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Cincinnati neighbor reunited with lost ring after 11 years

Written by Nick Brinkerhoff

Earlier this year, Jennifer Fehn found a class ring on her desk when she was working her receptionist job at West Clermont School District in Cincinnati. Jennifer had no idea how it ended up there, but left it there and hoped that the ring’s owner would come by and claim it.

As time passed and no owner came forward, Jennifer checked the ring for a name engraving and was able to piece together who the owner might be. She referenced the district’s files on hand to see if there was a match, but nothing came up. How would she ever reunite the ring with its rightful owner?

That’s when Jennifer turned to Nextdoor. She posted in her neighborhood and asked if anyone knew of Davina Cox, the name that was on the ring. Almost instantly, a neighbor had responded that she knew Davina, who also lives in the area. Within a half hour, Jennifer and Davina had connected over the phone, and Davina picked up the ring that night.

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Glen Este High School class ring. (Photo: Cincinnati Enquirer)

Turns out, they only live a few minutes away from each other. As Davina explained to Jennifer and later revealed to the Cincinnati Enquirer, the class ring had been stolen from a jewelry box 11 years ago in 2007. She was in disbelief when she learned that the ring had been recovered.

“It was like the greatest Christmas miracle ever,” Davina told the Cincinnati Enquirer.

This story originally appeared in the Cincinnati Enquirer.

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