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Welcoming Antonio Silveira to the neighborhood

Written by Sarah Friar

I could not be more excited to announce Antonio Silveira as Head of Engineering at Nextdoor.

Antonio will play a crucial role in creating a stable, scalable, and innovative platform to better serve our members. Antonio and his team will focus on building new products that enable neighbors to stay connected, while providing a platform for local businesses, national advertisers, government agencies, and other local organizations to better reach their audiences. Working closely alongside Nextdoor’s product, design, and data teams, engineering remains committed to establishing Nextdoor as the essential local platform for neighbors everywhere. 

Most recently, Antonio was VP of Engineering at GoDaddy, developing product lines that empowered small business owners to build their online presence and grow their businesses, something he will continue to apply at Nextdoor helping local businesses and agencies to better connect with neighborhoods. Prior to GoDaddy, Antonio held leadership positions at Yahoo where he led engineering for products including Yahoo Mail, Messenger, User Profiles, and Interests, reaching hundreds of millions of users worldwide. Antonio also held engineering positions at Globo TV and RealNetworks working on the very first streaming media products nearly two decades ago. 

Beyond Antonio’s impressive professional background, he has a personal connection to Nextdoor’s mission. Growing up in Brazil, he deeply believes in the power of a connected community and brings an international perspective to our purpose of building stronger local communities. When not working, Antonio is an avid cyclist who loves climbing the mountain roads in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Please join me in giving Antonio a warm welcome to the neighborhood!


  • Antonio – welcome and good luck with your new adventure I hope you find yourself liking this new role you are about to take on.

    • Welcome Antonio looks like you have what it takes to really bring our community together. Might I suggest some place to gather like the racket ball club? It used to have a cafe. If we had a cafe or wine club where we could meet that would be cool! Just an idea. Good luck!

  • A “golden opportunity” exists for Antonio Silveira…. For increasing over-all membership to, Inc.

    There exists in California alone more than 53,000 Homeowner Association that sorely need a platform to openly discuss their thought and opinions with the other members of their HOA and be heard by the HOA board members. I suggest you consider expanding your consideration about the value of identifying Homeowner Association and revising your communication rules for such, as well as, your guidelines for such association. Increased participation will occur. Currently, Leads, can be less than fair and result in the stifling of useful debate, Those “less than fair” Leads somehow find ways to remove posts as well as the person that posted something which is controversial and not conforming with their way of thinking.

    Thank you for reading my thoughts and opinions…

    • I would really like to get in touch with somebody from next door that works in the corporate office my name is roryMcClintock I feel that somebody was abusing power that your next door program used against me possibly telling lies I would really like to talk about this and haven’t investigated as you know there’s certain people that would do anything to hurt other people and that’s not what this program was made for please get in touch with me

  • Welcome Antionio, Looking forward to connecting with you about Nextdoor and how I can better serve the community with my business. Thank you again.
    Linda Peck M.Ed.

  • Sarah, you are such a rock star at using creative empathy to effect positive change on Nextdoor. Thank you for paying it forward.

  • Welcome, Antonio! Let me propose a technical project for you…enabling a user to have more than one account! We have two houses…but I cannot have two accounts. Here’s to a great run at NextDoor!

  • Welcome Antonio! Nextdoor is a great platform for sharing interesting information that enhances our neighbors lives. Things to do, restaurants to visit, responding to requests for assistance from neighbors, crime & safety, hurricane preparation. Look forward to seeing some changes.

  • Welcome Antonio!

    What a great fit for Nextdoor and impressive background. I’m eager to see all the great features you’ll be adding.

    I wish you much success in your new roll!

  • ND is such a supportive community network. I ‘hope’ that we, the community, will have a platform to share our experiences with advertisers. I am quite concerned with Match (.com) advertising here. I was scammed and it was so ‘easy’ to be taken in although I am usually quite cognitive about these things. I wish you the best with your new endeavor and look forward to an inter-active platform.

  • Hi Antonio

    Welcome to OUR MANY NEIGHBORHOODS! Look forward to hearing all the buzz that you will create
    that will benefit many areas of our sometimes very complicated lives! God Bless as you forward with you’re ideas and projects.

  • Bem-vindo Antônio!
    All the best for you in your new position! Looking forward to see your input to this great communication tool!
    All the best for you!

  • Bem vindo, Antônio! Parabéns pela sua qualificação e sucesso! Eu sou brasileira também ( de Minas Gerais ) e moro em Palmetto – FL. Deus o abençoe!

    ( Welcome, Antônio! Congratulations on your skills and success! I’m brazilian also ( from Minas Gerais State) and live in Palmetto -FL. God bless you!

  • Parabéns, Antonio! Good to see Brazian professionals sucessful abroad.
    I invite you to be my bridge to partner with door set up in Brazil. Following sent:

    I do love the idea of putting people together. Community, collaboration, engagement.
    I am 64, former entrepeneur in international trade. Now I am semi retired, just writting books about spirituality and phylosophy and serving people. I am quite innovative, creative, always involved in new projects.
    I have had this idea for years. It is done. Do not invent the wheel. I make myself available to partner with nextdoor for setting up the platform in Brazil.
    I would love to discuss further.
    Cheers Gilberto Ciro

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