G’day, Australia!

Written by Nirav Tolia

Today marks an exciting day for Nextdoor, with the official launch of Nextdoor in Australia, the first country to join the Nextdoor family from the Asia Pacific region and the seventh country outside of the U.S.  

The arrival of Nextdoor comes at a pivotal time for Australians who despite their strong sense of local pride and ‘mateship’ are feeling less connected, lonelier and more distrustful than ever.  The ability to connect and build trust with neighbors and communities has never been more important in Australia.

A recent study by Research Now into Australians attitudes towards their neighbors revealed that only a quarter of Australians have a really good relationship with their neighbors, with only 46% only knowing up to three neighbors by name. However, almost 7 in 10 [68%] want to get to know their neighbors better and 77% crave stronger relationships with their neighbors.  The majority of Aussies claim they want to help their neighbors but don’t know who or how to help. Enter Nextdoor!

From San Francisco to Sydney, and everywhere in between, building connections and communities is a universal human need, and we look forward to seeing Aussies come together on Nextdoor to create deeper real-life connections that help lead to safer and stronger neighborhoods.

Neighbors in Australia can download the app or visit and enter their address to locate their neighborhood. If a Nextdoor neighborhood has already been started in their area, they can immediately verify and sign up. If a member is registered using a verified address in an area where a neighborhood has not yet been established, they can easily become the Founding Member and bring Nextdoor to their neighborhood.

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