Welcoming Canada to the Neighborhood

Written by Team Nextdoor

Hello Neighbors!

We could not be more excited to announce that Nextdoor has officially launched in Canada! Canadians are demonstrating the strongest excitement and adoption that Nextdoor has ever seen leading up to the official launch. In fact, Nextdoor Canada had the longest waitlist of any country we’ve launched and many Canadian members are already using the platform to accomplish amazing things. 

Mark from Nextdoor Mahogany in Calgary, Alberta helped his son meet other kids in the neighborhood and even found a youth group for his daughters to join. And Tom from Nextdoor Carson Grove/Viscount-Alexander Park in Ottawa used Nextdoor to organize weekly meetups at his local pub so he and his wife could make some new friends. Pretty awesome, eh?

While the early adoption of Nextdoor Canada is outstanding, it’s certainly no surprise as Canada is often thought to be one of the most neighborly and welcoming countries. A study conducted by Ipsos Reid on behalf of Nextdoor found that 83 per cent of Canadians consider themselves neighborly. The only issue is, nearly 40 percent of Canadians only know one or two of their neighbors! We’re hoping Nextdoor can break the ice (just in time for hockey season) so neighbors can get to know each other and make meaningful connections with the people who live next door, and even two doors down. 

With all of the excitement exploding across Canada, we’re also proud to introduce Christopher Doyle, Nextdoor’s first Canadian Country Manager. Chistopher joins us from Twitter where he was the Head of Partnerships, and will lead the Canadian team including Nextdoor’s first set of international engineers. Growing up in St. Marys, Ontario, Christopher’s experience with community was one where every single neighbor knew each other and looked out for each other. Now a proud dad to four kids, he’s seen the need for deeper and more meaningful connection at the local level. Along with his wife, Karina, they’re deeply involved in their children’s activities, along with their local parish community in Whitby, Ontario and feel the need to be even more deeply connected.  

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Christopher (left) with his family at the neighborhood park

“I’m extremely excited to be a part of the Nextdoor team in Canada, where so many members have already embraced the platform to date. It’s proof that Canadians are craving new ways to find trusted, useful, and relevant local information, form relationships in the real world, and build safer, happier places to call home,” said Christopher. 

Signing up is both easy and secure. Neighbors in Canada can download the app or visit and enter their address to locate their neighborhood. If a Nextdoor neighborhood has already been started in their area, they can immediately verify and sign up. But if a member is registered using a verified address in an area where a Nextdoor neighborhood has not yet been established, they can easily become the Founding Member and bring Nextdoor to their neighborhood. 


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