Nextdoor welcomes UK public agencies and local councils

Written by Annie Barco

Yesterday marked a significant day at Nextdoor, as we officially launched Nextdoor for Public Services in the UK.

The platform has been in beta with a number of public services including the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) and Police Service in Northern Ireland (PSNI). Similar to our public agencies platform in the US, Nextdoor for Public Services allows public sector organizations to engage and communicate directly with residents within their service area.

Through Nextdoor, public services can post information, such as important news, services, programs, free events, and emergency notifications. While public services are not able to access residents’ websites, contact information, or content, they can interact with residents in the comments section of their posts or through private message.

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From left to right: Nextdoor’s Nick Lisher, PCSO David Haywood, Lynette Dixon, Cathy Long and panel moderator Stuart Miles discussing the news

To announce Nextdoor for Public Services in the UK, the team hosted a launch event where public services from across the UK heard from experts about how Nextdoor and technology can build stronger and safer communities. A panel discussion provided insights from PCSO Dave Haywood (MPS); Digital Communications Officer Lynette Dixon (Richmond Council); Nextdoor Lead and contributor to London School of Economics (LSE) project on Grenfell and the Community Response, Cathy Long; Captain Charles Husted from Sacramento Police Department in California; and our UK County Manager, Nick Lisher.

The panel shared stories about how Nextdoor has helped solve crimes, better engage communities, and create an open dialogue between residents and local public services. To read more specifics about the panel discussion, visit our UK blog.

We are thrilled to welcome local public services in the UK to Nextdoor, and look forward to the many partnerships that are to come. Those interested in joining Nextdoor for Public Services in the UK can contact to get started.

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