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Welcoming Sarah Friar to the neighborhood

Written by Nirav Tolia

Today is a great day for Nextdoor… I am thrilled to announce that Sarah Friar is our new CEO.

I met Sarah almost exactly four years ago and knew immediately that she was a special leader and special person. From the very beginning of our CEO search, she was the top choice, and the board of directors and I feel exceptionally fortunate and excited for her to lead Nextdoor moving forward.

Sarah is one of the most highly regarded executives in Silicon Valley. She possesses that rare mix of proven business skills and authentic heart and soul. When she joined Square as CFO in 2012, they were about the same size as Nextdoor is today. Six years later, Square has over 3,000 employees, a market cap of $35B, and operates an ecosystem that empowers small businesses around the world. Through it all, Sarah (and her fellow Squares) have relied on a mission-driven approach, the importance of putting people first, and a genuine desire to make the world a better place.

Nextdoor aspires to follow a similar path, and I can’t wait for you all to meet Sarah and hear firsthand about her passion for our mission and optimism for the size and scale of company we can build.

The future is exceptionally bright for Nextdoor. We’ve never been more well-positioned to achieve our potential, both as a massive business and unifying force for communities around the world. I am thrilled that Sarah Friar will be leading the way.


  • Since I own Square stock, I’m not happy about that. But a good addition for Nextdoor. Square is down 10% after hours . 🙁

    Wayne from Dallas

  • this is a response to my friend Abe Walker’s post re. your award ceremony/event with D.C. Mayor Bowser last week.:
    Kudos. You are setting a great example for both your sons & other youngsters . Hopefully, they will learn that civic engagement helps build a better neighborhood. Your volunteer organizing has made Kingstowne a much better community & place to live! Keep up the good work.
    I know NEXTDOOR has ‘profiled’ Abe’s efforts on your blog. I wish he could receive an honorarium, or some financial ‘help’ to give him the ability to expand the type of ‘pro bono’ work he does to enhance our community & promote NEXTDOOR as a ‘platform’ to do that.

    • Agree wholeheartedly with Alex. Abe Walker is a Leader on so many levels. He embraces family, neighbors, community, sharing, ideas, support and his contributions are endless. Abe is a can do gentleman with a gentle heart. Abe represents Nextdoor in the highest regard.
      Sara Wissinger

  • I was very happy to see the message from Sarah Friar and Next Door’s commitment to being a racist-free environment. One of the major disappointments to me in moving to Florida is seeing some of the blatant and even sometimes scary racist thinking. I am white, from an urban northern city but was not aware of the kind of mean hate that is clearly still alive and well here.
    But, good people are everywhere and they are here as well. I have met some and it gives me hope that maybe things can and will get better. Good to know Next Door cares about this issue that affects us all and that we can feel a little more that we are in a hate-free zone.

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