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Welcoming Bryan Power to the neighborhood

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Nextdoor is excited to welcome Bryan Power as Head of People. It’s an exciting time at Nextdoor, with our footprint expanding rapidly across the world, and Bryan’s incredible experience leading human resources, talent acquisition, and employee development for global companies will be a tremendous addition to the team.

Bryan brings more than 20 years of human resources and talent acquisition experience to Nextdoor – most recently as Chief Human Resources Officer at Yahoo. Throughout his time at Yahoo, Bryan was responsible for leading the global People Team, serving more than 10,000 employees in 30 offices across the Americas, EMEA and APAC. Accountable for talent acquisition, diversity and inclusion, learning and development, people analytics, and culture, Bryan’s team oversaw all aspects of the employee experience.

Prior to Yahoo, Bryan held a similar role at Square, successfully growing the company from 350 to 1600 employees, ramping employee programs and HR infrastructure ahead of the company’s successful public offering in November 2015. Previous to Square, Bryan spent eight years at Google leading global recruiting teams in various organizations, including software engineering, product management and sales & marketing. He is also a board member of Avenica, a U.S. recruiting firm that focuses on placing recent college graduates into entry-level career-track positions, as well as an advisor to a number of high growth tech companies in San Francisco.

Bryan exudes our Nextdoor core values and understands the importance of culture and community building. We are thrilled Bryan will be joining the team in our global headquarters in San Francisco, where he will report to our incoming CEO Sarah Friar. Please join us in welcoming Bryan Power to the neighborhood!


  • Not sure I’m the only one, but I am starting to lose interest in the Nextdoor app because of performance problems… seems like every time I click a link from an email notification or want to check the app it takes way too long to refresh or connect… it often (95% of the time) doesn’t refresh no matter whether I’m out on cellular or at home on wifi.. love the concept and the app but personally losing interest in it because of this. Might want to fix this problem really soon before others do too.

  • I’d like to suggest a section to the interests category, of neighborhood podcasts, and then you should help support members of neighborhoods to have their own neighborhood podcast wherein they interview they’re neighbors. It goes a long way in breaking ice when you recognize some one from hearing/seeing them on a podcast.

  • So far I’ve had no real problems with using Nextdoor at home. Love the concept and find it useful in many ways. Thanks. Tom

  • Hello Sarah and the entire team, I just love this concept and am confident it will be an exciting asset to our community as each person in the neighborhood becomes aquainted with the idea of connecting with our neighbors.
    It is so very obvious that we have become a society of busy and disconnected lives without the joy of knowing individuals and families right next door , or across the street, or in the grocery store etc. I hope to come to know lots of folks in Lakeside and Somers. I have made some wonderful connections already since moving here this past Aug.
    Greetings to all of my neighbors and desire to know all who are interested in having new friends, thanks, Steve K.

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