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Good Neighbor Spotlight: Abandoned dog found on neighbor’s lawn gets second chance at life

Written by Nick Brinkerhoff

If you are an active Nextdoor member, you’ve likely seen a missing pet post in your newsfeed. Usually, the animals are safely found and reunited with families. But sometimes, animals are found and it’s up to the community to give them a second chance at life, which is what a Plano, TX neighborhood did.

Cindy G. originally saw a post on Nextdoor from a neighbor about a dog that was found distressed and anxious hanging out in their front yard. She offered to scan for a microchip, but did not hear back, and assumed the dog was already reunited with its owner.

However, she later saw another neighbor post on Nextdoor about the same dog– he had now moved onto another neighbor’s yard, and was also described as being scared and anxious. This concerned Cindy since the dog had been out in the rain and still not claimed. That’s when Cindy knew she needed to step up to the plate and help this poor neglected animal and give him a better life.

Cindy, who also happens to be a pet rescuer and detective, came to the neighbor’s house to help rescue the dog. Fortunately, Cindy had the right dog rescue equipment and was able safely get the pup into her car.

Now that the dog was out of the rain and inside, Cindy was able to inspect him and give him the TLC that he deserved. The dog, a poodle mix, was severely overweight and had fur that was extremely matted and full of sticks, branches and insects living in it. The fur was so bad, it took Cindy nearly three hours to completely shave him. During the shaving, he gave Cindy kisses the whole time, rather than squirming around and feeling uneasy about a stranger doing such a task. Once cleaned up, he turned into a completely new, happy and loving dog!

The original owners never called to claim the dog, so he was taken to Kritters Looking for Homes Rescue in Richardson, TX. We are happy to report that the dog, who is named Tosh, is now in great hands with a wonderful foster that is also a dog groomer. Tosh joins his foster mom at work everyday, greeting every single person that walks into the shop with a smile and a longing for head rubs. He is getting healthy and already losing weight.

Thank you to Cindy and the Plano community for rallying together to give Tosh a better life.


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