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Giving Season: 5 Inspiring Holiday Stories

Written by Shannon Toliver

The holiday season is a time to celebrate with loved ones, reflect, and give back to your local community. We have been so inspired to hear the many creative ways that Nextdoor neighbors come together to rally around a cause and create a lasting impact. This season, take inspiration from the following stories and spread the spirit around your neighborhood by helping a neighbor in need.

Nell C. – Feeding Children One Can at a Time

Nell is a true Nextdoor hero to her Bend, OR neighborhood. For years, she has been feeding families in need during the holiday season by collecting recyclables for Oregon’s BottleDrop program. When Nell discovered that she could raise money by returning bottles and cans, she envisioned how amazing it would be to raise enough to feed a family in need. She reached out to her Nextdoor neighbors and local businesses to share her vision and offered to pick up and donate all of their recyclables. For 5 years, Nell has been able to feed a family in need each season thanks to the help of her neighbors. But this year, the community went above and beyond and gathered enough recycled containers to feed 46 neighbors from seven families. Nell personally goes to the grocery store to buy each family a full holiday meal, additional grocery basics, and a brand new kitchen towel. She shares, “I have never in my life been so moved by the kindness and actions of so many. The people in this community are amazing.”

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Claudia H. & Marybeth T. – Santa’s Charitable Workshop

This season, Jay and Marybeth have transformed their Lakewood Ranch, FL home into a workshop straight out of the North Pole. When neighbor Claudia H. asked her Nextdoor community to help wrap Christmas gifts for struggling families, Jay, Marybeth, and 25 other neighbors stepped up to help. By shopping, donating, wrapping, and delivering dozens of gifts, these neighbors were able to make the holiday a little bit brighter for locals in need.

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Mark C. – Skater Claus is Coming to Town!

Taking inspiration from an Atlanta, GA Nextdoor post seeking toy donations for kids in need, Mark has made it his mission to share his love of skateboarding by gifting free skateboards to underprivileged children. Under the name ‘Skater Claus,’ he has given away over 100 skateboards and helmets to local children who may not receive a gift this season. “What I love about skateboarding is it gives you a way to use your imagination to turn the urban landscape into a playground,” Mark shared with My East Atlanta News.

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Heidi M. – The Gift of Life

Two years ago, Laguna Beach neighbor Heidi M. was fortunate enough to give the ultimate gift: the gift of life. When Heidi heard that a friend was in dire need of a kidney transplant, she got tested and discovered her kidney was a perfect match. In a rush to save her friend’s life, she immediately agreed to donate her kidney and underwent the procedure. Heidi soon learned that 13 people pass away each day waiting for a kidney transplant, and became determined to raise awareness for the cause. As a local business owner, she wanted to find a way to donate a portion of her sales to an organ donor foundation. She decided to post on Nextdoor to ask her neighbors if they had any old jewelry they would be willing to repurpose for a good cause and quickly collected enough single earrings, broken chains, and costume pieces to begin crafting beautiful works of art. Heidi repurposes the jewelry donations into unique holiday trees, bowls, jars, and even fancy dog tags that she sells in her local retail stores. The profits from her creations are donated directly to Donate Life, and Heidi continues to raise awareness through her motto, “Share your spare!” 

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Kellie R. – A Holiday Miracle

When a family in Frederick, CO faced a medical emergency, they knew they could rely on Kellie R. to save the day. Days before Christmas, the father of five children suffered a massive heart attack and was bedridden in the hospital. On Christmas Eve, his wife reached out to Kellie explaining that she didn’t have time to put together Christmas stockings for the children due to their father’s condition. Kellie posted the mother’s concern on Nextdoor and ask her neighborhood to donate last-minute stocking stuffers. By the end of the day, Kellie’s nearby neighbors had donated multiple boxes full of stocking stuffers and gifts for the five children and even their parents. By the time the family came home from the hospital on Christmas Day, their house was full of holiday cheer to lift their spirits and lead their father towards a healthy recovery.

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From all of us at Nextdoor, happy holidays to our neighbors around the world!

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    • It’s so wonderful the kindness n love that is shown at this time of the year
      Sharing gifts n food with people
      But be mindful of the reason for the season
      God sharing his son Jesus with us
      Sharing the food for the soul is needed just as much
      God bless all the people who share their love and time
      Merry Christmas everybody

      • Frank , Ilive at emerald mountain and I am bed ridden! I haven’t learned what to do, to enjoy this wonderful time of sharing with ourneighborsI loved your post, sharing about Jesus! God bless you my friend

        • Mary, I appreciate your comments & I apologize for the delay in returning my reply. I am not familiar with Emerald Mountain. I am a recent arrival in Kansas. I do attend the Cornerstone Family Worship and we have members that visit the rest homes and if I get you last name as well, I am certain that we would like to visit with you. I am glad that you have available the means to communicate on the web. Please accept my prayer for you to be blessed by our Lord with peace and comfort. Keep looking to Him.

          Frank Chandler

    • How great it is to know that the real meaning of Christmas is still alive I. Our consumerist society. God bless all who spend time and money for othets

    • Adrian, thank you from the bottom of my heart !!! I’m just a retired gal who has traveled many roads growing up! It’s so easy to pay it forward within your community ?. I am determined every year to help the children in my community ❤️. Blessed to be able to help?

  • So many wonderful things happening for those who deserve from those community members who can!! I work at a nursing facility and I am so grateful for the people who reach out to our residents, and give them a happier Christmas! Amazing what a little thought, makes such a difference!! Thank You to all who volunteer time, gifts, and thoughts, our seniors get so much from you!

    • Could you give me some advice on how I could go about finding a senior in a care facility that doesn’t have anyone to make their Christmas happier. I know its late in the season, but I just lost my own mother, and I really need to do this.
      Thank you,

      • Just go to a nursing home and ask who there has no family visitors. You will be amazed how many people just get dropped off

        • Im happy to see soneone else who thinks exactly like i do. Working in convelescents all over its a common and a sad , heartbreaking reality . So many seniors have noone and we as a aociety have simply forgotten about our elderly . Its a cold ,hard ,cruel fact and i agree with you 100%.

        • There are so many in the nursing homes that don’t have family. It’s truly heartbreaking. I know that they are always looking for people to help volunteer to do some activities with them.

      • Hi Laura and others, I don’t know any specific senior care facility in need of help but, I know there are many and I would love to help to. Please, tell me how I can help still this season, still this week: donate gifts? Visit? Entertain??? Let me know.

      • You can call a local care facility and ask the people working there. They usually know who has visitors/family and who doesn’t.

      • Laura,
        I’m truly sorry for your loss.
        My mother is very ill as well.
        Thank you for thinking of others During this difficult time.
        Contact Southeast rehabilitation/skilled nursing Center 184 Lincoln St., Easton, MA
        508 238-7053
        Ask for Danielle/admissions director
        She should be able to help you and point you in the right direction.

        Susan L.

      • Hi Laura- So sorry you are suffering the loss of your Mother. Your idea about helping is a wonderful tribute to her. In case you didn’t notice, the posting right above yours, from Bobbie Ermis, mentions that she works in a nursing facility and sees the need you mention every day. Surely she can give you a name of someone in her facility who would love to meet you. NextdoorThanks for putting such a good idea out there. Joanne Anderson

      • Don’t you know anyone (family, neighborhood,Church, parents of your kids’ friends) anyone that works in a Senior care facility? Or someone with a parent/relative in a facility that may have noticed someone that rarely or never have visitors? If you give it some thought & ask around I bet you do. I’m sure you’ll be overwhelmed with suggestions!

      • You could go to a facility and ask someone who works there how to help. I don’t think they need gifts, I think they might just need someone to love on them. I hope you find healing for your heart. It’s hard during the holidays, but I’m sure you will find someone to love on.

        God Bless you

      • Call your local care facility and ask for the social worker (or similar title) and see if they have a resident who meets your criteria. Your’s is a wonderful idea. Bet your mother would be proud.

      • I would contact a skilled nursing facility and ask the staff of people who don’t have family nearby, it’s a start, God bless you, my mom passed away in May and I’m feeling the effect this season also!

      • Trinity Mission in Comfort is full and just stopping in and talking with folks is great. It is directly behind Comfort Baptist Church on Amber Drive.

      • So sorry for your loss Laura. I lost my dad as well to cancer recently. What a great idea you put out there. God bless.

      • Call one of the nursing homes. Like the waters in dillsboro. There are a lot of people at the nursing homes that have no one to visit them all year. Merry Christmas

      • Laura I’m so sorry to here of your loss. I lost my Mama 22 years ago just before Christmas. Now family doesn’t get together and I think that’s a great idea for find someone to visit. I got involved with helping animals for healing. This year I’m going to try to see if I can take a shelter dog out for the holiday, hard for those babies and it’s closed for the day. I find helping others whether a stranger, elderly person, or animal is the best Christmas of all. Best gift to receive is seeing those smiles for myself. Best wishes.

      • Find a nursing facility close to you and talk to director of nursing or activity director. Tell them what you want to do and ask them to find a familyless patient and have the staff be the go between. You won’t have to even talk to the patient. Find out from the staff what the patient would like. I do this in my community. N fact we have a number of nursing facilities and hospice centers that we donate to.

      • Hello Laura. My mother just went into Saucon Valley Manor. She is a sweetie. Totally able to walk around, but with starting signs of dementia. She is very upset with my brother and I because she wants to continue to live alone in her house , but she is 91 and she lives three hours from us. Her name is Maky. She would love visits or anything that you have in mind. She speaks broken English, but she is very intelligent. I’m a teacher and my email is God bless you for reaching out…she is at Saucon Valley Manor. First floor. Reach out to me…

      • Laura, You are doing a great thing! It will help you when you help others! It’s a very thoughtful thing to do and a very wise thing to do…very good for the soul! I will pray that you find just the right person to visit and share a gift with. If you call some of the nursing homes in Plano, I’ll bet that it won’t take long for you to find a senior in need. I lost my mom 4 years ago and I know that it’s a difficult thing to do. There are new feelings that you’ll get used to. I’m glad to hear that you are dealing with your loss & grief in a healthy way! Hang in there! God will help you! All you have to do is ask.

      • I don’t have any names but my eyes filled up with tears when I read your request just now. Im so sorry for your loss. And its great that you want to comfort another when you are the one who needs a hug. Best wishes.

      • Hope they can keep that thought close at heart throughout the year ❤️Hope you found a Senior to share your the season with ?

    • So true & there are many ways to help others. When you live alone help is often needed. Many people do not want to ask for help, but if you get to know a person & care about them you will see what help they need. Make visits to those in nursing homes, you will put a smile on that person’s face. They may be sitting alone for hours each day hoping for a visitor. Show that you care, reach out to others, help when you can.

    • I love this time of year reading the stories of random acts of kindness. It reminds me that there’s still hope for humanity. We’re, deep down, a good people. ? Merry Christmas Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all ?️

  • So amazing how people are so nice . Right now our family is going thru a bad crisis but I know that god will give us the strength to pass this . And give my family a good Christmas.

      • I am 6 1/2 months pregnant my husband got deported ?Last month we have 3 children’s I got an extra job to afford our payments.

        • I am so sorry to hear this. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. I have some clothes and kitchen stuff I do not use and some of it is new if you would like it. Just PM me

        • So sorry to hear that…you can contact me . Sarah Romero 973-916-7934.. we can talk. I can try to help in anyway I can…how old are your kids?

        • Dear Lilliana! This seems to be the unfortunate truth in these times.

          Have you had time to check out what social services may be available to you and your children Immigration Lawyer? Hope this helps

          • I’m sorry for your loss. I myself lost my only son 19 days before christmas and it still hurts 7 years later. This is my first year putting a tree up. Because I’m doing it for my parents.

      • Hi how are you guys idk if I’m suppose to be talking here about this i seeb it say whats your situation idk anything anymore I just turned 44 and my only son Aaron Jones just turned 23 August 14 and he was an amazing aweaome kid he graduated at 17 went on to work at Fed Ex for 3 yrs as a supervisor making almost $17 an hr. Rented a home on the east side around 20th and Hawthorne he quit FED EX the new gf was something else I guess a nice way to say it she had seen alot of men there. So he started harder on buying and selling exclusive jordans and started his clothing brand the high culture with a teachers husband from Howe high school. He was making things happen living his dream doing the right things making money buying and selling shoes his clothing line and funco pops. Sucha a snart young man he was helping his momma a lil bit because I’m down on my luck due to medical problems and a unfortunate wreck that bout took my life he wld do what he cld. He would do anything for anyone he was a kid who stayed at home unless he “had to get out’ otherwise he’d play his games systems and pick up his little bro or sister and bring them over for the weekend or watch his gfs 4 yr old son every day why she worked. He worked from home so he didn’t mind. He was a fine young man a great entrepreneur doing it making it make sense until its under investigation so i cant say much some body came in his home with the 4 yr old boy there and brutally shot him to death we had no funeral money we had to do a go fund me and with a lots of blessings from loved one and friends we laid my baby to rest so stressful and devastating my heart and soul is broken just lost my dad a few mos prior. Im so hurt in loss. It took a little time and all our money to bury him and some there is so much I cant tell you guys because the investigation its really ticking me off no arrest made it’ll be a mo the 21st already a mo well due to that im now about to be evicted my lights are bout to get shut off and i have no hygiene or cleaning stuff I barley eat anymore. Due to everything that happen we lost our jobs we had scheduled we my bf and bro are construction workers and i help them so we’re all about to be in the streets i shouldnt have to worry bout this right now i should be able to grieve i missed my energy asst. Apt and the trustee wont help im out of sources and no one seems to understand they denied me for food stamps as well idk what were gonna do i can’t think my mind is constantly on my son Thanksgiving and Xmas was his favorite time of year i dont even have money to decorate his grave site for Xmas. Idc anymore God forgot about me and now Im mad at him or he wldnt let all this happen to me. I guess nothing short of a Miracle could help me but God forgot about me well I cant quit crying so I’ll stop here Ty all for listening. I needed to vent.

        • Anita, my heart breaks with yours just reading about your situation and recent devastating events. In my former life ( see executive order 12333 3.2 line h) I’ve seen. Dealt with, and been involved intimately. I found that in life , the most difficult questions are the ones that dont have an answer. I happened to stumble upon this part of nextdoor by chance, I live in Spring TX .im not sure how i can help. But if you can private message me, I’ll see what i can do. In the mesn time please know God doesn’t make mistakes. He is a loving God, but also a Just God and those responsible for this…..they cant begin to nightmare up the reckoning about to befall them. At the risk of coming across preacky , don’t loose your faith. In God. In people. And importantly that things will get better. Ill leave you with this that i wrote in a book I was witing before i was going to commit suicide. when God said to me ” Though the rain continues to rain outside, slow, silent, and seemingly without end. My child, it is only purifying the world for the coming of a rainbow ” – Brad Doucette

  • The stories blessed me. My younger sister suffers from Alzheimer’s. She is in a small care facility. I see her twice a week, but some of her co-residents seldom have company. I know these suffering ones would be blessed by this sort of kindness.

    I also have a blog. (OPTIMISTIC OCTOGENARIAN) It is usually posted near the end of the week.

    • It is sad that some of our elderly have no family or friends visiting them in facility care homes. To think that one day they were the care givers of family when they were young. It seems people forget that. It breaks my heart.

  • We seem to live in a world where only the bad acts get in the news.
    Thanks for spreading the word on these unselfish acts. The bring joy to giver and receiver

  • One small kindness given everyday will make this old world a better place.
    Forgive a transgression, help an elderly person load their groceries in the car, in your heart bless all the beasts, great and small. Listen to the children. Judge not.
    Happy holidays.

    • MY GIFT TO YOU ,MY NEIGHBORS ,as your neighbor I, Mrs, Jenkins
      G….Give you in return any service or Good , you and GOD expect me to do for you ,thank you , for Giving to me everyday .I…..I will continue to Involve myself to Volunteer for Ministry , Seniors, The Cleveland Sight Center and Behaviorally Challenged Children ,within the guidelines of Families ,Police and Social Services …F….Follow the path like JESUS CHRIST ,to to be Fair Faithful ,Friendly even to those who despitefully use us .I choose not to be a respecter of person or neighbors .T….To Treat my neighbors ,as I want them to Treat me,Trust you , as you have proven to me in many ways ,my Neighbours are Trustworthy . THANK YOU NEIGHBOURS ,for your …G I F T to me everyday of the year.

  • I am helping a homeless man get his female Pitbull dog vaccinated. Also took a comforter to put inside the dogs crate for warmth during these windy and cold nights.

  • It is heart warming to hear all these wonderful stories of selfless people who care about others. it warms my heart that there are still folks like that out there. Thank you to all who care.

    • I wish it was the same all year. My mom needs help with getting a washing machine she washes by hand in our bathtub. A good matteres and more, but I don’t know who to reach out to. I had remarks that hurt when I reached out for help. Even though there are good people out there, those comments make it so hard to ask for help. Yard help,etc. Many want to ask for help, assistance but afraid too. Becarful what you say. She’s a vets widow, 75, disabled etc. Helped so many with my father in the past. Please pray for us.

      • Check with the local senior center. Often times they can help or send you in the right direction! Also local pinboards.

        Love the stories of visiting Nursing homes–My mom was in one last year for 2 months and I found myself while visiting her — visiting with others who didn’t have anyone or anyone close by. I was there everyday because I was close. God bless everyone and put a smile on an elderly or even a young person who is a resident of a nursing home or rehab center close to where you live. You may make some new friends and many friends by helping one person. Merry Christmas and this can be done anytime you have some spare time–that’s all it takes.

      • Yes it’s wonderful! However, we need to have that kind loving spirit year around!

        There is help for your mom!
        Call Help and Hope Center on Park Street off of Wolfensberger. It was formerly The Task Force. Also Douglas County social services by Buddy Center in Castle Rock. Just tell both agencies what you need. They will advise you what to do. Good Luck and God Bless!

    • I would say the same thing, someone that’s homeless is in need all the time, someone with Alzheimer’s is in need all the time someone that’s hungry is in need al the time, stop the hypocrisy used during the holidays and start doing something good for as small as it might be every day, week and month of the year.

    • My sentiments exactly, Ms. Carter. Our brothers, sisters and all of humanity need food and warmth on more than just the Thanksgiving or Christmas seasons.

      Jesus said: “And when man honors man, he honors Allah; and what man does for man, he does for Allah.”

      Let us continue this spirit of generosity and good will throughout 2020, and beyond! Thank you.

  • It’s so heartwarming to hear about acts of kindbess in these nextdoor stories, when there is so much hate and violence in this world we live in today and sad stories are mostly what we see and hear when the news is broadcast, it’s a very uplifting and inspiring feeling that is received when reading about random acts of neighborly generosity and loving ways of helping those in need , it gives one the hope and a peace
    and joy thatt shows us that there are in existence , still, in this day, in this cold world, those that display the rare but genuine gestures of that , in which are of being human and displaying the highest and purest of all emotion, that of which is true in all forms , it is simply LOVE ?

  • Just want to thank our wonderful neighbors for putting up our Christmas lights. My husband and I are no longer able to get on ladders to hang up the lights so we were surprised, appreciative, and thankful when our neighbors came and decorated for us. Our North Colony neighborhood is the best!

    • 10 years ago we lost both of are boys weeks apart the oldest had a heart attack he has a set of twin boys his wife has not let us see them cause we will out gave her 50,00.00 dollars she is nuts I mean she really is nuts she 98 personally I am serious about she has been in jail for shoplifting around 7 times rand parents have no rights. My youngest so was shot by a friend he was helping he told him when he came to live with them that is I mean my daughterinlaw and my granddaughter him came on Friday night drunk and doped up my son told him to go to bed and he would talk to him in the am he went into his room and turned his stereo full blast my granddaughter was walking down the hallway to ask him to turn it down so she could watch TV will her mother and my son was come down the hall way from the other way they told her they would take care he knock on his door and he open the door and shot home in the head my daughter in law went to the floor with him they had been together since they were 13 years they were 39 my granddaughter had to jump over them both and go next door and called 911 then she called us he 13 years old at that time the bad part of this my son was putting out of the house the next day he was putting him out of the house tha nSaturday cause my son checked his room and found a spoon and a rubber hose he got 30 years with no chance of getting out and every single day we cry over them we ran away from home for 10 years the grand daughter and daughter lived in are home cause they could not live in that house we payed for ever thing for them to help them we bought a trailer and thats what we lived in when we came back home they moved into a apartment now they have a house and they are doing pretty good now put it is still hard on my granddaughter she loved him very much I am sorry i took up so much of your time it’s been very hard on us also

  • i just would like to know where people get off just taking things from others what if you saw them or catch them what do you do if you call the police they are gone by the time they get there what can be done how do you stop it .you work hard all your life and get something and others just come along and take it or destroy it what do you do. they still your cars. this is Xmas time so ask the post office, fed X, and ups to please leave a notice and go pick up your presents .or large keep them from being stolen by these thieves

  • I volunteer with an organization called A Cup of Cold Water. We have a van which will take needed items out to homeless folks in our communities. What we do will not change their lives but just lets them know that some people do care that they are with out the basics. We talk to them and give whatever support we can. We always need new or gently used tshirts (XL), board shorts, rubber slippers, first aid kits, hygiene kits and some eat out of hand,nonperishable food items (no cooking). If you are wondering how or where you can help, google A Cup of Cold Water. Merry Christmas to all!

  • My wish for my community that I live in, would be for drivers to be more courteous of others while driving. They’re rude, always in a hurry and think nothing of the safety of their neighbors. I just don’t understand it. It’s easier to be considerate than not.

  • Hi everyone I know it’s a little late but I’m asking for a family in desperate need these are 3 kids ages 6,7,10 two girls and one boy they live in a camper with their father who is single and works to put food on the table he does it all by himself and has no help ! I really am trying to help but don’t have extra money at all please if any one would be willing to give me a hand and donate anything I’m sure these children will be happy and grateful please email me back ! I have PayPal account also cash app for donations or we could meet in person /! I could send pictures of the children ! Please and thank u all

    • Many community services available depending on where they live — Food Pantries, etc. Many programs for Christmas, although a bit late. Call “211”. St Luke’s helps anyone, has clothing too. Merry Christmas!! God Bless

    • My name is Rita Newman. If this family is in Trinity County please call me. I work with Trinity Loaves & Fishes Food Pantry, and we will be open wed, 12-18-19, 9:30am-1pm. Please call me then 936-594-0977. I would love to help.

      • Thank you so much that would be so appreciated but I live in Liberty co., ga thank u so much anyways I hope u and your family have a merry Christmas ?

    • I may have some items to help I myself am struggling but my 3 are 9yrs and 2 are 11 yes I don’t have any money but I can help with other things some that are new if you send me their sizes and some things they like I’ll see what I have and I can meet somewhere

    • I may have some items to help I myself am struggling but my 3 are 9yrs and 2 are 11 yrs I don’t have any money but I can help with other things some that are new if you send me their sizes and some things they like I’ll see what I have and I can meet somewhere

      • Hi Doris and Billy that would be so great of y’all really /! I live in Liberty co ga also a single parent struggling with two girls of my own ! I just can’t let these kids go without presents on Christmas especially because I the 6 yo told me she couldn’t wait to make Santa cookies when he brings her presents for being good ;( it broke my heart . I am literally scrambled trying to come up with something all the organisations that I have called say it’s to late to do anything so I don’t know what to do and I’m usually not one to ask for help but these are kids and no kid deserves not having a Christmas ! So thank y’all so much please call me leave a message if I don’t awnser leave a message or text (912)271-7469 or email me @ that’s also my PayPal link I don’t know if ur familiar with that but I hope to hear from u thank u so so much u have me some hope ?

    • I have a 7 1/2 foot lighted white Christmas tree. Is that too large for your family? I have had it for sale, but I would be willing to donate it to a needy family.

  • Just go to any senior housing residence and you will find that any kind of good deed is greatly appreciated. Sometimes it only takes some conversation and time spent with them, is all they want. You will be rewarded ten fold with their amazing stories and see how much it means to them! Try and do one nice thing a day. It really does make a difference ?

    • Patti ,this is so true ,one of our groups of volunteers ,visit nursing homes twice a month ,we’ve be doing this for about 7 yrs .We call our group SIT AND SIP .We Sit with them, exchange stories and Sip herbal tea grown from our gardens ,the staff joins us, and make sure no one ingest a tea ,that they be allergic to .There is so much wisdom in the stories of our Seniors ,I truly love listening to their accounts of yesteryears .What a joy !

  • Living next door to Doyle and Carol Land has been a major blessing to us, since I require a wheelchair for mobility. From the gitgo, Doyle and Carol have done so much for us that – like I told him many a time, They are angels that God allowed to live next door, not only them but their children and even grandchildren have been there for us many, many times. And then there are the other neighbors who have been so kind and done things for us – where do I stop? We have a men’s Bible study – sharing group in our house Monday nights, and those guys have also been so kind to do many household handiman projects for us, and most willingly….yes, there are good people in this world, and our neighborhood is full of them, we have found.

  • Next year, my neighbors are welcomed to help me with what I call ” A shopping Day for Quail Haven,” a local nursing home. I collected things all year long and my church donates items. Two Saturdays before Christmas I set a store in their dining room. They come in and shop for gifts for their families. We assist them while shopping then wraps their gifts and they love talking to you while you are wrapping. This year was our 7th year. The best part is…the activities director encourages them to participate in as many of the activities from October until Dec. to earn points. They all get to shop but making it sound like a challenge does increase the number of participates during that time. Look me up if you would like more information. I would love to see other nursing homes to have this experience.

    • Melinda,
      Love, Love, Love your ” Shopping day for Quail Haven! ” It sounds marvelous! I’d love to get more information on how to execute/set up something similar for a local nursing home in my community .Any and all advice/guidance is appreciated! God Bless Michaela

  • Covering a distressed veterans night group one evening, it came to me that it wasn’t just men who are needy but whole families. So, I set about collecting “family stuff” – diapers, soaps – I even searched a consignment store for kid clothes and with good luck. Then, I left them at someone’s door and crept away.

    A few days later, I was sitting at my desk when a call came in for me. “I’d like to give you a sweet story for your Women’s Section,” the caller said and proceeded to tell me about someone leaving a “care package” on her doorstep one evening. “It was as though that person knew exactly what I needed… I want to thank them and didn’t know how till I thought of your column…”

    No, I never did confess but was tickled to get several similar phone calls and thought I had started a trend – Hoped I had, anyway. Good deeds, I decided, are contagious. Catch it if you can!

    Good deeds G

  • If it wasn’t for Kathy, my cats wouldn’t be eaten . We thank God for her helping us. There have been months, we have done without just to feed them and this month we may actually get to have a Christmas dinner, may not be much but something at least. thank you Kathy .

  • I would like to work with an organization that serves seniors. I am a professional that works with seniors in another county but would like to help seniors in my own community. I live in Middlefield of course. Please don’t suggest a Senior center or the Department of Aging as I have already tried there.
    I am new to the area.
    Thanks! Merry Christmas to all and the very best in 2020!


  • I am so happy to hear of all the acts of kindness and love expressed this time of year, BUT, it is a shame that it falls apart somewhat after the new year and everyone goes back to the routines of life. Unfortunately the “routines” of financial, physical, and mental situations continue for those temporarily helped during this season of love. Please don’t let the calendar determine your love for others in need. Thanking you in advance for your dedication to loving others.

    • Cheryl ,you’re so right ,however there are people who ‘s routine in life is ,financial ,mental ,and most importantly ,spiritually lead by the heart of love ,which encompass all the good we can imagine to help one another ,one step ,one day ,ONE WAY ,KINDNESS ,HUMILITY AND LOVE ,EVERYDAY OF THE YEAR !

  • Back when my kids were younger, just 3,9,10 . My husband lost his job around Christmas and we were having it pretty rough. I didn’t know where Christmas was coming from. One day me and the kids had came home from visiting my dad. There were big black trash bags sitting by the door. There were toys in all the bags this happened for 3 days food and toys. Now My neighbor who i miss dearly said she had no clue where it all came from but I know or I think I know because shes the only one I ever told. From that day on my kids will tell you there is a Santa Claus! ( I’m pretty sure I know her and her elf’s names) RIP my friend Gene Landers
    Yes there are some amazing kind people out there.

  • I would welcome you to offer services as a Volunteer at The Cleveland Sight Center.The Contact for
    Volunteering is ,Melissa Bresnahan Volunteer Manager , 216-658-4581 (direct) ,216-791-1101 (fax) ,216-791-8118 (main) .
    This one of my many volunteer services ,that gives me so much joy ,gratitude ,and appreciation for Life ,I receive and give services .We are always looking for an extra hand , voice , and eyes to help us hold on to the Insight we so desperately need , to help us process life to it’s fullest potential with our lost of Sight .Click this link Facebook page of 90.3 WCPN ideastream ,to learn from an interview of myself and Melissa ,this piece was recorded at my home ,after a received an award from The Center for Community Solutions .This invitation is open to the Neighborhood ….!

  • They replied back saying LORD when did we see you hungry & fed you; or thirsty, & gave you drink? When saw we thee a stranger & took thee in? or naked & we clothed thee. Jesus said Inasmuch as ye have done to the least of these my brethren ye have done it unto me. Matt. 25:37,40.

    • Leviticus 19:18 Thou shalt not avenge , nor bear any grudge against the children of thy people ,but though shalt love thy neighbor as thyself: I am the LORD

  • I read a post on this site today ,someone saying they just wanted to VENT ,you know it’s okay ,sometimes the very thing that prevents us from moving forward resides in us ,and we need to let it go ,so something new and better can come inside .I can truly relate to where you’ll coming from ,same feelings at times, but different circumstances mostly MEDICAL,…MYASTHENIA GRAVIS ,STROKE ,LEGALLY BLIND ,C O P D ,ANGINA ,DUAL CHAMBER PACEMAKER ,INTERSTIM IMPLANT ,CHIARI 1 MALFORMATION OF THE HIND BRAIN BROKEN NECK ,STIFF PERSON SYNDROME ,GLAUCOMA ,SYNCOPE,POT’S SYNDROME ,SLEEP APNEA ,AND CERVICAL SPONDYLOTIC ,MYOPATHY ,I listed all of these conditions ,hoping someone with overwhelming circumstances ,would know you are not alone ,someone is listening and watching us ,someone who will never leave us nor forsake us . IT’S GOD ,ALWAYS ,ALL THE TIME ,I can freely enjoy life ,BECAUSE OF HIS SON JESUS, WHO DIED AND LIVES AGAIN ! …be encouraged ,and know that HE CARES FOR ALL OF US .STOP CRYING ,I’m praying with you and for you ,feel free to reach out to me ,okay .

  • Hello 🙂
    My name is Heather Engle I am the CEO for the Las Vegas Rescue Mission. This is my direct office line 702-932-8174 me we may be able to help with some resources for you and your family.

    Grace to you

  • So many of these posts are truly heartbreaking but, myself, I would really like to see the local posts so that I could possibly help someone out. I have no idea where most of these people are from and it is pretty much unrealistic to lend a helping hand to someone who lives across the country.

  • Its great people helping christmas alot of us who dont have much family, who have lost loved ones, its a sad time. Even a card can brighten someones day. My need right now is a car… i cant afford one . Ive been praying about it. My son and i are disabled and havent had a car in 3 years….

  • How do you get help. My husband and I have very little food could not afford a turkey for Thanksgiving and will not be able to afford one for Christmas. We have no family.

  • Well I am about to give up believing in anything anymore.ive been I need helptrying to stay positive but I can’t get any help. My son had a bad relaspe with his scycho phrenia. And he has been in the phyc ward over 21 days .He is all the way in San Francisco and I live here in santa Rosa.its cost me $40 a day to go visit him. Well he gets to come home this Friday but I have nothing to give him for Christmas. I didn’t get paid for the last 3weeks due to him being hospitalized, as I am his caretaker 24hours a day. With no check coming on the 20th of this month, I don’t know what to do. We live in our RV and are still looking for a permanent place to park it on thru this winter. We need food,clothes,and he needs a pair of headphones and a Portable DVD player,his broke recently. Any donations or help will be so much appreciated. God Bless you all for all you do to helping others in need. Linda Miranda you can reach me at (707) 339-3359

  • I’m sorry for your loss. I myself lost my only son 19 days before christmas and it still hurts 7 years later. This is my first year putting a tree up. Because I’m doing it for my parents.

  • This Christmas may we all remember what the Heavenly Father GOD and Jesus Christ Birth that the Holiday is for and May There Be Peace on Earth and Good Will to ALL. And may We all Bow are heads and say a Prayer for all those Veterans Who Defended This Great Country Amen

  • This sit is a joke i was being harassed bullied bad-mouthed singled out shamed stolked. And i got kicked off . for defending myself this guy’s a crazy he was stalking me cost me money that nothing in front of potential customers all because his cousin stole my blower and I called them a burrito cuz they’re Mexican thieves this is how you guys treat your neighbors or you can take my subscription and put it where the sun don’t shine I don’t want to be on your gay ass site you guys suck you don’t even come and get my opinion on any of it

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