represent a variety of department sizes and locations across the country.

In addition to their daily responsibilities, these Neighborhood Champions have fostered strong relationships with their residents through regular online communication and updates on Nextdoor. And while this award is meant to honor these officials’ excellent use of Nextdoor, it also recognizes neighbors who have taken the time to interact with and support their local departments on Nextdoor.

To date, there are over 3,000 public agencies (1,500 in law enforcement) using Nextdoor to keep their neighborhoods safe, and we hope these awards will inspire all of our partners to keep up the great work. We are excited to honor our 2018 Neighborhood Champions in Law Enforcement this week, and look forward to recognizing standout officials from fire, emergency services, and city/county departments in the months to come!

Nextdoor’s 2018 Neighborhood Champions in Law Enforcement:

If you are interested in joining Nextdoor as a public agency, please visit to get started.

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