Good Neighbor Spotlight

Good Neighbor Spotlight: Kelly Gregory, Boise, ID

Written by Shannon Toliver

This month’s Good Neighbor Spotlight is Kelly Gregory from Boise, ID. As a retired veteran, Kelly has spent his entire life serving others. He was disabled after serving in Desert Storm, lost his wife to a brain aneurysm, and became a single parent to his 5-year-old daughter. Despite these many hardships, Kelly has remained an influential member of his community by combining his bike repair skills with his desire to help others.

When Kelly posted on Nextdoor in search of broken bicycles, many neighbors came forward to donate used bikes and extra parts in support of Kelly’s services. Kelly uses these donations to build, refurbish, and offer bicycles to children and neighbors who are struggling financially. He even fulfills special requests such as customized colors and sizes.

“Sometimes there are kids out there that have never had a bike… a bike is kind of like their first freedom.”

Although Kelly has never been wealthy in the material sense, he refuses to accept any form of payment for his bikes. His reasoning? “I do everything by hand… I guess it makes me feel rich.”

“It makes my heart happy”

-Kelly Gregory, Boise, ID

Kelly’s selfless devotion to his neighbors is an inspirational example of how people can unite their skills and resources to build a stronger community.

Originally covered on ABC Boise

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  • Hi, I just read about Mr. Gregory. Is he still accepting donations of bicycle parts, and if so, what condition do they need to be in?

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