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Small Business Week: Peachy Clean, Austin, TX

Written by Shannon Toliver

Happy National Small Business Week! This is a time to celebrate local businesses and their contributions to our neighborhoods and economy. In honor of this week, Nextdoor will be highlighting Neighborhood Favorites each day to kick off our new local business series. Check out our blog between May 6th and May 10th to see what locals are loving around the country.

Do you avoid having guests over because your house is a mess? Have you lost your favorite sweater in the bottomless pit under your bed? Are you late to the spring cleaning craze? Then it might be time to reach out to your neighbors and find a local cleaning service.

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Homes in Austin, TX are cleaner than ever thanks to Peachy Clean – a modern take on the traditional cleaning service. This woman-owned business has simplified the process of hiring a house cleaner through tools such as cash-free payment, an online booking process, and background checks on all cleaners. Additionally, Peachy Clean prioritizes honesty, communication, and customer feedback. If that isn’t enough to convince you, their aesthetically pleasing website will surely inspire you to tidy up.

Mariah started Peachy Clean in 2018 drawing inspiration from her mother, who was always proud to keep a clean home for her family and to help others do the same.

One way Mariah gets new clients is through recommendations on Nextdoor.

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Mariah, Owner of Peachy Clean

“Most of my clients have come from Nextdoor. It works really well for me compared to other online channels. People have a lot of trust in Nextdoor and trust in what their neighbors have to offer.”

We spoke with Mariah to learn more about her business and what it means for her to serve the Austin community.

What does community mean to you and your business?

“To Peachy Clean, community means being connected with our neighbors, sharing ideas, becoming friends, supporting, growing, and contributing. One thing I love most about our community, especially on Nextdoor, is the amount of people helping each other.”

How does Peachy Clean get involved with the community?

“We volunteer with Cleaning for a Reason a few times per month. We donate cleanings to women who are going through cancer treatment. Going through treatment can be emotionally and physically taxing. We want to help women in our community fighting these battles by making them feel comfortable in their own home and relieve them from having one less chore to worry about.”

What is your favorite part about having a business in Austin?

“Austin is THE best city to live in and have a new, growing business. We love the people of Austin, we love the food and we love the culture. From meeting people who have lived here their whole lives, to meeting people from around the world, we love talking to them, becoming connected and building relationships with them.”

We at Nextdoor know that when businesses thrive, communities thrive. Hire a local cleaning service this week and support your neighborhood business!

What are your favorite local businesses? Show them some love this week by recommending them to your neighbors on Nextdoor, or leaving a comment below.

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