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Community Brings Hope to a Homeless Neighbor

Written by Shannon Toliver

When neighbors Melissa and Jenn were out shopping one day, they came across an elderly woman living in a car with two dogs. By reaching out and uniting their Pennsylvania community, they were able to change this woman’s life in a matter of hours.

Upon approaching the car to ask if she was okay, they discovered Lynn, a retired pharmacist and longtime member of their community who insisted she was fine despite spending the past two years living out of her car due to family losses and piling medical bills. Although they did not know her, Melissa and Jenn were determined to hear Lynn’s story and help her get back on her feet. 

Lynn’s life took a turn when her husband passed away suddenly at just 47-years-old, leaving her with no family beyond her two dogs. Later, Lynn suffered a series of strokes along with breast cancer rendering her disabled and unable to work. Lynn had to downsize to a small apartment in order to afford her medical expenses, but soon fell behind on payments and was left without a home. 

While evaluating her options, Lynn found out that she did not qualify for additional assistance and could not find affordable housing. Homeless shelters were not an option as she could not bear to part with her dogs. With no alternatives, Lynn and her two dogs moved into her car with a few remaining belongings. Once the dogs were fed and she had saved enough money, she would take a monthly shower at a local motel and drive around to avoid running into past neighbors and colleagues. “I didn’t want to have to explain to people that I don’t have a home. You feel like somewhere you had to have failed. You accomplished all this but now here you are in the gutter and you don’t want people to know. You don’t want to ask for help,” Lynn shared with WBUR

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Despite her efforts to remain out of sight over the years, Lynn was running out of food and water and decided to accept Melissa and Jenn’s help. The neighbors posted her story on Nextdoor and called on their community to help. The post gathered hundreds of supportive comments and some neighbors even shared that they, too, were once homeless. Kind neighbors brought Lynn homemade meals, pet food, and clean laundry while local businesses generously donated services such as car detailing, a haircut, and dog grooming. Eventually, the community raised enough money to house Lynn and her dogs in a fully-furnished studio apartment that had been paid off for the next two years. Melissa and Jenn surprised Lynn with the apartment in a heartwarming video sharing that, “It was unbelievable the way our community came together.”

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Lynn was brought to tears as she thanked her neighbors. She told ABC News, “It wouldn’t have happened without these angels. I just want people to realize that this can happen to anybody. I had a good job. I had good retirement but I got sick and health insurance only covers so much. I have no children. I have no family. I had nowhere to turn. Sometimes, just the kindness of strangers just makes all the difference in someone’s life.” 

For the first time in years, Lynn now has a home for the holidays, supportive neighbors that stop by to drop off meals or walk the dogs, and loving friends to spend Thanksgiving with.

Video courtesy of ABC World News Tonight

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    • And God bless the woman who needed their help! She is altruistic spirit to behold, lovingly caring for two dogs despite her circumstances.

      • This story is reflective of the America I have experienced. We are still more together and united than is reported. Americans are already great people and need no speaker to muddy the waters. We will always be a backbone of love and strength to hold this nation together.

        • Catherine, I totally agree with you!! I’ve always believed there are more good, decent people in the world than any other kind!!! God bless that community & the woman they helped!!

      • Yes, forget not her kindness to those who loved and depended on her. Two loving dogs for whom she cared beyond anything. Thanks, Leslie.

    • Wow so blessed and thankful for people who have compassion and love for these people are God’s hand extended and I’m going to also be a servant of Christ Jesus and help people who need a helping hand and a loving ❤️

      • What a wonderful community ❤️❤️ I love Next Door I am so happy for this lady and I totally understand not wanting to give up her baby’s I couldn’t either.

    • Absolutely awesome, eh? What a fine story to start off this season of Thanksgiving. Let us take nothing for granted, for every good thing is truly a gift, and to be shared if we have the means.

    • This proves that angels walk among us. God bless everyone for helping this lady and her beautiful dogs. May they all live in peace.

      • I think your comment says it all! God bless the women whose generosity turned the life around of a loving woman and her two dogs!
        God bless you all and may life grant you peace and goodness!

        • I thinknthatbis wondering ful and I sometimes wish something like that would happen for one of my fellow homeless ppl

      • We’re all angels, when we realize that wealth is knowing good people, not just grabbing lots of money. We’re angels when we help, we’re angels even when all we can do smile and say hello instead of looking the other way and pretending someone isn’t there. We’re angels when we care about what’s really happening to somebody, instead of making up a story in our heads and assuming it’s true.

        Here’s a quote I like: I always wondered why somebody didn’t do something about that, then I realized I was somebody. -Lily Tomlin

        • Beautiful & insightful thoughts to share. I am writing you, this poster, because her Words really touched me. Angels among us. Reminded me of another truth Jesus said … when we are but helping our fellow man, you are but helping me. And above all “The Poor Wayfarring Stranger” I still am movd to tears everytime I sing that hymn and you learn the down & out, dirty man standing there in the rain, asking for help, was thr Son of God,, Our Savior Jesus Christ. Then the question, What would you have done?

          A wonderful story you shared. May we all have the courage to reach out, as did these caring strangers and ask, “Can I help you.” Blessings Ladies.

    • God bless these women that helped her, & her loving pets. God it would be nice*I’m a great believer in, something just as wonderful will happen for these beautiful people

    • So happy for this woman and her dogs. I’m always amazed by the kindness of strangers. The world needs more like those ladies.
      I can relate.
      Mother and I lived together until she passed unexpectedly a few months ago. I am an only child,no siblings,children or husband. I am absolutely alone.
      For the first time in over 50 years I have no dogs because I can’t buy food for them. Now,when I need protection and companionship,since alone,I can’t have dogs.
      I am disabled with no income or healthcare. In desperate need of help to keep from being homeless,and no one to even talk to.
      Can’t drive due to health,car sitting unused. If I lose house,I can’t even live in car as she did,and due to health won’t survive living on the street.
      I would gratefully accept help anyone is willing to offer.

        • Toni,thanks for your comments.I am in Birmingham,AL I applied for SSI and was denied. Told most are denied 1st time,but will take 1-3 years for a hearing. Had the money to pay off house my mother and I shared.Then furnace,hot water heater,computer all had to be replaced in last 2 months. Now I don’t have enough to pay off house.Even if I did,SSA says you can’t have more than $2,000 in bank or denied SSI for that reason,and that amount won’t last 1-3 years,while waiting for hearing, to pay for utilities,property taxes,house insurance,medical coverage etc. and I have no income or help.Too young for Medicare. I did try to get Medicaid but can’t until approved for SSI. Same for utilities,they will help but for SSI people,and pay part of bills not all, even if receiving SSI.I have no income until I receive SSI. I did apply for food stamps and getting those,since no income.Have no way to get to doctor appts. or pay for appt./medicine,and need to see doctor,also to help with SSI hearing documentation. Can’t rent a room out to help with money now. Need help to get room/house ready first,and not sure how to find someone to rent room. Have no way to pay someone for lawn care/house upkeep etc. I’ve been trying everything, but so many “catch 22” situations,and no friends or family to help. I really appreciate all comments/suggestions. With no one to talk to they mean a lot.

      • Beverly, you need to see a social worker! Call your local shelter and see if they can set up an appointment for you. You also need to apply for social security, as you are disabled and entitled to compensation. You can also apply for food stamps. Rent some rooms out! Check your utility bills, we all pay taxes to give assistance to those who are having trouble paying their utilities. Get goin’ girl! Btw, how can people offer to help you if you don’t post your location?

      • Hi Beverly, if I am able to help you in any way, I will. Where do you live? City & state?
        Debbie from Brighton CO

        • Hi Debbie,
          Thanks for reaching out to me. I am in Birmingham,AL. Any help you or anyone else can provide would be greatly appreciated

      • Still looking for help,like woman in the story. I haven’t been lucky enough to find my angels like her. I’m in Birmingham,AL., 61 years old,recently disabled and lost my mother 6 months ago. We lived in same house,on her income,and I had medical coverage under her plan. I lost her, and everything else, when she died. I am about to lose the house. I have no income,no benefits,no healthcare,no friends or family in this state. I spent Thanksgiving alone and will be alone for Christmas. I lost my last of 2 dogs a year and a half ago. I’ve always had 2 or 3 dogs at a time,for over 50 years. Being an only child,dogs and other animals have been like my siblings. So hard to be totally alone. I recently badly sprained or broke my ankle/foot and cannot see a doctor to find out which. Due to disability and injury I cannot do my laundry,cannot go to basement where machines are,unable to get myself and laundry back up stairs. I can’t get my groceries or have them delivered. I just started receiving food stamps,since no income. Lawn hasn’t been mowed in 6 months,gutters full of leaves/debris,rain pouring over and some house wood rotting. I don’t want to lose the house,but can’t take care of it,especially with a basement.
        All I have on the planet is one best girlfriend of over 45 years,she lives in Florida. I would love to be able to see her again before our time is up. We have kept in touch thru email/phone. Wish l could move there and we be there for each other as we live our last chapter.
        I am old,but young at heart,and fighting to survive. If anyone can help/refer me to help,I would greatly appreciate it.

      • Yes – this is as heartwarming as a story gets. BUT if you wish this person well & applaud the actions of The Helpers without analyzing the root of her problem – and millions JUST like her on the verge of bankruptcy due to oyr health care system – you are an enabler. Our system is #37 for overall health outcomes compared to other wealthy nations YET we spend 2 to 2.5 more per person on average. Multiple studies confirm similar findings, published by the New England Journal of Medicine, among others. Instead of a knee jerk reaction 2 what I’m posting, check out this site of 20k+ health care pros who can answer the basics on universal health care. Even from the word go – due to overhead savings & billions in profits by health insurers – it would be cheaper than our current system. #singlepayerNOW

    • This is what true community is
      I think it is hard for any one of us to think becoming homeless and living in car. Life happens and some times we are not prepared not did we see it coming.I had a personal experience where my life changed overnight and two neighbors came beside me until I could get on my feet
      Angels walk among us and am grateful they do!

    • It’s very true, and very nice story. I just do not understand, why all immigrants in San Francosco whom I know, have government apartment
      or section 8, and government assistance money, and free medicine, and go on cruises every year minimum. They came to US , and they never work in US. and this pour american woman, who lost her health and husband do not eligible for help?!!! Shame to such government!

      • Olga, all immigrants you know? You need new friends, because all immigrants do not take advantage of the system. I’m a son of immigrants and yes when my grandparents with my mother came into this country they did reach out for assistance, but only for a brief period. They never went on any cruise with said assistances and worked full time and paid taxes and raised children who gave back to this country. We served in the military, we graduated from colleges, we became lawyers, business owners, some blue collar workers, tradesmen, and now have are own families and homes. We give back to this country and our community. Please don’t paint all immigrants with such a broad-brush. I do believe if you are not Native American your family were immigrants too. Back to this inspirational story, God bless those two women and their community. Let us all remember to be humble and grateful for what we have and reach out to those in need.

    • There is hope out there. I am so fearful that one day I will be out in the world on the streets. I am disabled, I have a disabled husband with anger/mental issues and I have no family. We moved to this city three years ago and have not met many people. I have my best friend Peanut my Yorkie who is my life. He is 13 years old. I am so happy this lady found help but she also found a family and friends. God Bless.

    • What a blessing – God bless those 2 girls. What a shame that the
      state and Gov don’t know their are so many people out there like that.
      And do something to help. That could be anyone of use.
      What a blessing.

  • This is a moving story, especially now that the holidays are coming with peace, joy, and love. Let us all remember our neighbors and care for them in an way possible.

    • How about getting together with some friends, not just during the holidays, and “adopting” someone, just like these dear ladies have done? Loneliness knows no season.
      Need inspiration?? Just google “random acts of kindness” and “faith in humanity restored”

  • Thank you for sharing this touching story; I want to be of help to anyone who’s in this situation. I guess we all do. In the meantime, I’m praying for those who finds themselves homeless.

    • Wanda, That is my mother’s name. She passed away November 27, 2017. We were a multigenerational household. She did not do the best job of advanced financial planning. My brother is fighting for his disability. I work 40+ hours a week. I have tried everything to hold on but we are weeks from being homeless. I have lost the only home my daughter has ever known. Her beloved pets will go to the shelter or be put down since they are not fluffy and cuddly in most people’s opinion. Even through all this I just took in a pregnant co-worker when the baby’s father abandoned her. I work hard and I am a good person. I am just praying there is someone out there who can see their way to help us still have a home for Christmas. God bless.

      • Where are you located? I’m in the wonderful town of Scappoose, Oregon. I live in an old farm house and have a couple and their 2 dogs living in their motor home on my land. My old dog went over the rainbow bridge 2 months ago so if either of her pets are under 35 pounds and can use a doggy door they are welcome here rather than being put down, until you get things working better for you and want her dogs returned. Gma Bev

          • Thanks Carol, I am going to try Go Fund Me again. In a few months I will be getting a major promotion at work but it will not be soon enough. I have to help train the person moving into my current position. And the animals I am worried most about are the Bullfrogs and the Rat Snake. The cat I should be able to find a foster. We just lost our 18 year old cat 6 weeks ago. The dog might be an issue, but him I can keep in the car. He is a cold weather breed.

    • I am so still not in a home with my . mental son,maybe we can help each other. we need a place to live and I can take care of you too.give me a call at 707 339-3359 .my name is Linda Miranda hope to hear from you soon.

    • Just giving you an update on my situation and what I have done to ask for help.

      This is the link to my GoFundMe campaign. Please help me to spread the word. Please read it, Share it, and donate if you can. Every little bit will help.

      Thank you and god bless you.

  • I am so glad someone was outgoing and trusting enough to ask a stranger whether she was okay, would intuit her real situation (single widow with medical problems living in a car with two dogs) and put positive energy into getting the community to open its arms to her. Bless them all! I call that having old- fashioned heart… it empathy… it real neighborliness!

  • People become homeless for different reasons not just because of being a drug user. That was a blessing for the lady and her dogs. Alot of women don,t want to ask for help they are too proud. It,s okay too ask for help even if it,s just a meal and to take a shower something alot of people take for granted. People should check on there neighbors and the elderly not just during the holidays when you have time. Just a phone call and just sit and chat with them it will make them smile.

    • Agreed! I think all homeless people probably all have a story to tell about why they are in that situation. It could be me or you in the same predicament one day from unforeseen life events. So glad someone her story and did something about it. We all have gifts to share that God blessed us with. A simple gift is kindness. We all possess it.
      One of my favorites that I try to live by is Be Kind. It is always possible.
      Dalai Lama.

  • Such a kindhearted story. Thank you for showing us what it means to be a good neighbor. I sure hope that lots of people read and understand that being homeless is neither a crime or unthinkable. It can happen to anyone at any time.❤

  • This has me in tears, because I’ve been in her situation and almost am again. I’m trying so hard. People are so cruel. You spend your life helping and giving to others everything that I could offer, I gave with my heart and never expected anything in return. Yet at my darkest hours those same individuals have turned their backs and for what reason I do not know.
    Before I became disabled I was a nurse and worked so hard every day.
    Anyways, God bless you all.

    • God bless you for all the caring and love you gave to your patients. I know from experience the deep difference a carong nurse can make to sick patient. Like you, I too don,t understand the cruelty and unkindness some people show. May God send you loving and kind people. You deserve that.

    • Hi Kmalta – I will pray for you and your situation. The bible tells us that when two or more believers get together in prayer, God listens…So I am praying that your situation resolves itself and that you have hope going into this season of our Savior’s birth…please check with your local churches as many have outreach opportunities which may put you into a safe home/room situation until you can get on your feet again. In ALL way and Always, trust your Savior…God bless you Kmalta….Nikki

      • Elaine..where are you? Looks like some are trying to reach out..Gma Bev n Carol too. I’m in Texas..If we’re not close.. maybe can start researching some assistance for you there in your area. Others on this string of comments needing help too. Saw a suggestion to call 211 and reach out to local churches. Praying for you!!

    • I totally understand. I have been there, too. Sometimes strangers are kinder than “friends” and “family.” Very sad.

    • Don’t give up.
      I know how hard it can be, I became disabled myself and many that I have helped prior to my situation changing offer no help, or when I ask for the smallest thing, don’t have time, or can’t because they are “in their pajamas”.
      I find I am always comforted and helped when I draw close to my God, Jehovah through prayer. Many times my prayers have been answered when I have been desparate for help. Maybe you would like to find help and comfort this way.

  • This story had a happy ending. There are people out there who are nice and willing to help others.
    Linda Butler-Davis

  • What a beautiful story of community coming together. Many of us are paychecks away from something tragic like this happening for events unknown such as in the case here. Good to know kindness prevails. What a blessing these two women were and I’m sure they will be blessed in return.

  • What a beautiful story that the community reached out to her…
    I like helping people and she has 2 dogs…
    Glad, she’s in a home, and the dogs are Ok…

  • Just when you want to give up on all hope for humanity LOL kidding but not kidding… I don’t tear up too easy but that did it! To think that somebody with an education a good job you know these medical expenses on the elderly are insane. My mother when she was alive spent $500 a month on her medications and that was after what the insurance companies paid thankfully she had a husband.and to hear that her husband died at 47 just two years older than my husband who is an electrician that is probably half of what brought me to tears and then her position and then her dogs if somebody told me I couldn’t take my Maine Coon cats be with me somewhere then I wouldn’t be there either…I mean to ramble.. sorry my comments are long LOL I actually thought this was somebody in our neighbors app and wanted to offer a monthly house cleaning to her if she has a disability and health problems I would have been glad to pitch in once a month.. I like to think if I was in that position ever Lord for bed the two nice ladies would stop and care enough about me and my prideful ways… But I live in Lady lake and she is in Georgia… Many Blessings to both you ladies and neighbor I’m need….?♥️
    & And you know I got to throw this in…Pennsylvania people are the best! I’m from Maryland but I could be Toss a Stone to Pennsylvania from my hometown, Joppatowne Maryland..but I love Pennsylvania people ?whenever I get the chance to meet one lol I almost feel like I am one of them ?

    • LOL I’m not crazy but I do not proofread my Maine Coons cats name is catsby not cats pee lol and you’re not a cat lady if you only have one & the other cats are just as friends ??? I hope all who reads this has a blessed day…

    • I’m grateful to neighbors like those two loving ladies. It is totally unbelievable that in this wealthy nation a woman would become homeless because of medical expenses! Medicare for all NOW!!!!

  • Hello, can’t seem to DM you. In which city/state are you located? Hopefully friends and neighbors will be more kind and helpful particularly as the holidays grow near. I’m sorry that people you once helped now turn their backs on you. Typical, l guess, but still disheartening.
    Just know that things will get better and won’t always be like this, at least that’s what I tell myself! ??

  • We were talking about homelessness in Austin a lot due to policy changes….it seems that if everyone cares for one person who is needing help…we can transform our city.

  • That’s amazing and it is a blessing when you see there are still people have Jesus’s love , pure and good heart for loving and helping others …. God bless you

  • This story gives me so much hope!!! I am currently living in a hotel with my pets. Life is not easy. But sometimes the kindness of strangers can make a world of difference. God bless her and all the people that helped her. It is so nerve wrecking, but my fur babies keep me going!!!

  • I saw this story on the news last week. I felt very proud to be part of the next door network.It often has local stories about neighbors helping each other, usually finding lost pets. This is without a doubt my favorite next door good news story!

  • Amazing story amazing out reach to help a woman and her two dogs. There still are amazing people left on our planet. May she find warmth and happiness with her new place and her 2 dogs

  • This is a heartwarming story—and a teaching moment.

    When I read some people’s insensitive comments about the homeless, I think about how each of us is just a paycheck away from that same situation. You don’t have to be a drug addict or mentally ill to be homeless. There but for the grace of God…

  • This makes me believe in the human race again……such gorgeous sweet angels on this earth to help this lady in need. I get where she is coming from as so many seniors have no one to turn to and am so glad that these angels helped her. Bless you ladies and the entire community always…

  • OMG. This story is everything and it has me in tears. Thanks so much for your acts of kindness. Father God. You’ve changed her whole life for the better. You’ve given her hope, her pulse of life back. Thank you. Be forever blessed❤❤❤.

  • These are the qualities we must in our elected officials, not just how they can better their own financial situations and careers. I would would vote those ladies in a heartbeat and am touched by their empathy and kindness.

  • What a heartwarming story. I feel so blessed but know this could happen to anyone of us. I’m so happy for her and thank you to the ladies and community that helped her!!!

    • Ron, I am a single mom with an adult son on the autism spectrum. I work as a substitute teacher in the schools in my county and just had my hours reduced. My son gets SSI but for every two dollars he makes at his job as a server in a local French restaurant , the Social Security Administration takes one dollar. Our 2002 Toyota Corolla is on its last legs and needs new brakes, etc. I need to have dental surgery and two cavities addressed but don’t have the money for that. We also don’t have all of the rent money for next month. No family that is willing or able to help. Very panicked. I saw your amazing gesture on Nextdoor about wanting to be of assistance. Wondering if you would consider helping another small family in desperate need in North Carolina.

    • Truly a good man. Let’s all volunteer our time, our resources, our prayers and phone numbers to help our friends in need. I’m at 847-909-1073.

  • Great story. Lynn may qualify for assistance by the St. Vincent de Paul Society. The Society in Floresville helps with food monthly. They also help with utilities and medicine once a year (up to a specified amount). Their phone number is: 830/393-4791. Their office is open Tuesday and Thursday from 9am to 3pm. .the best of luck to Luynn

  • And why is this country so messed up that the cost of health care can destroy people’s lives? It’s the extreme capitalist mentality and corrupt government that allows health care for profit.

  • Awww This is what it’s all about, spreading Love,helping, caring,giving,and jot being selfish, Dont judge,just help and help because you care,not because you want something in return,let it come from your heart.This made me cry,tears of joy for this woman & her adorable fur babies, U GO EAST COAST, THIS IS HOW WE DO IT,,,LOVE THIS

  • Awww This is what it’s all about, spreading Love,helping, caring,giving,and jot being selfish, Dont judge,just help and help because you care,not because you want something in return,let it come from your heart.This made me cry,tears of joy for this woman & her adorable fur babies, U GO EAST COAST, THIS IS HOW WE DO IT,,,LOVE THIS ,MAKES ME PROUD TO BE FROM THE EAST COAST,

  • Thank you for sharing this heartwarming story. We all need to hear more stories like this one and help in any way we can.

  • This is such a beautiful story but so sad at the same time. Community cares more than our politicians who allow people to be homeless. It makes me sick. I don’t know where this woman lives but I would love to send her some food as well so she is set for Thanksgiving. I certainly understand her not wanting to give up her fur babies. I would never give up mine either, even if it meant living with them in my car. Happy Thanksgiving to all of those who helped her out. Another example of how we ordinary people have to stick together and help others like these people did. Shame shame on our government!

  • Thank you for posting this .We need a little bit of that spirit of giving in our community here in Acton . God Bless that town and it’s people. Don’t walk by …Don’t complain. .Stop and ask those three words .IS EVERYTHING ALRIGHT? SO SIMPLE !

  • I’ve worked in a steel mill in Portland Oregon for the last 30 years. Only in the last four or five years have I noticed there are camps everywhere. Most are strewn with junk and you wonder, why would anyone live like that, but you can’t help but think some, if not most, don’t want to. That is heart breaking. No one ordinary person can fix this problem so what if anything can anyone do. It seems hopeless, yet this story shows how two people, selfless people, did fix it for one person. Not by accident, they asked a question knowing the answer would likely require them to act. How do you know who to help? Who really knows, your gut, instinct, discernment or leading from a higher power but for sure, if you do nothing, nothing will change for anyone. This story is motivating and inspirational!

    Thank you

  • Makes me have faith in people again, How wonderful that these ladies helped her and her two fur kids. How wonderful that she would not give up the dogs who mean so much to her as she is their whole life. I have three and would rather see they eat first and are kept warm before myself. If more of us could help out the homeless and there pets and if people would give shelter animals a chance it would make their own lives so much worthy. God bells the girls who helped her and the dogs, may they be blessed with good luck all their life.

  • The US Government should have taken care of her, not neighbors concerned with her welfare. Where was the Government?

    Or is the Government irrelevant in today’s society? Maybe we need to help each other, since the US Government and Wall Street Corporatism are unified in their effort to impoverish the American People, as a means to their subjugation!

    People taking care of People, only to the extent that they can, in lieu of government/capitalist support.

    • I was wondering the same thing. I don’t understand why our government isn’t helping people that are in her situation. It doesn’t make sense to me. Our government is so messed up it seems like they don’t care about struggling Americans who are trying to pay off their huge medical expenses.
      It seems like our government only caters to the big corporations, and not helping struggling Americans who need their assistance. If she’s now disabled, and unable to work, she should qualify for SSDI, medicaid, food stamps, and housing. I thought I heard somewhere that our government wants to make some cuts to these special programs that can help struggling Americans. Don’t understand why they would want to do this if it’s supposed to help Americans in need. I’m sorry if this sounds political, but I’m so frustrated that our government isn’t doing anything to help her, or to others that are in her same situation. We pay our taxes to the government, and that money should be used to help other Americans like Lynn. I’m so grateful there are caring, and kind people out there to help her, and her dogs. You don’t hear too many stories about good people in our society, you mostly hear about the bad. It’s nice to hear a heart warming story that’s positive. Makes me feel there’s still kindness in this world.

      • Protecting We The People from other nations is our government’s primary responsibility. Our tax dollars are to go toward our defense to service that purpose of the government. It’s the church’s primary responsibility to meet the needs of the less fortunate. Bibilically, it is We The People who should and could be helping each other. For there will always be poor among us. Most of the rich and many of the corporations donate to charities. This is clearly seen by those who seek to know these things.

  • Hi Kmalta – I will pray for you and your situation. The bible tells us that when two or more believers get together in prayer, God listens…So I am praying that your situation resolves itself and that you have hope going into this season of our Savior’s birth…please check with your local churches as many have outreach opportunities which may put you into a safe home/room situation until you can get on your feet again. In ALL way and Always, trust your Savior…God bless you Kmalta….Nikki

  • The people who helped her did wonderfully well and yes, this story is heartwarming. But my heart will be warmed much more when we have a health care system that does not cause so many people to become homeless and/or bankrupt.

  • They live in cars, in the woods or other not so obvious places in any town/city USA. Most people have ignored them and the facts of why these everyday people have fallen on hard times and are still to proud to ask for help or have been shunned by uncaring people. Yes, they live in your community don’t even ignore it.

  • Godbless the ladies who walked up to her car to see if she was ok, and to all the Nextdoor neighboors who pulled things toghter for this lovely person. It is difficult, i am sure, to accept such caring at first but God meant for you to have it. Thank goodness you had your fur babies. I would never leave mine either.

  • These caring women probably save this lady’s life. It is truly heartwarming to know so many jumped into help this woman and her beloved pets get into a home. I am curious about the backstory. How is it possible this lady did not qualify for state assistance? And what will happen to her in 2 years if she does not get the assistance she needs? Does she get social security income after working all those years as a pharmacist?

  • The cost of medicine and medical help is ruining all of us! Oue government iz money hungry at our expense. I wish we could REALLY ban together and help each other ALL THE TIME. We have ro find a way… God Bless All of you…

  • I will not read a better story than this. Shows how a good, very brave person can be thrown under the bus by circumstance, then renewed by what can only be called Love. Christmas Season, indeed!

  • God Bless you all so happy that this has a great ending, shows what can happen when people care about one another.

  • Those two woman were truly a God sent to Lynn. May the be forever blessed, and may Lynn continue to be surrounded by people who love, and care for her!!

  • Oh…what a beautiful heartwarming story…with tears flowing I was so taken by the heart in this community and the beautiful gift you gave.
    I truly understand the love she has for her dogs and the reason to go on sometimes for people, is there four legged souls in their life…
    Blessings to all of you and may your road to Heaven be paved~~~

  • There ARE Angels All Around US>>WE Just Don`t SEE them…until , In our Anguish and Loneliness..WE cry out for Someone to COME TO OUR SIDE…To make note of our need….TO Answer our Silent Prayers. That IS when OUR Loving GOD Touches the HEART of Someone WE Never Even KNEW Before…And THEY COME TO US>>In our NEED. GOD always Hears our CRY>>NO matter How Faint The cry.. No one NEED BE alone..When WE ALL KNOW There IS A Loving GOD who Will ALWAYS Send US The “Help” WE Need. HE Tugs at the heartstrings of those He HAS.. in some past time..helped. THEY are THE Angels GOD enlists … THEY are to be found Everywhere, and COME When They are needed. YES< They Gladly Do His Biddings for, They ARE Gods` Angels on Earth. Many have been Visited by Angels..AND were Totally Unaware ! I KNOW I HAVE Been Visited on many occasions In my LIFE !

  • Truly a heart warming story. I commend these ladies for their generous acts, and the neighborhood for coming together I am proud to be part of this wonderful neighberhood.

  • Maybe someone with the knowhow to set up a go fund me page could do so. We could all give what we can, whenever we can, and considering the number of people that read Nextdoor in our part of town we could easily help lots of people who are 1 step from homelessness. Maybe a small group of the contributors could decide where to put the money where it would do the most to save someone from disaster. I don’t know how to set up a go fund me account but we do contribute. I realize that this is a real rough idea but if someone would be willing to take hold of the project we could easily add more to the managing group and easily make life better for a bunch of people. Just an idea.

      Maybe All Nextdoor Groups in every city can think about making a List of Things Neighbors can do!

    • David,
      That’s a great idea.
      I have thought about a gofundme myself,but I have no experience in setting one up for myself,or others.
      Not only am I desperate for financial help,but want to share my story. Maybe my story can be a benefit to others.
      I’m in Birmingham,AL.
      If anyone can offer advice/help,contact at

  • God bless you for writing and sharing this story for everyone to see. I really felt the impact, and, with all my heart hope that everyone in my community sees this post and reads it too. May God bless us all to have a much better attitude toward homeless people everywhere, for the same reason: we’re all human, and have the same needs. I hope the people in my community will change their attitude for the that reason.

  • God bless those two women. This story brought me to tears. Like other people’s comments, I agree. Unaffordable rents, and out-of-pocket medical expenses can really wear a person down, both economically and mentally. I agree with what a one person said earlier
    That sometimes strangers are more willing to help in certain situations
    When family members are unwilling to step in and help. I applaud this women for sticking with her animals.
    Dogs bring such joy, and hope. God bless you.

  • Good thing she was not drug addicted, or male. Good thing the medical system drove her into poverty and took her home in their usual patently unfair manner. Good thing she would not abandon her animals, for the last thing left to love in this world. It made her the perfect rescue for a heartwarming holiday story.

    The social safety net should not be made of luck and appearances. For every one we see, there are 99 more we don’t. We should not be proud of the one we pulled from the gutter, so much as ashamed of the thousands we’ve left there.

  • While at times I want to give up on next door whenever I see silly postings about people leaving bags of dog poop in their trash cans, this story is what ND should be all about.

    Mire importantly, this story is making me think about ways I can model the two women’s act of kindness.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

  • It always amazes me how we are the richest nation in the world and don’t supply our citizens with free healthcare! Every advanced nation in the world does except us. Shame on us!These people who helped her are wonderful. We can all make a difference; check out my website about my band and our charity giving; in just 5 years we’ve donated all of our band earnings to local charities to a total of $30,000. It adds up quickly. Also check out and search ocotillo for two articles about our band. Yes you to can make a difference!

  • This just Blesses my heart!! God shows us, that there are ANGELS among us!! God Bless you sweet Lynn and your precious fur babies! Happy Thanksgiving ya’ll!!

  • This is such a heartwarming story and I commend these 2 women and the community for sharing with this lady Lynn. I agree with the comment made above by Jeff – we are the richest country in the world and our government is in a Shambles – no compassion no nothing…. smh… sad situation. Thank God for Jesus and people who do have compassion and love and the heart to help others. So needed …….

  • What a truly heartwarming story with such a happy ending. Honestly, it can happen to anyone and there is no shame in asking for help. It takes a very strong and brave individual to ask for help and I have so much respect for her. These young women that helped her are truly angels and they should feel so wonderful about what they accomplished with the assistance of their community.

    “Be kinder than is necessary because everyone you meet is fighting
    some kind of battle.”

  • Just go to show there is still good people in the world. We need to help all people that are less fortunate than we are, hopefully this will inlighten folks to what charity, love and faith in your fellow man is, Love all who donated to help this lady God bless you all and do not forget to help others Thanks

  • A very true story as I have meet her at a gas station on Fairmont . She explained her story and had her dogs with her, She also had her medication with her in the passenger floorboard . I gave her what I could and wondered what ever happened to her. She is a very nice lady , and knowing she got help. reminds me we have good people in our community who are willing step up.

  • This is truly an example showing it can happen to any of us, no matter how well trained you are for a job. If multiple family crises coincide, then there you are living in your car. It is a tragedy that the healthcare system in this country allows this to happen to people. It is also such a pity that homeless shelters make people permanently give up their pets in order to get some help. So glad there are some good Samaritans around to notice and intervene. Maybe the US will wake up soon and understand that this kind of very common unmet need for assistance is not acceptable.

  • Hi, I’m Ricky, n living in my car, so can any one be a blessing? ? I’m a good 58 year old man, n seriously need a room! I’ll pay, n do maintenance! Please help my being stranded in the cold! God bless you!! ?

  • Hope she and her dogs are healthy and getting medical attention. What caring people who took the time to help. God bless them all.

  • I work at a local food bank in Lakehills ,Tx We give food out twice a month to any one who come to the food bank. It’s at the Faith Tabernacle on 1283. Next one is tomorrow Friday at 11/21 . Starts at noon

    Look for a large sign on the road : reads Faith Tabernacle.

    Hope this helps for any one who can use food. GG

  • This story gives me hope people still care for other people. Too often people see homeless and see only problems and comment about the trash and danger of fires. These ladies made a difference.

  • Hard working, law abiding American citizens should never EVER have to face living in their car! Compassion across the board, yes, but let’s first start by taking care of our own here in AMERICA.

  • I love you for your heart and compassion and dedication to care. I hope that you find home. You can always knock on the door. 1431 Attakapas Dr. I can relate. I have not been a nurse,but if you can get here, Thanksgiving plates are available for you my dear.

  • What a beautiful thing to do for this lady. Just when you think that there is no hope along came these wonderful women & their community. God bless all of these people & Lynn.

  • I love all these responses. I, too, love that this woman has received help. She was an asset to her community in her profession, but I want to add something in response to a couple of comments that “not everyone homeless is a drug addict or mentally ill.” Its true that homelessness has increased to those who are mentally healthy, due to dire economics in America. But, still, I have an open heart to all homeless, that means drug addicts and the mentally ill too. My sister is mentally ill, but not homeless. She is a worthy person. She does very well because she has a home and is well taken care of. Drug addiction is an illness as well. I know it is difficult to work with drug addicted people around residency. The mentally ill do much better in homes, I mean I’m stating the obvious! I believe God wants us to all help people: the former professional, the mentally ill person and the drug addicted (or rehabilitating) person. Everyone needs and deserves a home.

    I just raised funds to return an older woman to her home. She was in Hospice at a nursing home and was so sad there without her cat. I got her home to have Hospice there and be with her beloved cat. She died peacefully at home yesterday.

    • I am correcting the comment “God wants us to all help people.” I really meant “help all people.”

      Feel free to replace the word God with “the caring spirit within us.” That human generosity is not exclusive to those who are believers in “God.”

    • What a blessing you are!!! Thank you for helping this sad lady to be reunited with her cat so she could go to glory in peace. Large will be your reward in heaven or as my mama used to say….many stars will be in your crown in heaven. Bless you!!!!

  • If more people would act in kindness and love the world would be a better place. Let this be a testament of the difference we can make by coming together to help others. ?

  • This is an awesome story, just by s topping my someones car to see if they were ok.

    OMGosh, look at how many people have commented already! This just shows that how many people care and if presented MIGHT step up to the plate. I have often wondered how I could help with such a big problem of homelessness. This is only one person, but what if this happened more often in many other places? Think what could happen.

    Please share details of how you socialized and pulled the teams together to make this happen for those that could and potentially might look for a situation like this in the future.

    You are the best!

  • This story warms every part of my body and soul. Brings a tear to my eye that there is kindness and generosity amongst us. Thanks for being loving and kind people to help someone in need.

  • This story is reflective of the America I have experienced. We are still more together and united than is reported. Americans are already great people and need no speaker to muddy the waters. We will always be a backbone of love and strength to hold this nation together.

  • Nikki, we’re in agreement, joining you in prayer for Kmalta! Blessings to you as well. Loving and Caring spirits warm my heart.

  • This just shows was random acts of human kindness can achieve. If we all practiced this the world would be a better place
    This was a educated, career oriented, hard working lady who had her life turned up side down in a matter of months. Think about it…,,,it could happen to anyone of us. So don’t judge people down on their luck. Listening is a wonderful trait. Being able to help your fellow man is a gift from the heart. I sincerely wish her all the best. As far as the two ladies that noticed her and tenaciously wouldn’t give up on helping her……there is a special spot in heaven waiting for you when your time is done on this earth.

  • Brought me to tears. Would love to help out in any way possible, can you give me details of where they are? Love Nextdoor.

  • This is more common than others realize. Medical bills can become outrageous in no time. I’m so glad that so many reached out to help this lady and her fur babies. Yes our animals do become familiar members. I’m so happy for this wonderful outcome. Bless all of you who participated in making this happen God bless this woman and her babies and everyone else involved.

  • These stories are incredible. When you think you have it bad. There are people that are living on the streets,and going to homeless shelters. Thank God for the Homeless shelters in that are provided by the churches. It is an eye opener to see that are so many people that are homeless. So you have to thank God that you have a home or roof over your head. As a result, there are so many people are not doing as well in this so call great economy.

    Thank God for sharing and I am hoping that all people can get the help they need. Therefore, don’t give up there are so many people who want the best for you. Keep the faith and know that God is alive and will not abandon you. Humble yourself and seek the help you need. Be courageous, perserve and believe that all things are possible.

    God Bless all the animals. Treat them right and right will follow you.

  • Thank you for sharing this wonderful story of kindness and love, especially right before Thanksgiving. Yes, I believe there are angels among us and God is great. Let us all take note of this story and do what we can to help each other, even in the smallest ways; be kind, say hello, smile, be the best person you can be, treat others how you would like to be treated, love your neighbor, all things Jesus taught us. Each one of us can make a difference in the world!

    Happy Thanksgiving and God bless everyone!

  • This just proves to me that we don’t need bigger government! We the people can take care of our own! We all know how good it makes us feel when we help those who are less fortunate! We need to step it up a notch and feel even better about our world! Stories like this need to be front page news! God bless you all!

  • This story really touched my heart I am so happy about the outcome!! Here in Pearland, TX people aren’t as giving. I have been homeless and I am a member on this site and no one helped. All I received was a smart remark telling me about HOA and nobody would put my family up. I recieved lots of prayer that I greatly appreciated. I did get a place this week but for how long I don’t know. I’m disabled and the money my husband makes driving school bus after prorating isn’t enough. But for now we are grateful and blessed!!

  • Thank you for your comment. It reenforces my exact thoughts of who we really are and it just takes some ” dark media” to throw a blanket over our true spirit. God bless each one that reached out with a helping hand to a person who had no one. Then, you really see the power of what a pet brings to your life, especially a dog. I, myself am without a dog for the first time in my entire life, as physically I’m unable to walk the dog & financially unable to pay someone to do so. Those 2 doggys gave her a reason to get up each day.

  • What a great story a wonderful story it’s nice to know people still care. I live in New Jersey in Wanamassa and I’ve been going through a lot and I was going to reach out on my but after reading people’s reactions when somebody post something in the Asbury Park Wanamassa Ocean Township it kind of disgusted me how people think about other people that they did something bad when they’re going through a hard time it’s really nice to know there is love and kindness out there in the world.

  • Healthcare is expensive and we have recently had our share of illness and medical bills that we can’t pay, but recently my best friend who is from England went there to visit her mother, who was ill. She took her to the doctor, and the story I heard from her once she got back home here in the U.S. should make anyone want to keep our great healthcare system and our ability to “choose” our own doctors and clinics and every good aspect of our healthcare in America. There is always help somewhere, we just have to find it.
    My friend said it was so awful, and worse than she remembered, the doctors were uncaring, not taking her symptoms seriously and just sent her home with a diagnosis of possible migraine headache, when in fact, she probably suffered a mini stroke based on what she described happened to her mother. They have one healthcare option for everyone, they don’t pay the medical professionals enough, and just getting in to see a doctor may takes days or weeks. Granted, healthcare in America needs to be improved but nothing in this world is “free” except the Grace and Love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. And, He gave his life for us. Before we think the government owes us “free” healthcare or anything free, please remember “someone” has to pay for it, nothing in life is “free”. Someone worked hard or gave their time, effort, money, possessions, taxes, and even their life so that we could have it as good as we do in America, and we should be taking care of and protecting our own, the American people, whether they are sick, homeless, poor, hungry, or need God. We have a leader that is trying to do that, working hard for all Americans, trying to keep our country safe, keep our taxes low, keep the freedoms to choose “whatever that may be” that we all have now, and we should be thankful for what he is trying to do, show our support, and let him do his job instead of constantly trying to find fault. Please everyone, think about this, No one is perfect, but someone “like those special ladies” helped another person in need, and our leader is trying to make our country, our neighborhoods, our cities and states a better place to live. And, please don’t forget that “someone” gave so we could have! Thank you for taking the time to read this long comment, even though you may not agree. Everyone’s opinion matters.

  • God Bless the kindness of strangers. We are ALL one illness, emergency, or job loss away from her same situation. You just never know.

  • Jesus brought theses angels to help her . Thank you Jesus Christ. Please continue to check on her. Thank you for helping her and her pups .

  • I am staying in an extended stay hotel with my dogs. I am homeless. If any one can donate $40 towards my hotel stay for today would be gratefully appreciated. Life is so hard. My dogs keep me going. This woman’s story hit my soul deeply!!!

  • My mother died early on 06/15/2017 with no insurance, although we had talked about it, and I didn’t have my disability going yet (still dont-but state recognizes it for medicaid…now), and although she had just gotten her ss check, with only about 700$ in the bank it didn’t take long for utilities to get turned off. Despite the citations, (although code enforcement had said to “…have somewhere else to stay OR utilities turned on…”) there was never any warning.about the POSSIBILITY of losing the house, already paid for, technically still in my grandmothers name (died in 2003), but here I find myself, my 3rd winter, living outside now, although I managed to get a complete stranger to unboard the house over a year ago now…but STILL have to somehow get it up to code before I can live in it again (and needing to get my disability case started again [one thing after another, I keep letting it close out through course of denial, etc-althiugh I had talked to mother about needing to go ahead and get lawyer and get done BEFORE her time so can take utility bills back over so wouldn’t have to be in this EXACT situation…and had already lost more than enough at that point of what I COULD have been getting in back pay ALREADY despite what a lawyer would have gotten-ESPECIALLY considering they would have stayed on top the whole time!]). After she was gone all I, too, had for family was her 2 dogs I had given her at different times, and my own 2, one she had given me after coming back home at end if 2005, and the other that HAD originally been my 2nd attempt at replacing her best friend for over 10 years, her Boston terrier, but wasn’t quite suited for her personality…but, due to cancer, had to be assisted over the rainbow bridge on the 1 year anniversary of my mothers homecoming, leaving me all alone now for the 3rd thanksgiving in a row, living out of my truck, with a tent on the back, and a tent in a strangers backyard where at least I can plug in for heat, light, and a means to cook, with access to a fridge in their garage rather than just a cooler in the back of the truck…but I still consider myself blessed, when I remind myself to look around the WORLD instead of just MYSELF and see how GOOD I actually have it despite…
    I believe that this is just a Job experience, and there for continue to remain faithful, and say “…it is His to give, and His to take away…and I will continue to praise His Holy Name!” And like in Job, i believe our time is coming soon, as long as I continue to do so… So your story is very encouraging to me…thank you…and may God continue to bless you,band the lives of everyone involved, and whatsoever they may put their hands to…

  • I am in a similar situation as this woman who was helped. If anyone can help or refer me to people who can help,please let me know. I am in Birmingham,AL.

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