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Introducing Interests

Written by Paul Howe

Nextdoor was created because we believe that the neighborhood is one of the most important and useful communities in a person’s life. Every day, neighbors on Nextdoor share news, get recommendations for trustworthy babysitters or plumbers, find lost pets, and discover neighborhood favorite businesses.

In addition, we see members using Nextdoor to connect with neighbors around specific hobbies and activities that they pursue locally. That’s why we are thrilled to announce that Nextdoor Interests is now available nationwide. Consistently the number one feature request from our members, Interests is a new way to converse and connect with the nearest neighbors who share your interests.

With the help of neighbors like you, we have hand-picked over 57 Interests to ensure there is something for everyone. When you join an Interest, you will instantly be connected with neighbors who share your passions to plan neighborhood get-togethers and exchange information on topics that matter in your daily life. There is a wide array of interests available, with topics like DIY/home improvement, cooking, parenting, and gardening being among the most popular.

We know that schools are a vital part of neighborhoods and local communities, so we’ve created Interests for over 120,000 local schools across the country. Now, parents can communicate about things like carpools, playdates, and school events or activities with school community members who live nearby.

When neighbors post to an Interest, you’ll see the posts in your newsfeed along with the usual neighborhood updates. Following Interests helps personalize your Nextdoor feed with the relevant content that matters most to you. To follow an Interest in your neighborhood, please visit the Interest section in your left navigation and get ready to be connected. You can also learn more here.

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