Nextdoor Teams Up with Sprinklr

Written by Team Nextdoor

In 2017, Nextdoor began offering brands and local businesses the ability to more uniquely and personally connect with residents at the neighborhood level through sponsored posts. Today, we have partnered with nearly 1,000 brands and welcome more every day to the platform.

As more and more brands see the hyper-local value in using Nextdoor, we wanted to ensure they could manage their customer experiences at scale. So, we have teamed up with Sprinklr, an enterprise social media management platform, to make it easy for companies to manage their Nextdoor customer engagements alongside all their other social channels – all in one place.

With this integration, brands can engage with customers on Nextdoor in Sprinklr, resulting in a personalized customer experience. Sprinklr is the enterprise first social media management platform to integrate with Nextdoor.

Given our verified household identity, Nextdoor is uniquely positioned to solve location-based advertising challenges. Sprinklr has helped us ensure advertisers can easily manage their conversations and engagement with members on the Nextdoor platform.

Amy Sullivan, AVP of Strategic Alliances at Sprinklr has said that reaching the right person with the right message, at the right time, is still the biggest challenge for every marketer today. This makes Nextdoor’s local data incredibly valuable and unique, providing marketers with the ability to connect with consumers in a relevant, meaningful way.

We are excited to offer this integration for brands that use Nextdoor!

If you are interested in learning more about advertising on Nextdoor, click here.

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