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Update on Our Work to Create a Nextdoor Where Everyone Belongs

Written by #TeamNextdoor

We believe Nextdoor has an important role to play in helping neighbors around the world build stronger communities. This update is focused on surfacing our Community Guidelines to members, increasing the number of members who review reported content, and creating an anti-racism resource center for anyone who wants to learn more about creating inclusive communities.

Creating a Welcoming Platform: Good Neighbor Pledge

We have rolled out our Good Neighbor Pledge globally. This pledge greets every member upon entering Nextdoor and is a pocket-size version of our Community Guidelines, which define the behaviors that are expected and the values of the communities we are helping to build. We want our platform to be a place where neighbors are respectful and everyone is welcome, and therefore accepting the pledge is required to use Nextdoor. 

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Creating a Welcoming Platform: New community reviewer role

Because every neighborhood on Nextdoor is unique, we have taken a community-driven approach to content moderation. Ensuring strong moderator coverage in neighborhoods is critical to the health of the Nextdoor ecosystem. Based on research we conducted and feedback from Neighborhood Leads, in the first quarter we began developing a supplement to our current Neighborhood Leads program with a new “community reviewer” role. Community reviewers, like Neighborhood Leads, will have the ability to vote to keep or remove reported content. We are inviting Nextdoor members who contribute positively to their neighborhood (reporting offensive content, and inviting, thanking, and posting helpful content) to become community reviewers. 

Creating a Trusted Brand: Anti-racism resource center

Similar to our COVID-19 resource guide for businesses, we have created a new anti-racism resource center, which includes books, articles, videos, and podcasts on how to have constructive conversations about race, build inclusive communities, and take action in your neighborhood. 

Thank you to everyone who is working to make their neighborhood on Nextdoor stronger and kinder. Please continue to follow our progress on this blog.


  • I like the idea of being intentionally inclusive and respectful in our neighborhood. Thanks for providing a platform for that.

  • Grateful for this WONDERFUL resource and. Sending Thank you for the opportunity to share and receive and to connect with neighbors

  • I absolutely love this. It is very much needed. But we must still monitor the racism activity closely. I am hoping that that the reviewers will not be racist. It is very important to have members in this position that are helpful to the neighbors; not harmful. It has been a rough road on this platform.

    • i love being a member of this wonderful group of very special people.
      Thank you Nextdoor for enabling neighbors and new neighbors to participate in providing among people connections with every culture and all races-

  • So far I really like this platform. The only thing I don’t like is that it’s hard to find where to communicate with the app. Things like bug reporting and finding the community guidelines should be easier to find.

  • How does one become a community reviewer? Is it not possible that leads and reviewers in one neighborhood would all agree politically and thus prevent opposing views from being expressed?

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