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Good Neighbor Spotlight: La Quinta Police Replace Child’s Stolen Bike

Written by Nick Brinkerhoff

In honor of September being Good Neighbor Month, we will be showcasing incredible stories of how neighbors are using Nextdoor to go above and beyond in their local communities. Have a story of your own? Send us an email at

Last month, La Quinta, CA resident Jennifer Zysk’s daughter Harmony biked home from school like any other day. Excited to reach the comfort of her home, she ran in and accidentally left her bike out on the front lawn instead of parking it in the garage like she normally does. Within twenty minutes, she realized her mistake and went to move the bike inside, but upon reaching the front lawn, she was disheartened to find that her bike was nowhere to be found.

Disappointed that such a theft occurred in their safe and tight-knit community, Jennifer posted on Nextdoor to alert her neighbors. Shortly after posting her message, Jennifer received several responses from neighbors offering their old bikes and wanting to start a GoFundMe page to raise money for a new bike for Harmony. Then she received an unexpected message.

A La Quinta Police officer who is a resident of Jennifer’s neighborhood saw the post and immediately messaged her for information about the bike such as its make and model and where it was sold. The Police Department wanted to surprise Harmony with the same exact bike!

A few days later, a group of La Quinta Police officers surprised Harmony one day after school with a brand new bike that was the same exact model and color! Harmony was ecstatic and so happy to be able to ride a bike again. Thank you to our partners at the La Quinta PD for being such good neighbors this National Good Neighbor Month!


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