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7 Ways to Help Your Neighbors During Coronavirus

Written by Shannon Toliver

Connecting with your neighbors is important in good times and essential in times of need. As the situation with the coronavirus unfolds, we continue to be inspired by how neighbors are coming together to offer support, lean on others when they need help, and stay connected with their local communities.

Here are 7 simple ways that neighbors are turning to Nextdoor and offering help to ensure everyone has a neighborhood they can rely on during this uncertain time.

1. Volunteer to help neighbors in need. 

Daily activities may be risky for more vulnerable neighbors. That’s why we have introduced the Help Map – an interactive map of your neighborhood where you can mark yourself as someone who can pitch in for neighbors who need it. Whether you are able to drop off groceries for those that are homebound or hop on the phone to check in on elderly and at risk neighbors, add yourself to the map sharing how you can support others. Neighbors in need of assistance can then message you through the Help Map.

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2. Create or join a group to stay connected. 

During periods of social distancing, it can be easy to feel isolated and alone. By joining or creating a Nextdoor Group, you can easily stay connected with your neighbors, communicate about topics you care about, and organize ways to help each other. You can create a Group just for your neighborhood, your nearby neighborhoods, or a city-wide Group so that neighbors have a wider area to call on for support. Try organizing a group for parents to stay connected during school closures, or around hobbies to keep entertained.

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3. Support local businesses. 

We know that local businesses are the cornerstone of thriving neighborhoods. But as we do our part to slow the spread of the coronavirus, local businesses are closing their doors and struggling to stay afloat. It is more important than ever to show your love for local and continue to support businesses during these challenging times. Consider buying gift certificates to enjoy later, ordering food for takeout or no-contact delivery, placing online orders through the store’s website, and tipping workers more than usual. If you own a local business, see our business blog for more Coronavirus Preparedness Tips for Local Businesses.

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4. Share extra resources.

As more people prepare to stay at home, some convenience stores are quickly going through basic supplies. If you have extra paper products, hand sanitizer, or other necessities, share the bounty with your neighbors! Just be sure that you follow social distancing guidelines while dropping off any deliveries.

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5. Give to local organizations.

Community organizations and nonprofits need your help to continue serving people in need. Donations are down at food banks across the country just as workers have lost their cash flow and millions of children who rely on school meals have lost access to a daily meal. Additionally, there is currently a critical need for blood donations as blood drives continue to be canceled. Encourage your neighbors to give back, either monetarily or with physical donations, so local organizations can continue to serve your community.

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6. Donate your talents and time.

Many families are struggling to keep up with their daily routines with school closures and work-from-home orders. If you are healthy and able, consider offering to help out with child care for parents that are unable to stay home from work, or offer to walk a neighbor’s dog if they are homebound. Students may also benefit from a virtual tutoring session if you specialize in a particular subject area. 

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7. Share a random act of kindness. 

At times like this, we could all use a bit of neighborly kindness to lift our spirits. Nextdoor members have kept their neighbors smiling with simple gestures like posting a heart in their window sill, buying a meal for a stranger, and even sharing pictures of their adorable pets. When 6-year-old Miles from Mogadore, OH had to cancel his mad scientist themed birthday party, his parents posted on Nextdoor to see if any neighbors would be willing to drive by and honk their horn to wish Miles a happy birthday while keeping a healthy social distance. To their surprise, more than 40 neighbors stopped by to drop off balloons, candy, decorations, and presents resulting in a parade that Miles claimed was “way better than a birthday party!” Miles’s mom shares that her family felt so loved and grateful to be surrounded by wonderful neighbors, and hopes that one day they can pay it forward to another family.

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How will you help your neighbors? Add yourself to Nextdoor’s Help Map and let us know in the comments below!

Note: for up-to-date information on the coronavirus (COVID-19), refer to official sources such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Be sure to follow social distancing guidelines whenever possible to slow the spread of the virus. 

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          • Hi Allen. My name is Barbara. I live in Manahawkin. I live alone with my little dog and I have health problem but manage to take walks in the park. I do puzzles, watch TV – mostly movies and call or text family. I was so happy to find this site. It’s nice to stay connected with neighbors.

          • Perhaps you could offer to chat with folks, particularly children, about your life experiences, tell some stories, jokes, Etc

          • I’d love to help. I’m a 62 y/o grandmother who lives alone. I was a RN and love people and pets. I love our Lord and I am willing to help. Please let me know if I may be of service to anyone.
            Laurie. 330-844-9385.Easton and Stonecreek

          • Your willingness to help, is what I am used to hearing about, from our veterans & military. U R the backbone of our nation. God bless.

          • Hi,
            Thank you letters to hospital staff, first responders, and anyone else putting themselves at risk to keep everything running really can make a difference!

          • That is so nice of you to offer your help. But, please wear gloves and mask, the kind that has NO openings around the sides or anywhere else. It must be tight around the face. God bless. Nurse Bill,r.n.

          • Hi Allen, I am BC (female) and I am also disabled by life and a lightening strike in 2014, etc. I am also nearing the END of my 70’s. But I’m fit as a fiddle and if you believe this I have some ocean property to sell you here in Martinsburg WV.

            My lightening strike affected my solar plexis also meaning it affects my legs and walking is limited. But I can drive… I live in Ridgefield close to I-81. The only help I can give is to talk and share life treasures. Later..
            BC aka

          • Stay indoors. Shelter in place. You seem computer savvy so give advice to us through technology. ?

          • I’m in the same boat! It’s the pits! Some friends came by yesterday and I realized how much social isolation affects me!

          • I love your attitude!!!! I am 80 and what helps me most when neighbors just call to visit!!

        • I am in a wheelchair and already pretty socially isolated as is, but am always willing to help where I can. My husband and I love trivia games so maybe we can do a zoom style trivia game night? I am also will7ng to chat on the phone so fill free to give me a call. 907-317-2883. Stay Safe everyone!

        • Did you get information about how to use zoom? You can go to the website at You will set up a free account. The website should walk you through how to sign up, and even how to then invite people to “meetings”. I have found it much easier than skype (which I never really got the hang of). Good luck!

        • Thank you for your blog it really has me thinking how I can help people during this crisis. Your recognition of people being lonely during this time has me coming up with ways to address this with social distancing.

      • @Judith McDaniel you can access Zoom on the internet at or on an app for MacBook or your iPhone. Not sure if you have an Android. Very user friendly to do conference calls with.

          • There is a limit, maybe 10? Main thing is the free one had a one hour limit….we have the business version, 14.95 monthly….limit is 100 and I think a 3 hour time limit….not sure on the time…lol


          • 40 people for 40 minutes at no charge. You can then hang up and start again if you want.

          • If you are using the free account, I believe it’s just a few people. If you need a certain amount then you would need to buy the app so you can do a bigger zoom. We have had between 500 to 3000 people on it for a company wide meeting.

          • Go to either the PlayStore (android) or iTunes (apple) and search for ZOOM. After download lookfor tutorials on how to set up a meeting g. I’ve attended 100’s of zoom webinars and meetings in the past but never initiated one until this week! It’s actually very easy and the tutors are very detailed! I’m setting one up for our cancer support group to keep in touch instead of our in church meeting room! You can have up to 100 people for 40 minutes on the free account.

        • My wife and I had a cocktail party a few days ago on FaceTime. 6 couples enjoyed drinks with the neighbors in their own homes.

          • We did the same thing, we shared a glass of wine with my sisters in law from De. & NY. We are planning on making it a weekly thing. We can catch up with what’s happening, or how they are keeping themselves busy and safe.

        • It’s actually
          It’s a free app that can be downloaded to a computer, laptop and/or smart phone.
          We use it for our Health Coaching Business. I hope that helps

        • Hi Judith,
          I just learned how to use this app this past week. You just download the zoom app and it walks you through how to create a “meeting”. It’s similar to the old “go to meeting” app. I haven’t done the administrator part yet only went to a couple so not sure how to set it all up yet but it walks you through the process. There are also a few “how tos” on YouTube. I hope it works as well for you as it did for us!

      • We just finished using Zoom for a Bible study. All of us were new to it and it took us a while to figure things out, but it worked very well. If you can load the zoom app on a phone,iPad, or computer that will be the first step.

        • We had our first experience in using ZOOM for our group Bible based meeting, this past Thursday. There’s a lil’ learning curve but I suspect by tomorrow morning [Sunday] most of us will be more comfortable with it. It’s a fabulous way to stay in touch with fellow believers in your congregation during this crazy time in keeping distance from your fellow neighbor ?

          • Beware of scammers taking advantage of the quarantine time to schedule political and social meetups to climb the career and social ladder. That is my help and advice to people to be aware of.

      • Download zoom from the App Store, if anyone wants to create a community they will share their zoom number and you can join in. My zoom is always on when I’m not working and it’s a great way to hang out, interact and stay connected.

      • Someone you know has to have a Zoom account if you do not. Then they will “invite” you to a meeting by email and it will give you a link to join the meeting.
        If you want to get a Zoom account, go to or google zoom account.

      • Join the meeting:
        * For video instructions, go here:
        * To join the meeting, click on the link provided by the host.
        * You will see a dialog box asking if you want to launch Zoom. Click Launch
        * (If prompted, download the desktop app, but you likely will not need to.)
        Audio and video:
        * When you first join, please click the blue button “join with computer audio.” You will be in a waiting room until the meeting begins. Once the meeting begins, you will be muted by default. To be heard, you must unmute yourself. Here’s how:
        * Computer: hover your cursor over the bottom left of the zoom screen and clicking the “Mute” button (looks like a microphone)
        * iPhone/iPad: Tap the screen and a menu will appear at the bottom, the Mute button will be at the bottom left
        * You may turn your camera on and off as you wish with the Start/Stop Video button, just to the right of the Mute button at the lower left of the screen.
        If you have any access issues, you may contact the meeting host via private chat to request assistance or ask a question. You may also use chat to send a message to the entire group.
        Click the Chat icon at the bottom of the screen and a Chat window will open. Type your message in the field at the bottom right of the screen.

        If you want to get your own zoom room, go to

      • in your browser (chrome or firefox recommended) type and hit enter. If you have a meeting ID find the link “Join a Meeting” in the top left of the page. If you want to create a meeting, you have to join Zoom first., then install the Zoom extension to your browser (again Chrome or Firefox) or install the application for your computer system.

      • It’s an app that lets you video or audio chat with friends You can download load the app on your phone and set up an acct and send an invite to friends to talk

        If you get an invite I don’t believe you have to have an act to join

      • You go to Zoom.con and download the program. It is free. You can use it without a camera, if your computer/device doesn’t have one. You can use your phone too.

      • Great idea, a lot of us need to connect to one another even if we aren’t close to these people. Find it in the APP STORE

      • You need to download the ZOOM app – from your app store – really EZ to do,,, once downloaded go into the class and enter in the (9 digit code) usually the last digits on the www. zoom code – I enter into ZOOM (the web) through Safari on my phone.
        I have been listening to continuing education classes during this time!!

          • I am a music teacher and I skype music lessons now and plan to use zoom later. I am a credentialed music teacher with 30 years of teaching experience and teach piano, guitar, ukulele, violin and voice via skype.

      • Getting ZOOM is so easy. Two ways I know of is to go to or to respond to an email invitation. It’s w o n d e r f u l.

      • Zoom is an app you can download for free. Today was his 10th birthday and he had a “virtual” birthday party using Zoom.
        It’s very easy and to join the party or any other group meeting you will need to get or if you are the organize you invite with a link. It was really really nice and free!

      • Go to either the PlayStore (android) or iTunes (apple) and search for ZOOM. After download lookfor tutorials on how to set up a meeting g. I’ve attended 100’s of zoom webinars and meetings in the past but never initiated one until this week! It’s actually very easy and the tutors are very detailed! I’m setting one up for our cancer support group to keep in touch instead of our in church meeting room!

      • Download the Zoom app. On phone or computer. Once Downloaded, you can start inviting participants from your phone list. At the bottom it will give you this option. It’s extremely easy to use and you can have fun exploring. Let me know if you have any other questions

      • Go to your App Store whatever system you use. Download the Zoom app- it’s free. There are set up directions in the app. It’s like FaceTime or Google Duo only you can involve more people at once.

      • I will share my experience here. Hope it can be useful to you.

        1. I found Zoom app to download on my cell phone via Google Play Store. (for iPhone, you will use apple store)
        2. I opened Zoom app and signed up using my Google email account (you can sign up using your Facebook account too, or a cell phone account)
        3. I found the Contact section in Zoom, and add my friends Zoom account id there. You can also follow the instruction there to send an invite to your friends.
        4. I created a meeting via the Schedule button.

        You may find more info from the following Youtube link.

        Good luck.

      • To access Zoom you need to install it from your App store. It can be found either on Apple or the Google stores. Install from there and then just sign up!!

      • Go to
        Sign up for an account.
        Choose “host a meeting”. It will give you a link to send to people to click then you both can talk on video.
        It is a little complicated, I’m happy to walk you through it by phone in more detail if needed. Email me.

      • To download and install the Zoom Application: Go to and from the Download Center, click on the Download button under “Zoom Client For Meetings”. This application will automatically download when you start your first Zoom Meeting.

        You can get a lot of information on this App by just Googling Good luck.

      • Hi.. I am not the most tech savvy but you first need to download the app. Then you join a meeting/conversation by entering the “meeting number”. We use this for my daughters cheerleading practices. We always receive the information regarding the login number via email. Thus, I do not know how to set up a meeting & then ask others to join, nor if there is any fees associated the Zoom App. Hope this helps a little. ?

      • It is really simple. Go to and follow the prompts. It will ask you to download the app.If you have problems with set up please feel free to reach out to me. 912-224-9813


    • I participated on my first Zoom meeting today with a group of Real Estate Professionals and it felt so good to see your associates that you have been distanced from.

      Another GREAT IMPRESSION I must share is my fabulous experience with
      Auto Wash Express Self Serve
      Self service car wash
      2660 N State Route 89A · Near Steakhouse89
      Open 24 hours · (520) 261-5865
      Needed to keep my social distancing but craving my Great Sedona outdoor life I drove my Toyota 4Runner down the dirt road past Devils Bridge on my way to Secret Canyon only to have the road closed down between those two locations but I have to admit I was having some fun in the mud. Before coming home I stopped at the auto wash but all the bays were occupied. The manager came out and said I could go through the auto wash but I was concerned that there was too much mud for that to work. He believed it would come out totally cleaned and reluctantly talked me into trying this. While I was drying my vehicle he came out to see if I was satisfied and I stating, “Honestly, the undercarriage is still full of mud as well as the front grill of my vehicle.” Just then someone was pulling out of a bay and he told me to back into the bay and he would get the mud from those areas. I did as he directed me too but he did FAR MORE than just the mud underneath and on the front grill of my Toyota, he did an amazing job so PLEASE SUPPORT THIS BUSINESS and mention the blue 4Runner told you to get your car washed.

    • Used Zoom this morning for the first time for a work-related staff conference call. Worked great on my iPhone; some were using laptops or desktop computers. ALSO, just before we started I learned that you can use any photo to create a virtual background for yourself. I used a picture of Pee Wee’s Playhouse. For my book club’s Zoom get-together tonight I’m using a background of books.

      • Tom, how that work & where do you get your classes from? am very interested, as I have health issues, & need exerc

    • My wife and I are using Zoom to connect to our trainer so we can continue our 3x/week workouts. We are both in our 70s and I’m particularly vulnerable to Coved-19 because of other medical conditions, notably diabetes and artery disease. We really need the workouts to stay flexible and mobile and Zoom works great.

    • I’m am new to Zoom and love it. I’ve used it for a class. How do I get my friends to use zoom and get together with me. In other words if they want to use zoom to connect me with me how do they do it? Thanks

    • Ward 19-C is sponsoring, Chalk The Walk. The idea to write simple messages of peace, hope and joy on the sidewalk/driveway in front of your home. The goal to to cover the neighborhood,, to build capacity and friendship. The message, we will get through this difficult time, together. Stand by for the the Wonderful Day in the Neighborhood Song Fest. Dr. Peter M. Belletto, Ward Chair

    • Can you help this senior with where to access and or find the app to download. Thank you Gerry Hatton

      Prayers & blessings for keeping safe during this pandemic and everyday.

    • You should consider another means of communication. Although Zoom’s website states differently. Their communication format is not Secure.. it’s being hacked by people on the Dark Web.
      Hopefully they’ll get it resolved.

    • I would prefer not to..I would love just to go out on walks and greet people. I think its time for our community to come out and socialize a share a cup of hot cocoa…:)

  • May I add another one? While most of us are at home complying with social isolation requests, I’m making some suggestions for how to be courteous to your neighbors who have breathing problems and are trying very hard to stay healthy. Can we please be conscious of our effects on air quality? I’ve already seen people out burning yard waste and starting recreational fires that put out a lot of smoke. Burning can really degrade the quality of air in the neighborhood and can even land people with asthma and COPD in the hospital. This is true at any time, and during this pandemic when it may be more difficult for people to get the health care they need, please refrain from burning and from lighting fireplace fires that put a lot of smoke into the neighborhood.

    Also, please consider mowing your lawn less often (especially when the grass hasn’t grown 1mm yet), and refrain from using leaf blowers, chain saws, log splitters, etc. when not necessary. The noise of several lawn mowers and other small engines going at once and the air pollution they create are also disturbing to neighbors who are already anxious.

    I realize that we’re all trying to get yardwork done and not everybody is able to do it without small engines – I’m just asking people to be conscious of the effects on others who are struggling to breathe freely. The good news is that there have been fewer flights over our homes lately and there is less traffic on our streets, so if we all make a conscious effort, we can help keep our air cleaner. Thanks for your consideration.

    • THANK YOU SO MUCH. My husband and I, mid-70’s, have asthma. Cigarettes, fireplace chimneys, yard debris burning, sets us off . Last two winters so very bad. He now has COPD. Is at the doctor today, having received a letter from his doctor to go in to see him. I so appreciate this PSA for neighbors helping neighbors. This is a real thing. My husband coughed so hard last winter and Spring he got a hernia that is currently pushing his lung up and causing chronic cough, too. The surgery is complicated so they are trying other methods. Be safe stay home everyone. ❤???

      • God Bless you & your husband.
        If I didn’t have my husband, I’d be in real trouble.
        Praying for you both
        Stay safe

        • My mother is 85 with COPD and now getting over double pneumonia. This is by herself in her apartment. She originally went to hospital, got prescriptions and left against medical advice. She was more comfortable being quarantined at home than in a hospital where she could be infected with who knows what. Hang in there.

      • I agree. I am 61 and have COPD. I had pneumonia in October so I may resort to a personal very long shelter in place. Take care!

      • Dear Mrs. Ausborn,

        If there is anything I can do to help you, please let me know. You can call me at 214-870-3018. I am more than happy to run essential errands for you. Neither of you need to get out. Stay safe!


    • We agree as we walk for health in the evening. Please refrain from using fireplaces during this time. We want our lungs to be as healthy as possible.

      David and Bettie Goosman

    • Thanks for posting this. I was planning to burn a dead tree that fell today in my firepit and will not do so as I never thought about the smoke harming those with health issues. Take care and stay safe.

    • Hallelujah that’s awful in my neighborhood I have COPD and I like to sit on the porch people are burning yard waste cutting their grass… Etc, I’m a shut in I can’t drive my husband works he’s 65 when he comes home he doesn’t feel like going anywhere, so there’s a lot of supplies I’m short on…

    • Thank you for saying this my husband is in stage 4 the last stage of his illness and smoke is very.very bad for him right now. It could set off a breathing attack that could kill him right now. So thank you.

    • From what I understand right now is a no burn time. I think it’s called something else but I’m pretty sure your no suppose to be burning anything at this PERIOD!

      I’m sorry to hear you have to go through some of these concerns. Sadly some may not understand until their breathing is compromised. I hope that most take your requests with open arms and consideration. Stay Healthy and Happy!

  • That is a great article about Nextdoor. It’s something good amid all the news about this virus that everyone is so worried about. Thank you.

    • The Birchwood neighborhood is a wonderful place to live. We all check to make sure all needs are met. Thank you Birchwood and Bellingham people.

  • On my next birthday I will be 96 . Having been an athlete all of my life time I have gained the reward of “broken parts.” I am unable to do the ordinary things like standing for long periods or even walking any distance. But,when even fairly new in the neighborhood, we became fortunate to have the Vasquez Family across the street, They haven’t waited for a crisis to happen. From day one, they have been friends and helpful in many ways, even to the point where the Twin young men will ring the doorbell to visit.. and checking to see if we are ok. Marcos The big brother is alwaysr ready to lend a hand As a former Head Fencing Coach at UCLA for over 22 years, an Olympic Coach , I say these young men are wonderful Champions of the human race. And a marvelous result of their marvelous parents.

    • These young men have obviously been raise with excellent values and a strong sense of community; their parents have done a great job!

    • What a beautiful inspiring letter. I hope to meet you some time and hear some of your past. It’s times like this that the cream rises?

    • I am only 80.
      I fenced briefly before all the electrical harassing became derigeur.
      My broken parts come from things like deciding to learn to roller skate in my mid forties because I did not think spending a good part of the day loading (nutting) trucks at the post office and walking my dogs 2 1/2 hrs a day were enough exercise. Messed up my knee, didn’t help my hip at all. Plus minor assorted dings.
      I think what my son said.might fit you, also:. “You’re not old. You’re just stove up.”
      Next life time, I’m going for tail chi.

    • God Bless you Sir! Thank you to your neighbors, The Vasquez Family! Sending virtual hugs to you! Be safe & Stay healthy! Lori in Maryland

    • Hurray for you and yours. But, what wonderful caring your neighbors are! I can imagine some of the great conversations between you and the Coach. May God continue to bless you and yours.

  • Sing to Your Neighbors!
    Go outside and sing loudly “It’s a beautiful day in the Neighborhood” – better yet, connect with churches, clubs, friends and set a day and time to do this together (but apart). You can also play the song or read it as a poem. It feels so good.

    Go outside and sing loudly!

    It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood,
    A beautiful day for a neighbor,
    Would you be mine?
    Could you be mine?

    It’s a neighborly day in this beauty wood,
    A neighborly day for a beauty,
    Would you be mine?
    Could you be mine?

    I have always wanted to have a neighbor just like you,
    I’ve always wanted to live in a neighborhood with you.

    So let’s make the most of this beautiful day,
    Since we’re together, we might as well say,
    Would you be mine?
    Could you be mine?
    Won’t you be my neighbor?

    Won’t you please,
    Won’t you please,
    Please won’t you be my neighbor?

    • Thank for the words to that wonderful song, and as we all know, wonderful inspiring show for our kids……..bless you. Great idea. PS i think i could sing it over the phone……..

    • Uh, no…singing loudly outdoors to your neighbors may be too annoying to people who appreciate the sounds of the birds, the wind in the trees, the quiet sounds of nature. Yes – sing online, inside with groups, I agree singing lifts our spirits!! It actually can change our brain chemistry.

      During this somewhat stressful time, I plan to rededicate myself to meditation practice and try getting back to doing some yoga poses (that I’m able to do!) – and hearing my neighbors (they are close as apartments are above our yard) belt out “A Beautiful Day in The Neighborhood” sing loudly would not be good for my brain chemistry nor for my stress level Alexandra. I know you have good intentions but some of us enjoy “The Sound of Silence”.

      • Download “Insight Timer” if you’re working to reacclimate to your practice you will find an infinite library of fantastic meditations, talks, prose, poetry, mantras, nidra, and more. There are also guided yoga sessions of any form that suits your schedule and desires. It is free and often by the end of a session you’ll find that someone else participated in your selected practice and will message you from across the world or across the street. Enjoy.

      • I could not have said it better myself Anne, I completely agree with you. I am glad to have read
        the words to that little song and it made me smile as I found myself hearing Fred Rogers voice singing it in my head.

    • What a marvelous idea!!! My kids might not want to sing that with me, but I’ll definitely try to start singing that on my yard a few days a week. It’s always wonderful to help turn a frown upside down.

    • THANKS! LOVE IT! ALSO RECCOMMEND TO ALL Pandora’s Liquid Mind radio station. alternately, for kicks and comic relief, I sometimes step outside and OFFER UP SOME MANIACAL LAUGHTER!!!! I RECOMMEND IT TO ALL!

    • I could try to be your neighbor.. I live down in Ridgefield subdivision, very near I-81. I love to sing but not outside.. I also play guitar Where do you live? I am also handicapped by many obstacles, Anal Cancer, Lightening strike, etc. But I can still drive.. yep!
      I am BC for born creative… at least I used to be.
      Give me a jingle or however this site lets us connect. I’m new to this site.

    • It is so nice of you to post this video on how to make your own face mask. I don’t sew but thought this would be a great church project to help out those who need them .

    • Thanks for posting, it appears this mask is only two layers of woven cotten which will not keep you or others safe. There needs to be another layer sandwiched in-between that in a non woven. Iron on fusable is great but in short supply. Go to The Fabric Patch dot com. A different website suggests cutting up “fabric” shopping bags to use for the middle piece. Hold the shopping bag up to the light. If you can see a weave then do not use it. If you see that it is fibers pressed together then I is a fuseable fabric and ok to use.

  • I want to give thanks to 4 neighbors who have helped us in the last week. Jeff Harper came by to say he was going into town and did we need anything that he could pick up for us. Our dog, Daphne, escaped under the fence and was found and rescued by Felicia Shaefer. She posted it on Nextdoor and our weekend neighbor, Gina Hoffman, saw the post and alerted her husband, Tom, who called me to tell me where Daphne was so I could go and get her! How amazing and wonderful is that!!! Heartfelt thanks to you all!!!

    • Sandra, where do you live? I’m in sugar land, Tx- suburb area outside of Houston. I’m actually a co-cookie manager for our troop & mother of 2 Girl Scouts.
      Our Girl Scout cookie sales (Girl Scouts of san Jacinto council) have been suspended/cancelled based on all the changes that have happened since COVID-19 became such a huge health problem. If you know a Girl Scout, you can order cookies from her online thru her cookie sales email account or you can make a donation of cookies – those cookies will be donated to the organization chosen by the council &/or troop she participates in.
      Otherwise, you can load the Girl Scout cookie finder app on your phone or other device – it lets you search for cookie sales in your area. Good luck finding cookies!

      • Sandi, thanks so very much, for answering Sandra. I live in GA so thought all of you were also. That’s how I know about this! Lol
        Therefore, God bless y’all—wherever you are.
        Please to those who pray in Jesus name. Pray for Arrt a 78 year old man, who is memory impaired, he left his home in Farmers Branch-Dallas this money. Maybe headed to Houston but with no money, phone and little gas. Hopefully, he has been found by now.

    • My granddaughter over on Lyndon Street has some left. Send me your contact information and I will pass it along.

  • Act of kindness: I want to thank our nextdoor neighbors for helping my husband and I out. We live on Pinewood. My husband had a stroke recently, then he had to have carotid surgery 3 wks after that. 1 week later I was bed ridden due to my sciatica. I could barley get out of bed or even walk. Was in a great deal of pain and am allergic to almost all pain meds. Could not drive to see a dr and being now my husband was diagnosed with cancer I did not want to put his life in a bad situation because of the Corona Virus. Our neighbor nextdoor mowed our front yard today, we thought he was mowing his yard! We are very greatful we have neighbors that have helped us out. I also want to add our other neighbor on the other side came to my rescue to help me with my sciatica. She brought over a piece of equipment that has helped so much! We are so blessed to have neighbors that are very kind and helpful. A thank you from the bottom of my heart to our caring neighbors!!!? Starting to feel better but taking it slow and not over doing it

  • And, I know that the kindness & generosity that is flowing in/out, back & forth, isn’t just a passing fancy. That this time, when we’re given the”All Clear,” it sticks’ & we don’t slide back into ‘business as usual!’
    Stay safe & well, everyone & let’s all keep asking, receiving & sharing, from the inner fount of boundless good we are all blessed to have. Richest of blessings to all.

    • I wholeheartedly agree. It is a great time to build community within neighborhoods, some of which are very lacking in this!

    • It makes me feel so good when I see how people are helping others. I love next door. God’s blessings neighbors.

  • We are grateful to be able to read of such generous acts of kindness for neighbor by neighbors. We are also grateful to have this app to help us to connect with everyone and more effectively see where we may be able to help. Thank all of you for sharing your experiences, concerns, and life lessons.

    Hazel Amunrud & Ron Ritchie

  • I like to bake and decorate cakes which helps me manage my anxiety and autistic obsessive behavior so I offered to bake cakes for neighbors for free so far I have had 11 requests I’m so happy!

  • i am a high risk senior in meed of someone to pick up a few groceries for me.milk strawberries,blueberries bananas, cottage me if someone can do this 6197639138 hope to hear back from someone

  • I was in tears, not of sorrows, but of happiness. Who would expect such an act of kindness & love.
    It is reassuringly that human kindness still life and well. God bless you all.

  • I just got invited to a cocktail party on line. WWW. ZOOM . COM. IT’LL BE GREAT TO SEE MY KIDS & GRANDKIDS .

  • Many interesting comments. I couldn’t read through all of them because of some sight problems.
    We are in our late 80’s very fortunate that our daughter and family lives near by and makes sure we have what we need. We are so thankful for that. Our prayers go out to all of you.

  • About the best post I’ve seen…thank you. Social distancing does not have to equate to isolation.

  • My neighbor came over with some toilet paper for us. It was like Christmas! What a relief. It would be great if those who have extras would share because it’s next to impossible to get any.

  • I have become aware of an invaluable resource for these times: the book “Pandemic Home Care”. This was written by a team of medical professionals for a time like we are living through, as we are all facing the possibility of our healthcare systems being overwhelmed by the coronavirus. We feel strongly that this book will save lives if we can get it into enough hands. Given the way that things are trending, we all need to have the basic preparedness to care for ourselves and each other at home if possible. Pandemic Home Care empowers families to do this. We think every home needs to have a copy of this book on hand.

    Basic nursing skills at home will be the difference in life and death for many families and communities during the coronavirus pandemic. Hospitals are expected to be overwhelmed within a matter of weeks.

    Visit here for more information:

    Get the essential guide backed by clinical professionals:

  • I have time to help anyone in any way possible. I am a General Manager At an Automotive Dealership In Durham N.C. and we went on Stay home Yesterday. We are considered to be an Essential Business but our owner Chose our health over his wealth and shut all of his stores down. I still have to go by on certain days to do different jobs, but I can determine that schdule so if anyone needs my help Please just let me know because since my job is Consider Essential I can leave out with no issues at all. So Please what ever I can do to help I will just let me know. Thanks Shantel Y.Johnson

  • Have I told everyone how to make hand sanitizers at home? 2 ingredients: alcohol and aloe vera. I know alcohol is usually sold out, is liquor? Cheap stuff like Maddog 2020. Put 80% of that in an old hand sanitizer bottle and 20% aloe vera (use a funnel) and mix it. There you go!

    • Robert, my husband attempted making this. The aloe Vera came as liquid. It turned to an almost solid. Looked like a piece of straw. Then he tried the gel aloe….near to same results. If anyone tries this, get your measurements accurate.

    • Please be Very careful when making diy hand sanitizer. It needs to be at least 60% alcohol and if you add anything it will be diluted. Most drinkable alcohol will not come close to the concentration. 100 proof alcohol is only 50% alcohol.
      Mad dog 2020 is ONLY 13-18% alcohol. It will not protect you against this virus!!!

  • I can’t drive therefore neighbors can’t go to the second harvest for groceries anybody help? Thanks

  • well thanks for the uplift. Here is a question. Why do the people working in the food store -why are they not wearing mask?

  • This is great. Also remember Jupiter Farms Residents on Facebook a lot of local stuff that is NOT getting over to Next Door simply because most of what I post is copy and paste and that doesn’t work with Next Door. Not with photos etc.

  • Sun light is very helpful in killing all virus and germs. The ultraviolet rays do the trick. It is one of
    God’s cleaning agents. Two others are wind and rain. Ultraviolet bulbs are used in wholesale
    food processing facilities to kill many types of bacteria and germs. These bulbs in limited power
    are used in home air purifier portable units. The best place to be is with the kids, outside in the sun
    or for you to be working in the yard. I suspect that roofers wont get Corona Virus.

  • The most important thing all of us can do is to make sure that at all times went outside of our homes we are wearing a mask. Many people are asymptomatic and are spreading this virus everywhere. Please consider that. Mass can be ordered online at a number of places

  • Hi
    Your poet caught my eye when I saw San Mateo. Being from the North Bay area, I always like local news.
    A quick story for you…..6 or 7 years ago I was in Pau Pau New Guinea with my son. (He was a missionary) We were at a local market place and we saw one of the tribal men with a bright orange T-shirt that had printed in large black letters on the back……..
    SAN MATEO COUNTY JAIL. Who knows how he got it.

  • For almost a year I have been responding to people that require help with plumbing and electrical needs.
    I have no desire to charge anyone for my labor. Just buy the parts and materials. Want to know what happens? All these want-to-be practitioners jump in and charge you folks money to half-ass your much needed projects. I’m retired but I still care about quality work and principles. It’s your money people.

    • I need help water run off is flooding underneath my trailer and i quit my job to help father diagnosed stage 4 he has passed now but despite many applications no luck getting new job i have severe agoraphobia so on 3rd attempt at receiving disability but i am only 27
      Even though i have a mental health history starting age 14 due to self harm and i believe the grade of my piping isnno longer sloped downwards and the epic rain is making worse my yard is never dry are you in texas??

  • I found a reckless comment about Covid-19 in a post from a neighbor on your web site and I could not find a way to report it except thru a blog. Where is your awareness of safety that is so important in any neighborhood?

  • My favorite thing about living in Bonbrook Plantation is: I truly enjoyed serving as Bonbrook Plantation Subdivision’s 1st Social/Events Chairperson from 2009- 2015! I had a great team working/volunteering with me. I saw a need for “Community Garage Sales” in our subdivision; therefore, I provided a proposal to management and the board. This is how we were/are able to have the garage sales/“Community Garage Sales”! Me, my committee, and a few other concerned citizens within Bonbrook Plantation’s subdivision were instrumental in starting Nextdoor in our subdivision which has now grown to over 30 other neighboring subdivisions invited/linked to us now. Additionally, I am a Notary Public.
    It does my heart ❤️ good seeing all the love freely given in these trying times. Prayerfully, it will continue always. Stay safe and take care.

  • I’m sorry that I cannot find the people who suggested and offered someone that does air/heating service.
    Please repeat and I’ll be sure to write them down.

  • Well written! Hi Shannon, I would like to share this on Facebook – to lessen the panic that is going around. Maybe create a flyer-type post with these amazing points. May I include your name?

    I greatly appreciate this share!

  • Please be Very careful when making diy hand sanitizer. It needs to be at least 60% alcohol and if you add anything it will be diluted. Most drinkable alcohol will not come close to the concentration. 100 proof alcohol is only 50% alcohol.

  • If anyone wants to learn ukulele (kids, adults) I’m happy to give virtual beginner classes free of charge over Houseparty App, Skype, Zoom.

  • Very good information to share!! Thank you. By the way, if anyone needs money my bank is doing home equity lines at 2.49% and no closing costs or any fees. You can call my office at 703-255-4636.

  • Thank you very much for the information and Blog. I recently became a Lead and will do my best to assist others In the 32303 Tallahassee Fla area.
    We have seen the Community Unity during this time. I’m a Child of God in Jesus mighty name, A wife and mother, grandmother,
    Two are Adult children, one is and will be under our roof for quite some time, we have been very blessed to have our son he has Autism Spectrum disorder with other Dual diagnosis. I love being a part of the neighborhood and in my former marriage, a very active mom.
    Former HOA president, Former Crime watch captain, Former dual calendar Elementary school Volunteer Coordinator, and started up a Girl scout troop the very first.
    Those were in my much younger years.
    Now disabled all 3 of us, we say, Uniquely Abled, and we love to help others.
    Thank you for starting up this Amazing App and Blog.

  • I’m disabled veteran with a husband who just had open heart surgery. We are both disabled Veterans. I want to pay our bills but afraid to leave the house, because I don’t want to bring something home to him. Also I don’t want to go grocery shopping for the same reason. I’m trying to protect him. We both have diabetes and I have COPD we are both cancer survivors as well.

  • I’m Erin from Magnolia. I’m currently laid off, so I have plenty of time to help. If you need someone to go grocery shopping for you, to help take care of pets including walking, vet visits, etc. Let me know! Also for medical workers and first responders working long hours, I can offer pet sitting and grooming services so you don’t have to worry about your furry friends being home alone for hours on end! Anything I can do, Please let me know. Email me at

  • I would like to donate blood. Are we still allowed to do that after the stay-at-home order the governor put in place today?

  • I am available to help anyone that needs assistance, like preparing meals, delivering meals, buying food and delivering it. I work until 2pm snd can help after that time. I work at Walmart and can get items (food, paper goods, medical items etc
    Just leave me a message on my email

  • A celebration of a 91st birthday was made unique and satisfying (even in face of sheltering in place restrictions) by the family having yard sign of big individual letters saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY ABUELO posted so that it could be seen and enjoyed from the house.

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