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How one neighbor sold their home on Nextdoor

Written by Nick Brinkerhoff

Gayle Meyers, a New York neighbor, was ready to put her home on the market. Rather than go through the traditional modes of listing a home, she thought posting it on Nextdoor first would be a great way to find an interested buyer that’s local and already familiar with the area.  

Gayle wrote a post with a brief description, a photo of the front of the house, and her broker’s contact information. Almost instantly after the post was live, several neighbors reached out to Gayle wanting to know when they could swing by to check out the property as well as its asking price.

One neighbor in particular responded to the Nextdoor post with excitement, as her son was in the market for a new home in the area, and Gayle’s house fit the bill of what he was looking for. Gayle and the neighbor exchanged messages back and forth, and the son made an offer. At that time, there had already been a handful of offers put down on the house and were unsure if his would even be considered.

Gayle and her broker received an offer they liked and accepted. Since the broker was handling the sale, Gayle had no idea who the buyer was.

Turns out, the winning offer was the neighbor from Nextdoor’s son! Once everything was settled and closed, Gayle received a message from the neighbor sharing the news about her son buying the home. Everything went smooth, the deal closed, and he’s already enjoying his new home.

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