Nextdoor teams up with NJ Transit Police Department to create the first ‘virtual transit watch’  

Written by Joseph Porcelli

Today, we are proud to officially partner with the New Jersey Transit Police Department, a first-of-its-kind partnership created to help increase active “eyes and ears’’ surrounding NJ TRANSIT’s infrastructure.

The New Jersey Transit Police Department approached us with interest in using Nextdoor to better connect with neighborhoods within one mile of their transit lines and bus terminals. We were interested and eager to test this new kind of public agency partnership, and were encouraged by the positive response from residents who enjoyed hearing from New Jersey Transit Police Department on Nextdoor.

In fact, after piloting Nextdoor for a few months, the New Jersey Transit Police Department posted a poll in June asking residents whether they were interested in continuing to hear from the department on Nextdoor. Of the 1,470 who voted, 92% of respondents said yes!

This partnership between the New Jersey Transit Police Department and Nextdoor will facilitate “virtual transit watch,’’ by helping decrease rail line crime and accidents and promoting interaction between those who live within a close proximity to NJ TRANSIT rail lines, stations, and bus terminals. Through Nextdoor, the New Jersey Transit Police Department will be able to geo-target Nextdoor residents who live within a one-mile radius of rail and light rail lines and stations, and bus terminals to:

  • Inform nearby residents of criminal activity such as theft and vandalism;
  • Educate residents on how to report suspicious activity;
  • Provide educational information on how to teach children about the dangers of railroad tracks; and
  • Increase the number of residents who interact with New Jersey Transit Police officers who patrol nearby stations and terminals.

“NJ TRANSIT understands how important it is to maintain positive relationships with the local communities we serve,’’ said New Jersey Transit Police Chief Christopher Trucillo. “By utilizing the Nextdoor network, the members of the New Jersey Transit Police Department will be able to directly communicate with our unofficial “eyes and ears,’’ the members of the communities we serve. At NJ TRANSIT, we see the partnership with Nextdoor as a tool to strengthen our connections to these local communities, and it gives our neighbors a way to get to know the men and women of the New Jersey Transit Police Department.’’

As with all of our public agency partnerships, the New Jersey Transit Police Department will not be able to access residents’ network information or content on Nextdoor. Additionally, in the case of an emergency, residents are encouraged to call the New Jersey Transit Police Department directly before posting on Nextdoor.

We are grateful to the New Jersey Transit Police Department for helping us expand the safety opportunities on our platform. Their proactiveness and eagerness to better connect with NJ residents is inspiring, and we are proud to partner with them today.

Law enforcement agencies looking to get started with Nextdoor can apply for a free government account at

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