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Nextdoor Launches Help Map and Groups to Bring Neighbors Together

Written by Tatyana Mamut

Nextdoor was created to bring neighbors together — this is important in good times and essential in times of need. Today, we’re launching two features to help you do that now, when it matters most. We’re releasing Nextdoor Groups globally to aid the continued organization of local help groups as well as launching Help Map, an interactive map of your neighborhood where you can mark yourself as someone who can pitch in for neighbors who need it. 

In the last couple weeks, we’ve all had that moment where the day’s news hit us at home. For me, it was the email announcing that school would be closed. Indefinitely. Unsure of what to do but knowing I wasn’t alone, I invited the other parents in my classroom into a group on Nextdoor. Instantly, we were a group of moms together, navigating to create a new normal for our kids. 

As coronavirus went from an outbreak to a global pandemic, I saw my story mirrored across the country, replicated around the world. We were still only beta testing Groups in neighborhoods, but there was a sudden flood of them forming organically; the number of groups created on Nextdoor in response to Covid-19 has doubled each day over the past week. 

We heard you. We’re right there with you. A crucial connector of neighbors as we face the unknown, Nextdoor Groups will continue helping you stay engaged even while social distancing. Members will see prompts on Nextdoor, encouraging them to turn active conversation threads into groups. This tool makes it easier than ever to bring your local community together, safely, with a click of a button.

Every day when I look at my own Nextdoor app, I see more groups forming in my neighborhood: Parent Groups, Book Club Groups, Faith Groups. It gives me hope that even in this time when we are physically apart, we can still connect with our neighbors. 

One of the most popular group types right now are those organizing volunteers:

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“I posted on Nextdoor to reach neighbors in the area to let them know that I would be willing to assist elderly and at risk neighbors who can’t leave their home due to the coronavirus,” Nextdoor member Nicole shared. “The post got a lot of attention—and so many comments from other neighbors who wanted to help so I decided to form the Nextdoor Group ‘NE Portland Neighbors Helping Neighbors.’ Now, we have nearly 200 individuals that have joined the group, and it’s growing by the minute.”

With neighbors around the world raising their hands to offer similar support, the Help Map creates a screenshot of your neighborhood and its resources. Members can add themselves to the map detailing the errands or support they can help elderly and at risk neighbors with. Those who need help can visit the map to see who in their immediate and nearby neighborhoods is offering help and send a private message.

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It feels important to underline that the new features we’re launching today are inspired by the outpouring of kindness we’ve seen on the platform, across the world, in the light of a global pandemic. As we isolate ourselves at home to protect our health and our neighbors, we still need each other. Nextdoor will be here to help you stay connected to your neighbors, to help, to support, and to make positive change.

Note: for up-to-date information on the coronavirus (COVID-19), refer to official sources such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

To connect with your local neighborhood, please login at

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  • You are an angel without wings. Thank you for being the kind person that you were created to be.

    I have lived in Buckhorn 31 years, now alone and my husband is dying and will leave me alone. I have appointments for myself that I cannot keep due to the fact I can’t leave him alone, can’t take him with me and don’t have anyone during the working hours to allow me to make appointments and take care of myself. We do not have children and few extended hands.

    Over the past years we have been the go to person when children missed the bus, were ill needed to be picked up from school, husband working my lawn needs mowing, pool needs cleaning, forgot their lunch, dog sitting, baby sitting, house sitting etc. Those wonderful neighbors are gone.

    Maybe there are a few and I have one her name is Jen, she lives in Original Buckhorn, always offering to give a hand with her hands filled with her aged parents.

    My home is not accommodating for anyone to visit nor to sit with my husband to allow me to go to my appointments. What an awful position to be in.

    I am drowning here lost and alone.

    • My heart breaks to hear what you and your husband are going through. I hope you’ll be able to use this new feature of Nextdoor to get some help. [Hugs]

    • I am unclear why your home prevents helpers staying with your ill husband so you can meet some important needs of your own?

    • Can hospice come in to help and allow you to make your appointments. Your health is paramount for your husband also.

    • Sky ~ for every problem, there is a solution. Perhaps advertise in your local ND that you are in need of someone to stay with your Dad while you work or whatever source of income is lurking behind the curtain. However, you stated your home was not fit for company so where did you have in mind they would be staying?

  • People should know about Sam’s Club. Members get free shipping, which could really help in these trying times.

  • Best to remove the meetups and block parties from the photo … we need to be serious about social distancing!

  • What a fabulous idea this is. I prayed to God to help this country, and in God We Trust. Keep praying and I will pray for all you wonderful volunteers . We are a great country. With people like all of you, we will survive . Thy Will Be Done.

  • By all means we will help when we can. We are in our 80s and our son had me make up a list for him to get our groceries! What a guy!!!!! We will be checking with close neighbors to see if they need help. We can still drive.

  • Thank you for all your work especially bringing the neighborhood to stand united and encouraging neighbors to work together in a positive way.
    We are all in this together and it’s wonderful to see all neighbors helping each other without any judgments.
    Thank you again. I applaud your efforts & hard work. ???

  • I think this is very good advice. Helping each other in times like this are VERY IMPORTANT. People need people. Just remember to safe guard yourselves and your families while helping others.

  • It would be nice if this could be shared as a post on Nextdoor so that members could learn about it.

  • It is a Comfort just to KNOW that..if You need assistance.. You can Reach out to “”Next door”with your NEED..And Some KIND soul Will Answer you..posthaste ! That Is All Most Elderly..Shut-ins Have That They Can depend UPON. Folks,,Especially All of YOU who Can still Motivate…. Remember.. Everyone Will “GET THERE” One DAY ,,( if They Live Long enough !! ) I have HEARD all of MY Life..that God Blesses Those of HIS Children Who ARE so fortunate…THAT He Blesssed US with A Long LIFE…Because IT was ONE of HIS Blessings !!! SO..Thank YOU ! Dear LORD !! I Can`t Get Around LIKE I USTACOULD..BUT.. THEN>> I AM So Blessed !!

  • Thank you. I would like to suggest an animal care group. I am a pet sitter and no one is going on vacation, so I have time to help. Folks directly affected or with immediate family members affected, and in need of assistance caring for animals could reach out to local pet sitters and rescue folks to help offset unexpected costs to affected individuals. We are already for the most part trained to avoid transmission of disease.

  • My neighbors cross Carrollton we’re already doing this. This will be additional help to us. It’s a nightmare yet his is when we bond together and help each other.
    We have so many members make offers and do deliveries and follow up on their neighbors.
    The map is going to be so helpful.

  • The positive comments from my neighbors offering help to those that need it gives me faith that we being united, will overcome this problem.

  • Brilliant article… I’ll try and share it with my area I a lead in Belfast … people are doing this organically
    But this is a great app and easy to use

  • Wow!

    I’m impressed with the moves being made through NextDoor during this pandemic.

    The NextDoor team should be proud of themselves for the product they have created and the people that are safer because of your platform.

    Thank you for your contribution to the community.


  • I have opted in to help believe i was the first to use the new feature i can honestly say it has had an impact.Alot more neighbors reaching out and offering assistance

  • Some neighborhoods are not willing to be friendly but we will continue to be available anyway.

  • you’re truly a just right webmaster. The site loading
    pace is incredible. It sort of feels that you are doing any unique trick.
    Furthermore, The contents are masterpiece. you’ve done a wonderful process in this matter!

  • Thank you Nextdoor for your positive vision and sharing your precious time to the community. God bless you all. Stay safe.

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