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Time To Score Those Treats! Nextdoor’s Annual Treat Map Is Back!

Written by Annie Barco

Today is the first day of October, and you know what that means! Nextdoor’s Treat Map is back and ready to help you and your neighbors celebrate the most neighborly holiday of the year. 

New to the Treat Map? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Our annual Treat Map is the go-to guide for who in the neighborhood plans to celebrate Halloween either by passing out treats or hosting a haunted house. On the hunt for sweets? Keep an eye out for the homes that are marked with a candy corn. Eager for the scare of your life? Visit the homes marked with a haunted house to get your share of scare this Halloween. 

And, for the second year, neighbors passing out non-food treats can also spread the word through the Treat Map. According to FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education), one in 13 children has a food allergy preventing them from enjoying many of Halloween’s most popular treats. By providing non-food treats, neighbors can help create a safe, fun alternative for children with food allergies and other conditions for whom candy may present a problem. So, if you’re looking for treats that are allergen free, check out the homes marked with a teal pumpkin. 

To add your home to the Treat Map, follow these simple steps:

  1. If you’re already a Nextdoor member, simply sign into your account. If you are not yet a member, sign up and verify your address to ensure you don’t miss out on the fun:
  2. Once signed in, visit your neighborhood map in the upper right-hand corner of your screen on web. If on mobile, tap the “More” menu in the bottom right hand corner of the navigation bar, then tap “Treat Map”. Once on the map, you will be given the choice to mark your home with a candy corn, haunted house, or teal pumpkin.
  3. Encourage your neighbors and friends to mark their home with the appropriate icon on the map so you’ll know exactly who is handing out treats or hosting a haunted house.
  4. On Halloween, take the trick out of the treat and use the Treat Map to make your way through the neighborhood to score the best candy, treats, and scares.

Wishing all of our neighbors a fun-filled October!


  • Hi! This will be my first Halloween here at my new place in Cohoes. I know there’s kids near me, since I’ve seen them, so I imagine I’ll get trick or treaters. It’s a little more complicated at this apartment. I’m on the 2nd floor! If it’s warm enough, I’ll sit outside with a basket of candy. It it’s cold, I’ll a basket with a note. Happy Halloween, everyone!

    • I tried that last year because it’s difficult for me to get up and go to the door. One group emptied the whole box of treats I put on the porch. I was very disappointed. This will be the first time not handing out candy in about 70 years.

    • As nice as that is leaving a basket with candy is never good around here. The older kids just take it all

  • Can you please revise the treat map to allow more than one choice? We give out treat and non-food treats. This would be a tremendous help!

    Thank you!

  • I wish you could mark that you’re doing both regular treats and Allergy-free treats! I just marked regular treats and will register on the teal pumpkin project website too, I guess.

    • Is there anyone who would not come to your house, simply because you have it marked you have allergy free treats? I would think both allergy sufferers and everyone else would still come. It is still a treat or non-treat item.

  • There is no option for a Teal pumkin on the UK treat map ?.. Been told not added for this year perhaps – Could we please have access to this icon please? There are plenty of us here who are taking part in the Teal Pumpkin project.. many thanks!

  • I have a small table outside my door and well I decorated it with Fall, Autumn well you guessed it they smashed the pumpkin and made a mess. I’m not going give up! IM sure the kids are doing it its not funny!! and my neighbor plays loud music all day and into the evening its thump, thump! I thought abought polity asking him to maybe lowering the bass IM scary!! WAT to do!! desperate! hearing voices!!

    • Ask him to lower the music. Also, I know musical instruments are subject to city code noise violation, not sure about music but you should check before you talk to your neighbor so you have the law on your side or not. Once people realize they are breaking the law they are usually more agreeable.

    • Dawn,
      Just a couple of troublemakers can make a mess if they want to, but most kids are great, and a lot of parents are out with them these days (Halloween nights I should say,) when they are Trick or Treating! Still, I understand your concerns, including the not-so-neighborly music volumn past a reasonable hour on week nights. Consider writing a note and putting in the neighbor’s mail box or tucking it in the storm door at the font door; officially mail it to him “from your neighbor” or, go to the house in a casual way, to bring up the subject (with a friend in tow.) Good luck!

  • \Hi! This is a great idea! I won’t be around on Halloween night enough to say I’ll pass out candy/goodies but next year, count me in! i’ll look for the map and will sign my house into the list. Thx for doing this!

  • We should have the option to let others know we are giving out both treats AND the teal pumpkin items. I suggested this last year as well.

  • Hi
    I tried to put my house on the map following the directions but it popped up across the street and down a ways…I’m at 1143 Cork Oak Way in Oak Valley, it’s the corner of Native Oak and Cork Oak. Can you put me down on the map as “giving out treats” please?

  • You need an option to place the marker at a different location!!! Several of us get together in one- 1 driveway so we can socialize while handing out goodies!
    There’s also no option to remove the spot on your app! 🙁

  • The map needs to let you choose more than one option. We are giving out treats, trinkets and allergy free treats.

    • I agree, multiple options would be great. I didn’t use the teal pumpkin because I had both allergy free and regular food treats. The description for the teal choice was only non-food allergy free treats.

  • Hi. Not to get mixed up with teal buckets, BLUE Halloween buckets are being used for Autism Awareness. Could possibly mean the child doesn’t talk, or a much older child. Have a great night everyone! ?

  • I signed that we’ll be giving out treats, but would really appreciate having a second option to show both regular treats and those for children with allergies! Thanks

  • I am unable to remove the treat icon from my home on the map. Need Help, as we will not be handing out treats.

  • We always decorate the yard and give the kids a thrill to get their treat. This year Pennywise will be here to greet all the trick or treaters. Really it’s me dressed up as Pennywise. I will also be handing out red balloons to all the kids. I promise not to scare the little ones. My wife will be giving out candy at the door. Come by and take a selfie’s with Pennywise! Hopefully it won’t be too cold!

  • I live in Stonebridge this will be the first year I’ll be home during Halloween my husband and I are looking forward to giving out treats this year. CAN’T WAIT!!!

  • At what time will children be trick or treating? How do I obtain the visuals so that parents know to bring their children to my house?

  • My house #194 is not located in front of the pool as the Treats map shows. We are 4 doors north of the Right of Way on the east side of Marsh Creek Drive.

  • Could those with allergy issues please post them here if possible? I have allergies, so I’m sensitive to this issue. However, people have different allergies. We need to have some idea what they are in order to provide something appropriate. Trevia

  • We will NOT be doing treats this year. Next door won’t let me change this. There is no more spot to click even though directions indicate this. Please remove 7981 c Dr n from the map. Thank you.

  • We will be handing out candy at Tabernacle Baptist Church, 6-8pm, Trunk or Treat, this year. Come on by.
    Lindsay just above the Rockfish Rd. on Right when going North.

  • What does one consider a Haunted House for the purpose of this map? We recently moved from a townhome to a single family, on a very quiet street and have been told they get hardly any trick or treaters there. We are literally around the corner from our old place where we got about 100 each year. We have tons of outdoor decorations, animatronics, etc., and everyone always loved seeing it. We would like to draw some attention so we can start getting some more trick or treaters over the next few years.

    Anyways, my question is, is the Haunted House designation specifically for homes where you actually walk through the house (or maybe a garage), or just meant to symbolize a house with lots of decorations/animatronics?

    I know it isn’t a big deal, but I also know people can get incredulous at the littlest things.


  • I have both gluten-free peanut free and regular treats.
    I will ask TrTers which they prefer when they arrive…
    Sign me as “I get it!”?

  • Hi!
    I originally planned to participate, but our plans have suddenly changed. Is there a way to REMOVE my candy corn?

  • Reavnrscrest: If you are planning on Trick or Treating, please check the weather before you leave. Rain and possible severe weather may be in this South Charlotte area. You may want to consider other options. Pleass inspect all candy before eating. Have Fun! Carroll Bostic The Arbours

  • We will hand out candy at 6835 Marshmerry Lane from 5PM to 8PM.
    Please look for a fenced yard and the lights on the porch to find us.

  • Really bad weather expected today. I will not give out treats if it is too nasty for the little ones. Sorry kids! Be safe , be warm!
    Delores Pierce on Sherwood Dr in Saks area, Anniston, Al

  • As of last year we stopped giving out treats. I’m handicapped and can’t get to door easily. And we have a large Lab, Lady, who freaks out to knocking and doorbell ringing. She’s very protective of us and the house. Tried leaving a bowl pf treats with the unfortunate but not unusual result of someone taking all the candy plus the bowl! We are NOT the “get off my lawn” type of older people and do enjoy the little ones in their costumes and fun energy. But participating is no longer viable for us. Maybe you could add a notation on your map for folks like us to let people know we’re unable to give out treats so they don’t stop at our house.Just turning off our lights doesn’t always discourage the tricksters. It saddens me I can no longer participate in one of my favorite holidays.

  • It seems that the Treat Map only covers a particular area. As it happens, we don’t get very many (none again this year) trick-or-treaters from our Nextdoor areas, but those that do come from more impacted, less safe neighborhoods a number of miles away. And, speaking for myself, I am absolutely ok with that and want to support a safe night out for kids that otherwise get shut in far too much. My question is: can I add my location to other Nextdoor areas I am ok having visitors from?

  • Will you consider offering the same service for houses that are decorated for Christmas?

    We are building ‘community’ and this would be a great way for neighbors to meet neighbors!

    A proactive way to connect neighbors to promote a Neighborhood Watch atmosphere!

    Thanks for your consideration!

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