Thank you for an inspiring Neighbor Month

Written by Sarah Friar

Your actions say it all: Simple gestures can make a big difference.

Thank you for sharing your stories. Thank you for starting important conversations in your community. Thank you for showing us how to neighbor. Your actions remind us that even a gesture as simple as a wave can make a big difference. In fact, your welcoming waves inspired our new logo. 

Over the past month, we’ve received tens of thousands of stories of the meaningful ways you and your neighbors are having an impact. From supporting a struggling neighborhood restaurant to organizing a donation drive for Hurricane Laura relief or raising money to support the local ice cream man when he fell ill, you’ve shown that the neighborhood is the place for real change. Go out and tell your neighbors about the great things business owners are doing,” urges Stephanie DeVane, vice president of entrepreneurship and business development with the National Urban League.

You’ve also demonstrated the importance of conversation with people in proximity—not just with those who share your beliefs. We heard important discussions between prominent community members focused on bringing all neighbors to the table: businesses, public agencies, non-profits, community organizations of all kinds. 

As Operation HOPE founder John Hope Bryant puts it, “Through the very nature of community, a real person is next door. We have to do something other than scream; we have to talk.” 

In honor of National Neighbor Day, we hope you can find a way to reach out and celebrate or help someone nearby. Keep sharing your stories, and remember that every neighborly action counts! 

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