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Written by Helen Lee

In the last few weeks, COVID-19 has drastically changed all of our lives. Nextdoor’s purpose—to cultivate a kinder world where everyone has a neighborhood to rely on—has taken on a whole new meaning.

From delivering groceries to at-risk neighbors to buying gift cards to your favorite local hangouts, we’ve been inspired by countless stories of neighbors helping neighbors on Nextdoor. And now we want to hear from you!

Join our #ICanHelpChallenge to share how you can help, and to encourage others to connect and help one another as COVID-19 continues to have an impact on our communities. We are in this together.

Here’s how to join the #ICanHelpChallenge:

  1. Take a selfie with a sign that says “I Can Help”
  2. Share how you are stepping up to help a neighbor
  3. Tag 3 friends and challenge them to participate with #ICanHelpChallenge and @Nextdoor on Instagram, Twitter, and Nextdoor

Looking for ideas on how to help while social distancing? Read 7 Ways to Help Your Neighbors During the Coronavirus Outbreak, connect with neighbors on a COVID-19 response plan via Nextdoor Groups, and find or offer help with Nextdoor Help Map.


  • I am also on NextDoor Neighbor in AZ. They have so many posts of offers to help and they are also posting humorous items. I am over 80 and staying home but I have received a few funny things from them which I will post. Everyone feels better if they can laugh!!!

    Some people aren’t shaking hands because of coronavirus; I’m not shaking hands because everyone is out of toilet paper.

          • Hi Kim,
            Need some groceries if you could. I am elderly and have a lung condition.
            I need things from Trader Joe’s.

          • Hi, I could use a shopping trip to Publix at Granada Plaza. I have a fractured hip so I,m using a walker and moving sort of slow.Thursday afternoon would be good.
            I could also use help gathering the items. Thanks for any help
            Steve Kahne 928 Lakewood Dr. Dunedin 727 216 3692


          • Hello, my name is Susan and I would be more than willing to help you whatever you need, groceries etc.

        • Hi, Sheffield. Thanks for your offer. We’d like to have your services if you live nearby. (You and other generous people could give your locations so we can query a close neighbor first.)
          We live at Belmont Village Senior Living, 1100 San Pablo Ave., Albany. We need the hoarded items: Paper towels, hand sanitizer, and face tissue.

        • Hi. I need help with grocery shopping. I have a compromise immune system. I live in Kings Point.

      • RE: Sears as TP. Do NOT put used Sears catalog sheets down toilet; instead,have a large container with a lid on it and put used sheets in container. When full, put all into either the recycle or rubbish bin; rinse out the container, use again. When people in the past used Sears paper, they usually had an outhouse (farm area, etc.) and you could throw the used sheets into the ‘hole’ in the wood seat !!!

      • We live in Charlotte NC ( South End area) If you are or know of any Elderly persons that need assistance with grocery shopping, we can help

      • Hi im willing to help any elderly people with grocery shopping. I lost my grandmother a year ago. My heart goes out to you. I live in in port hueneme. California

    • That’s good. I think that happens in some countries too! I’ve seen a cartoon with a roll of toilet paper hanging down and each square is labeled for each consecutive weekday!

      Another good cartoon, labeled Weekend Travel Plans. It’s an architectural layout of the home, with all dimension measurements listed, and a stairway in the middle with the word “up” at the bottom of it!

    • ??? Thanks..your right, about laughing….I’ve received many little quotes and stories . Take great care ?

    • Hi Judith. We who are over 80 thought we had seen it all. Proved wrong again. Glad you are doing ok. Humor is our attempt at getting through this…….and we will.


    • Your post is a ? ‘ Keeper” and for a continuous ??? I will read it every day. Best ever and you sound like someone I’d love to meet.

      • When I was a kid here in the mountains the paper in the outhouse had Sears Roebuck written all over it. one catalog for spring and summer and one for fall and winter. You used them very carefully as not to runout before the next issue came

        • Not from the mountains but a farming community in Texas, we did the same. Told my relatives to young to remember those times when this first broke out save your magazines for repurposing. lol

          • My husband was one of 12 children on a farm and they too used Sears as their ‘go to’ TP !! Imagine how thrifty they had to be in using each catalog sheet because the next best option was a corn cob void of the corn!! They also grew their own corn. If we are headed this way, keep the cob AFTER enjoying corn-on-the cob !!!!

        • When I was little, my grandmother had a Sears catalog laying on the floor in the bathroom. We crumbled the pages to soften them up a little and the used them as toilet tissue or towels to dry out hands. When you grow up that way, it’s no big deal.

    • Just for a laugh;A few years ago, English TP was VERY slick/waxpaper like; On each of the squares was “By Permission of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II” !! And when there was a shortage of lots of items, including TP, ‘restaurants etc. ‘conveniences’ had a sign “ONLY 10 perforations PLEASE!:” I was in training for the present and didn’t even know it !!!!!

        • As an aside, in UK at that time we had an American friend who ALWAYS carried a large-ish briefcase with him wherever he went. We asked him why the briefcase and he replied it carried one of the most precious items of all, then showed us his roll of American TP.!!!!

          • When I went to visit Ukraine for 6 weeks a number of years ago I hard talk about the crappy toilet paper when i came back but in America only to find in my tons of stores only we call it 600 grit sandpaper

    • Okay here’s one that’s funny “Why do birds fly south for the winter? Because it takes too long to drive”by your next-door neighbor Doreen Everybody stay safe out there okay?

      • Good point, Jane, but you don’t have to be so grouchy about it! Some people’s need for help[ MAY be absolutely essential.

    • I don’t know where everyone on here is from, but in Ohio we are supposed to be sheltering in place unless it is absolutely essential. Running around the neighborhood offering to do people favors is not “essential”.
      Speaking as a nurse, I would never ask any perfect stranger to bring me anything. Have all of you who are offering help been tested? You all do know how the virus is spread … right? You all do know that you do not necessarily have symptoms at first but you can already be contagious?
      I do not recommend asking for help unless you know the person and know for certain they are not contagious.
      Remember to inform yourselves about how long the virus stays alive on various different surfaces. Also, do not encourage people to break the order of sheltering in place unless it is essential.

      Our older population is very susceptible both to the virus and to people who might have other ideas in mind other than just helping. I realize this post was created with just goodness in mind, but I believe you should also consider the harm that could be done along the way.

      • I totally agree!!! unfortunately we r all very aware of some extremely dangerous individuals who would do just that.. or worse.. please every1 be very Leary and continue to keep u and urs safe… Be Careful!!! and God Bless Us All

      • Well being the I can help is in the neighborhood app it will be for those in your area. While you may not ask someone to buy something for you, some do not have a choice and are in the susceptible area. So they ask their neighbors to get them food/groceries. No one is necessarily going in there home or even have contact with them. In our neighborhood people let others know what they need and they pick it up for them at the store and drop it off outside For them to get and therefore hopefully lessen the chance. No matter how you go about it whether having it delivered, which because of this is now hard to get or going to the store and getting it yourself you are exposed to a certain level, so why wouldn’t you try to help others?

        • Audra, because by helping others, you may unknowingly spread the virus. Not such a good idea if people die from being “helped”. The virus can be carried and transmitted by someone infected for up to 10 days before symptoms are displayed. That means the carriers are not exhibiting symptoms and infecting more people unknowingly, believing they are just fine. The more people violate the isolation orders means more people will become infected, that means more people die. I know people are feeling powerless and want to do something, but this is not the right answer. Stay home!

          • I understand your point , this gives me hope and joy that Jesus leads us to give Him our cares and petitions with thanksgiving. If we depend on Him for protection , His perfect love casts out fear.

        • I agree, Audra. This help is supposed to be for “neighbors”. Also, everyone where I live are helping others while maintaining 6 foot limits, no large groups etc. Some of our neighbors need RXs and food but because of age and medical issues are advised not to go outside their homes. Luckily I have a husband who can do these errands for me, but many others are not so lucky. God Bless you younger people who are stepping up to help!!!

        • I agree with you ,if a neighbor can help with some small shopping tasks ,and keeps within protocol ,that’s a good thing. Just be smart ,be careful . Some people only have their neighbors for help.

          • I am a Psychotherapist willing to befriend seniors, living Alone wanting someone to talk with during this time of the Coronavirus
            I would be available for at least 30 mins. During weekends leave e your name & email address or phone number and we can work out a day and time

      • Judith: thanks for the chuckle! Take care and stay safe healthy strong and kind! From a Nextdoor neighbor in NC.

      • Jane Gemeindhardt: thanks for reminding us to be very cautious when accepting help from strangers. Although most are sincere reachouts to help our neighbors, a few are just opportunists looking to take advantage. I appreciate your comments and warnings. Take care and stay safe healthy strong and kind. Your Nextdoor neighbor in NC where we are under Governor orders to stay in place.

      • Very good reminder, thank you!
        I think most of us want to help and do something but we are experiencing goes beyond our wants. God bless all. Let’s stay home and help each other.

      • I am an elderly senior with a spouse that has medical conditions. We need food so I go out to get it when needed. Family has been helped but I am not going to stay in bed with covers on. I practice self distancing guidelines when I go go out. I do not party or gather with groups and anyone that does is a fool for exposing themselves and others. Stay safe in Ohio. NY sends it’s love.

      • We all know this. I dont know where you live, but have continued to live in Ward 8. through Crack, total disrespect and disregard for our, children and ancestors who built this city with hands while in chains. We help each. Have faith in a higher power. I am a 74 year old Senior, very mobel and I can help.

      • Excellent reminders to us all! So wonderful to hear, complete strangers want to help another person.

      • Good advice. Another way to help……I own a bunch of rental property. I purchased several properties that had mold issues. I purchased some awesome respirator mask and combo filters to keep myself safe.
        I called that company Prime Distributers in Pelham, Al. They had 12 units left in stock. I purchased them today and Sent them to Dr. Rick Herman at Good Samaritan Medical Center in Brockton MA.
        He said they are like gold to them.
        Yes, we want to help our neighbors but these Hot Spots are getting killed… literally. Whatever you choose to do take Janes advice and be safe.

      • Well said, mam. Those help offering called carriers. On one hand goodness, another hand unintended contaminations. Keep it to utmost needs. God save us all.

      • We offer the pu groceries and leave then at the door then text to let our neighbor know they are there. They either leave cash under a mat after they see the receipt or sent it via a banking service. No contact at all but caring about each other in these difficult times. The most important re-learning I have made is the importance of kindness and being nice to each other. One I hope I remember when these times are over!

        • Some elderly individuals have challenges that impend their travels. Good loving neighbors assist with that via contactless deliveries.Kind persons do not want to endanger others , we just want to help

      • Wow! Great Point. I sometimes need something from Walgreens or Walmart. I thought this was an answer but I’m now thinking not!

      • Yes let us keep people happy with a laugh when they need it. Just be careful about the jokes when they may be sensitive to people impacted by current events. Thanks.

    • Were sheltering our self’s here in Tampa but when i go for food or other reasons I wear latex gloves and an 3m N95 painter mask as i am a care talker for my beloved 80 year old mom.and everyone who a care take should; do the same.As hospitals are are already at stressed point which only who really sick some time can not get care.

    • A good laugh is always good for your health! Thank you for giving me a good start to my day.

      Linda in St Louis

    • How do I get in touch with someone willing to do a small Shop for me in Publix? I am high-risk and I live across the street from my 90-year-old mother with heart disease who is high risk Max so I am not comfortable going to Publix anymore. and I am not good and I’ve not had much luck at getting deliveries so far. I live in Harbourside. Thanks.

    • Judith, You’re a blessing. Thanks for the laugh! Look forward to a joke a day from you. I too am in AZ for the winter (til about July)

    • I can help my neighbors with their health by giving hydration recipes , natural hand sanitizer that my company makes etc. Nutrition is my mission ( txt or call 206-293-4076

    • Well, if the humorous items are any indication of your explanation of not shaking hands, it has to be outrageous.
      Thank you for the “lift” today!

    • I am a Psychotherapist willing to befriend seniors, living Alone wanting someone to talk with during this time of the Coronavirus
      I would be available for at least 30 mins. During weekends leave e your name & email address or phone number and we can work out a day and time

    • Hi my name is Alisanae Martin and I am a caregiver in the Aurora/Denver Colorado area. I can help

  • How can I get on the “ I need help” list. 82 and immune compromised. Not suppose to leave the house.

  • I live in Cambridge Village in Bradenton Fla and use nextdoor neigjbor/bayshoregardens. I offer my cleaning services to anyone who is unable to get it done themselves FREE OF CHARGE or anyone or may need me to run errands for them and for the younger ones those who may need day care for their children. I am a retired Catholic school teacher. YOU can reach me at 848 333 7256

  • I can help by tutoring students in language arts–virtually. We both work from a shared Google doc and talk over speaker phone so that parents can hear what’s going on. I’m a former teacher and editor of educational materials. I’m old and disabled now, but can still help in this one small way. If I knew how to post an “I can help” picture, I would, but for that matter, I don’t even know how to get the picture from the phone to the computer, so there you are. Nonetheless, I can help!

  • I called the Marin human needs center to see how to donate food, a woman told me we could not do that under the circumstances. I said how can I help? She said she’s getting a lot of calls from people who need food especially seniors. I have her name and phone number not sure how we can help have any ideas?

    • If you got a list of groceries needed by a particular person you could order their food online from Walmart and the store assigns you a parking space number and time to be there. When you get to the store you park in your assigned spot, pop your trunk open and they will put your order in the trunk and close it. Then you could drive to the home of the person in need, pop your trunk open and they could take their groceries out.

      • As of last week Wal-Mart discontinued order pick up
        Instacart stopped grocery home delivery
        I believe that Safeway has also stopped home delivery because all delivery days & times are not available.
        Be creative. Use what you have to make your meals.

  • As one who should not go out (at least not without gloves & a mask), it warms my heart to read this and so many other stories of people helping one another. My husband is 82, in the extremely vulnerable category, and I’m just behind him at the next level of vulnerability. Our wonderful daughter is getting us groceries and we’ve had two neighbors offer to do the same. Adversity brings out the best in people and lets us know there is hope for this world yet.
    God bless all of you who are so generously helping out others in need. As my own mother might have said, “you’ve earned your star in heaven”.
    Thank you and stay well.

  • Sorry-I do not have a smart phone, cannot take selfies and download them. Cannot get apps to my phone-it is a flip phone. Cannot afford the exorbitant prices of smart phones, and do not qualify for a freebie from the government –

  • I think it might be a good idea to also have a place to thank people for their help. I’m the lead in my neighborhood in Park City, Utah, and the community has really stepped up with help availability. I’ve received some help this week and think a link to “thank you” would be very positive.

  • I would love help, however my syatica is back with a vengeance. While at Tanner Clinic for a CT scan, I was informed to late that I had sat where sick people sat. To little to late, now I’m waiting for my Corona virus test results. The best thing I can do is give advise.
    Please if you are sick stay home. Don’t go to the doctors office. If your sick and are high risk. Please go to your local emergency room. Thank you! And stay safe!

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  • I have a feeling we will be home bound the way some of us are not taking things very seriously. I needed to go to Trader’s Store, I did not go as the line was very long but what scared me was that groups of people more than one family were sitting around a table eating, some were walking together and so on.
    Friends the more we ignore the warnings the more of us will
    be sick and we will be home bound longer.

  • I am blessed to be given the opportunity to work from home. DHL Express great company accommodated hundreds of employees to work from home and keep our jobs. True blessing. I am free late afternoons and can help running errands. If you need help. Let me know. My prayers go to all.

  • Oh my word you are that is sad. I wish I could give you some of mine. We have people who are not trying to return things to grocery stores after the mass hysteria, and they are not taking it back. I hope people learn from this.

  • this was posted on a memo from peter Yarrow, who is singing for COVID, of course!

    Please watch at least the first 25 minutes – but whole thing is good! Debunks some myths while providing the best advice!

    My wife and I came up with this early on: Why not just wear a bandana (bandit) mask? That’s what keeps you from touching your face. That question came up in the video, and the Doc said, “Yes! that means more masks for medical folks!”

  • I can “HELP” if any older neighbors in Briarwood need help on something. Just let me know at if I can help I will and if not I will know someone to help!!!!
    We are all in this together!!!!
    Thanks Darold

  • Hello Everyone,

    I can help! I am a Nextdoor member residing in the Parkerville neighborhood, a realtor-agent with Century-21 Judge Fite Company Cedar Hill. We are providing home-owner assistance for our buyers and sellers throughout this area/land.

    Additionally, I wish to offer Christian hope – “Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the LORD your God, He is the One who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31:6

  • If you kids like to play on swing sets and jump on trampolines I have both, 85 Dale Rd. Call before you come 872 2394. Any alz caregivers? I am here to listen, I am trained as Louisa Alzheimer’s support group facilitator.

  • Admire you volunteers!
    I live in Alabama and am lucky to have 2 younger family members also here to help with groceries.
    Yes, my risk is increased, but family is family. We do try to kerp our gerrm passage down.
    God Bess Eavh Of You,

  • Good to see all the neighbors helping..remember the older folks are not one to ask for help so keep a heads up for them.. May God bless and keep you all safe…

  • I can help! Shop and deliver groceries or other needed supplies. If you are in need please contact me. We have supplies to donate to those in need.

  • Hello Neighbors!!!

    I can help! I am a Nextdoor member residing in the Parkerville neighborhood, a realtor-agent with Century-21 Judge Fite Company Cedar Hill. We are providing home-owner assistance for our buyers and sellers throughout this area/land.

    Additionally, I wish to offer Christian hope – “Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the LORD your God, He is the One who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31:6

  • I can help buy groceries or other items from somewhere like Walmart, or get medications from the pharmacy. I live in University city but I am willing to drive anywhere within 20 miles or so. Just give me a call! 314-660-9664

  • I helped an awesome lady today she’s very kind we even talked for little anyway made me smile knowing I could help someone out just thought I would share

  • Hello First of all Thanks to Nexdoor .com management

    I am Amrit Northwood resident since 1980

    I am Broker & Notary. Do FREE notary who needs
    I am President of Lion’s Club Of India and we are doing BLOOD DONATION DRIVE

  • Time to laugh!!

    Went to Wahlgreens today and saw this dude with his cart FULL to the brim with hand sanitizers, baby wipes, soaps, everything that people need. I called him selfish and gave him the low down about the elderly, moms, and other people who need these types of things. I told him he should be ashamed of himself! He said, “Are you done? Cause I really need to get back to restocking the shelves now!!”

  • Invisible Hands is a grassroots volunteer organization started in NYC just a few weeks again which already has over 7,000 volunteers and has quickly expanded to cities all over the U.S. They use CDC safety guidelines while delivering groceries and prescriptions for elderly or at-risk recipients who are sheltering-in-place. They offer stipends as well for those who are strapped financially during this time. If you are in need of their services or are healthy and would like to volunteer, please contact them at

  • It would be great if some enterprising lady with a sewing machine could make masks, I have a friend in Scotland who is doing this to help people.

  • I can help any time, anyone in our Mission Oaks Camarillo area. I am here to help you bring groceries to your home, pick up medicine from the pharmacy, what ever you need. We’re all in this together. I am very happy to help!

  • I do not think it’s a good idea to invite strangers to buy my food, go pick up my medication, run any of my personal errands. How do I know they don’t have the virus? How do THEY know they do not have the virus.

    Helpless people need to be very careful about opening their doors to strangers.

  • I am going to put a big note on my balcony tonight and person can leave note in mailbox if they have a true “need”

  • Please consider helping your local Soup Kitchen or Pantry with a financial or non-perishable donation. The core of their finances are supported by Corporate donations, donations from local Parishes and Civic fundraising. None of that is available at this time and they are facing severe financial hardships at a time when they are needed by even more people, some from your neighborhood. Any amount would be gratefully accepted. If you are shopping and have the ability to purchase an extra can or two of non-perishables that would also go to help a neighbor in need. I know in Chicopee, MA Lorraine’s Soup Kitchen & Pantry would really appreciate the help.

  • Judith,

    In life there are two things you can do. You can cry or you could laugh. If I can make people laugh to forget their problems for 1 minute it also makes me happy. While I am not as young as you by -9 years, your attitude to provide humor to make people feel better makes me hopeful. It reminds me of looking at a newborn baby and knowing this person will make his/her mark on the life of others.Stay safe and if you need help contact me. Be aware of scammers taking advantage of this situation.

  • I’m on Scofield Rd. in Lansing, NY. I’m 78 and have medical conditions so am staying at home, but have a friend bringing groceries. Meds are being delivered so I’m actually doing OK. I will be sending prayers for all of us and will pray for anyone who wishes me to do so. Let me know and I’ll add your name to my list. Also, I’m a retired teacher and if there is any way I can help elementary kids with their remote lessons, especially in the areas of language arts and social studies, I’m happy to do so.

  • As someone who is isolated the better part of the year usually, I am very happy to see this movement happening. It breaks my heart though that it took a pandemic to make it happen. I have reached out for help so many times over the years to be dismissed by people who are too busy with their lives to help. I hope that this will stick, but I have my doubts once people get back to their “normal” lives.

    • It’s a wake-up call to all. I am happy by the response from all across the country. Hope everyone is safe and keeps thinking of how to help others.

    There is an urgent need for supplies at local homeless shelters to help mitigate and contain COVID-19. We have started a donation for LifeMoves, an organization that runs 23 shelters in the bay area, and which provides food and shelter for 950 people per night.

    Their most urgent needs at this time include:

    • Bottles of hand sanitizers – 60% alcohol, any size, any shape, any scent
    • Sanitizing spray – specifically that provide 12 hour protection
    • Clorox wipes
    • Clorox spray
    • Diapers (sizes 4,5 & 6) + baby wipes
    • Kleenex tissues
    • Paper towel
    • Toilet paper
    • Bottles of hand soap

    The donation box is located in Emerald Hills, just outside the Asaya restaurant at 3215 Oak Knoll Drive (They happen to have great food and are open for pick-up orders!).

    If you can spare even one item on this list, this will go a long way. We will manage the daily pick-up and drop-off of these items to LifeMoves in Menlo Park.
    Thank you!
    The box will be out starting 4/1/20

  • The Town has put together a list of businesses that are open. I have copied it for all here.Try and support our local businesses as much as possible
    Town of Canton Open Businesses

    Restaurant- TakeOut
    ABC Pizza

    B. Good

    Beau’s Burger Shack

    Buon Appetito

    Cherry Brook Pizza


    Dish n’ Dat

    Dunkin Donuts
    Emerald City Smoothie
    Flatbread Co


    Green Papaya

    Joe Pizza


    Lisa’s Crown and Hammer

    Onion Mountain Kitchen

    Taco Bell

    Toasted Oat Cafe
    Whole Donut
    860- 693-0019

    Retail/ Service Businesses

    Larsen Ace Hardware


    Ocean State Job Lot

    Petals and Paws

    Bremar Rental

    Manny’s Appliance

    Canton Auto Exchange

    Benidorm Bikes

    Dynamic Auto Works

    Napa Auto Parts

    The Outlet at Canton Village

    Miner’s Inc

    Mitchell Subaru Service

    Mitchell Volkswagon Service

    Misc. Services

    Post Office

  • I can help. I live in the meadows in highland, in. Do errands. No cost except for what I pick up for you. You leave money in mailbox and I leave items on porch. Phone number 219-713-2349 cindy

  • this is simply virtue signaling to make one feel better about one’s self and to show alleged superiority over other people – there is no way to verify any of this – for example – I could take a photo (not smart in this era of ID theft), and state that I helped 18,988 people and was nominated for Sainthood by the Pope – how does this actually help any REAL people?

  • While all the children are home from school , they need some things to do ,I do a lot of crafts and am suggesting that they look at the craft sites like , ‘love crafts’ and ‘Fave craft’ they have enough to keep them busy for quite a while . I also suggest that they save all the toilet paper rolls ,they can make bird and squirrel feeders , just punch 2 holes in top ,put colored yarn ,colorful, in them to hang up ,and punch 2 holes toward the bottom and put in a popsicle stick for the birds to stand on, then cover the whole roll with peanut butter , then put on bird seed or nuts or colorful cereal,. Then hang by a window and they can see the birds or squirrels come eat , they are cold and hungry too . I can not put the instructions on here ,I do not have a copy machine . I do have other ideas that I Will put on soon.

  • Judith, You’re a blessing. Thanks for the laugh! Look forward to a joke a day from you. I too am in AZ for the winter (til about July)

  • I can’t express my admiration for my neighbors in Orlando. I received calls from Doctors in New York City hospitals in need to supplies the hospitals were not providing. I posted the need on Nextdoor in our neighborhood and so far seven neighbors sent N95 masks directly to doctors and interns working in the ER 12-14 hours a day. I was so impressed I started a not for profit and a web site to match doctors, nurses and individuals to help the hospital hero’s. Down the road, the same individuals in New York will take product and send them to doctors elsewhere. The site is a work in progress, and improves daily, but it’s an incredible feeling to “Stay at home” and help people. If you want to volunteer it’s There is no buying. No selling. No soliciting. No selling of names. Nothing. We’re paying all expenses ourselves. Just helping one person at a time.

  • I can help with recipe ideas and ways to stay healthy nutrition wise / prayer too . Text/ call at (206-293-4076 ) your neighborhood friend Matthew F and my family

  • If any one lives in the San Bernardino county area please let me know. My family and I are more happy to help

  • I have a neighbor that has made and continues to make and deliver over 1500 masks to other members in our area.

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